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Are There Higher Interest Rates in Your (Near) Future?

The following is a guest post from Richard Barrington, the financial spokesperson of MoneyRates, a freelance writer and novelist who previously spent over twenty years as an investment industry executive. Sometimes it seems as though bank customers cannot catch a break. […]

Help a Reader: Paying for Tuition

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: Who can I contact that would give money to help with my daughters college tuition? She's about to finish college in December but her loans are far from over and we are struggling to pay them.  We have a parent loan besides her having her own loans that she'll start paying in June of 2010. […]

How to Be Financially Comfortable

The past two days I've talked about the book The Difference: How Anyone Can Prosper in Even The Toughest Times by Jean Chatzky. We reviewed the 20 factors that separate the wealthy from the not-so-wealthy and have detailed who the wealthy actually are and how that got that way. In this post, we'll discuss the second-highest financial level -- the Financially Comfortable. […]

Box of Books #2

My last box of books was a huge success -- I gave them away through my giveaway newsletter -- so I thought I'd do it again (if you want a chance to win, be sure to sign up for my newsletter here -- I'll be giving them away in November.) For now, here are the books I've received from publishers and a bit about them (from Amazon): 25 Ways to Make College Pay Off: Advice for Anxious Parents from […]

Best of Money Carnival #22 is Up

Just my weekly note saying the Best of Money Carnival #22 is up now. Congrats to all participants and especially the winning post, The Great Depression II: Says Who, Huh? […]

What Makes Wealthy People Wealthy

Yesterday I talked about the book The Difference: How Anyone Can Prosper in Even The Toughest Times by Jean Chatzky. In particular I noted that the book broke survey respondents into four groups and listed the percentage each group was of the US population. […]

A Great Way to Get a Degree Without Paying For It

Here's a piece from Yahoo that talks about getting an employer-paid degree. It's a great idea if you can hack zero free time for several years (working full-time and going to school at night can be a real time sucker) -- you get a degree (usually an advanced degree like an MBA) and don't have to pay for it. […]

Is Hiring a Career Coach Worth It?

What if something costs you $10,000 but earns you $100,000 in return? Is it a good deal? The answer is -- maybe. CNN Money asks if hiring a career coach is worth it or not. Here's a summary of their answer: A good coach can be helpful if your job search is lagging or you're getting discouraged, Metzler says. Part of his or her job, after all, is to keep you on task. […]

The Difference Between the Wealthy and Everyone Else

I've been reading the book The Difference: How Anyone Can Prosper in Even The Toughest Times by Jean Chatzky. It's quite fascinating. The skinny on the book is that a comprehensive survey was given to 5,000 people asking hundreds of questions in four main categories: financial attitudes and behaviors, goals, personality, and nonfinancial behaviors. […]

Three Ways to Avoid Overdraft Fees

After I wrote the piece on how debit cards can rack up tons of overdraft fees for users, I saw this piece by Kiplinger that suggests three ways to avoid overdraft fees as follows: Bank at a credit union or small bank. Link to another account. Set up two accounts. […]