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My Jobs, Second Job a Winner

A few days ago I shared some of my career history by detailing my first job out of school. Today I want to continue this series by giving details on the second job I held after graduation. The second job I held was again for a Fortune 500 company, another top one in its field, but with a company culture that was far less dog-eat-dog in nature than job #1. […]

Will Having a Blog Grow Your Career?

Yesterday we talked about whether or not writing a book was a good career move. Today we'll discuss whether or not you should have a blog that covers your industry, area of expertise, etc. in order to enhance your career. I've actually been thinking about this issue for quite some time. […]

Net Worth Update: June 2009

It's been a couple months since I posted my last net worth update, so I thought I'd share what's up with our finances through June 2009. Here are the highlights: Net worth was up a measly 0.64% for June while the market was up 1.15% from the end of May. […]

Save 41% by Using Store Brands

I've detailed several times how we all can save a bundle of money by using store brands over the national brands. […]

Is Writing a Book a Good Career Move?

This piece from Smart Money asks an interesting question: Is a book the new business card? It's a question that's addressed to entrepreneurs in the article (which they answer "yes" -- that you can get a jump on your competitors by writing a book), but I want to approach it from a career standpoint. […]

A Good and a Bad Experience

From the start of this blog I've documented both good and bad experiences I've had doing business with all sorts of companies. I recently had one of each with two companies and thought I'd share those with you. The good experience was at Best Buy. […]

The Cost of a New Home

As many of you know, we've been looking for a new house for three years now (this is the third summer we've been "shopping".) From the beginning, we said we'd consider moving if we could find a great place at a big discount. Now after looking for quite some time, I'm not sure it's "worth it" for us to move after all. […]

Working Longer Hours Early in Your Career is a Good Investment

In my pot titled Do You Work on the Weekends?, I had one reader leave this comment: Investing time in you career seems to be similar to investing for retirement, extra work early in life pays a lot more dividends than trying to catch up at the end. We've already discussed the power of saving early and often and what it can do for your investments. […]

Help a Reader: Dressing for Success

Here's an email I received recently from a reader: You write all the time about advancing and managing your career and I have an interesting question that I am having a hard time digging up some information on in relation to this issue.  Here is the issue:  I am a 26 year old woman.  I have managed to stumble into somewhat of a successful career by working hard and developing a great reputati […]

Is This a Valid Saving Tip?

Family Handyman magazine says in its July/August issue that you can save $50 on your car insurance by shopping early. Not too early, mind you, but not too late either. Their thoughts: Everyone should shop around for new insurance rates every three years. Insurance companies reward early shopping (30 days before renewal is perfect) by giving better rates. […]