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Help a Reader: Splitting Household Expenses

Here's a question a reader left here recently on my post titled Marriage and Money: How to Split Up the Money and Bills: I haven't heard anyone speak on second marriages, joint account, husband makes more yearly but brings home less from f/t due to $750 CS mo & ins & loan repayment, yet it's 50/50 living in the house I owned before marriage. […]

How Long You Should Keep Tax Returns?

Here are some thoughts from the great personal finance book Grow Your Money!: 101 Easy Tips to Plan, Save, and Invest. […]

Help a Reader: Foreclosure

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I need to ask for some advice about a mortgage problem my aunt is having. First of all, she is disabled and living on a fixed income. She and her mother (my grandmother) own a house in Los Angeles, CA. My grandmother died 2 years ago. […]

Six Lies We Tell Ourselves That Keep Us Financially Ignorant

This post is from Craig Ford at Money Help For Christians.  Relying on over ten years of ministry experience and his background in Biblical Studies, Craig writes daily personal finance articles from a Christian perspective.  Ignorance is simply something you do not yet know.  Typically people are ignorant about topics that they place little value in knowing.  Since there are so many benefits to […]

How Much Do You Spend on Your Cell Phone?

Here's an "infographic" (interesting word, huh?) that I was sent that lists "cell phones by the numbers". The interesting fact that stood out to me was this: Average monthly cell phone bill: $52 So that's over $600 a year. Wow. […]

Help a Reader: Should You Take Social Security?

Here's a philosophical question a reader left recently on my post titled An Example of How to Become Rich: I would like to ask a question of Old Limey or anyone else who would like to answer. I mean no disrespect, I am simply curious, but it could be a loaded question. […]

What's Wrong with Warehouse Clubs

You all know how much I like warehouse clubs stores. I LOVE Costco and shop there quite often. That said, club stores aren't all milk and honey -- they do have their downsides. And while this list of 10 problems with warehouse clubs is over-blown IMO, they do have some legitimate points. For instance, here are a couple disadvantages of shopping at club stores: 7. "Try our website. […]

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Here are some thoughts from the great personal finance book Grow Your Money!: 101 Easy Tips to Plan, Save, and Invest. They talk about how much life insurance you need as follows: The rule of thumb is to buy about five to eight times your current wages. […]

10 Best for This Week

Just a reminder that this week's Best of Money Carnival is up. Congrats to all participants and especially the winning post, The “Shit-That-Doesn’t-Inspire-You” Factor (aka, the "anti-latte factor" post). :-) Enjoy! […]