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Your Home Never Was an Investment

A couple years ago I asked if your home was an investment or not. The main question was whether or not you should count on your home to deliver good, solid gains over its lifetime (like you'd expect from an investment) or if it was simply a place to live and possibly get moderate gains, but not expect much more. As you might imagine, opinions were divided on the subject. […]

New Best of Money Carnival Up and Running

Just a not to let you know that this week's Best of Money Carnival is up at The Digerati Life. Congrats to all participants and especially the winning post, The High Cost of Deep Fried Coke (which is a very interesting read, btw.) I also made the carnival with my post titled My Jobs, Promotion, Success, and Failure. Enjoy! […]

My Jobs, I Get My Dream Job

Last week I shared some of my career history by detailing a job where I experienced promotion, success, and failure. Today I want to continue this series by giving details on the next position I held. If you recall, we left off at a point where my career had crashed and burned a bit (not that bad really, but way down from where it had been.) The  company was a shell of its former self. […]

Personal Finance Bible Verses

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here's why. Just a simple post today. I want to highlight a resource I found that lists 1,193 verses about personal finance in the Bible. Here are some of my favorites: Proverbs 10:22 – The blessing of the LORD makes rich, and he adds no sorrow with it. […]

How to Save on Prescription Drug Costs

The following is a guest post from Health Harbor. It is no secret that for decades, personal healthcare expenditures have increased at a rate greater than inflation.  This had led us to a breaking point today, resulting in the calls for health care reform.  Within the increase, however, are some interesting sub-trends.  We spend fewer days in the hospital.  We spend more on outpatient services.  […]

July Winners Named

Just wanted to let everyone know that I just named the winners of my July newsletter giveaways. People won Arby's Roastburgers and a $50 gift card from SmartyPig. I named the winners on each post (be sure to go to the very last page of comments on each of the preceding links -- Typepad only allows 50 comments per page) if you want to see the winners. […]

Your Job, Your Investments, and Total Diversification

The following is a guest post from Vik Tantry, the voice behind Kanjoh, a directory of free videos explaining the fundamentals of asset allocation, personal finance, and banking. The thoughts below are interesting concepts, similar to what I've shared in This Seems Like a Bad Idea to Me and Ouch! […]

Why Do People Do This?

A few weeks ago we went out to look at potential new homes. The last one we saw that day was a foreclosure. On paper it seemed like it might be a good deal -- decent size, only a few years old, lots of land. Our agent told us that the selling agent had said the kitchen cabinets had been taken out and we've seen foreclosures before so we knew it could be rough. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of July 27

For weekday updates of what I find to be some of the most interesting personal finance articles on the web, follow me on Twitter. […]