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Take the Money and Run or Have a Big Bash?

A co-worker of mine had a daughter get married a year ago and has a second daughter getting married next summer. […]

An Example of How to Become Rich

Here's a comment on my post tiled What's It Take to Be Rich? that gives a real-life example of how a couple went from poverty to prosperity: There is no easy answer to this question. […]

Do You Shop Less to Save Money?

One of CNN Money's tips for saving on food costs is to shop once a week (versus many times a week). Doing so can save you over $1,500 a year they say. The details: Shop once a week. The more trips you make to the store, the likelier you are to buy on impulse because you see more tempting items. […]

Hiring Tricks Used by Some Employers

Yahoo lists some hiring tricks used by employers as follows: They inspect your car. "The owner considered this a definition of the candidate's character." They watch while you wait. […]

Help a Reader: Found Money

I recently had this questioned emailed to me from a reader: I have inherited mutual funds from Invesco Industrial Fund. […]

Use Questions as a Basis for Selling Yourself

Yahoo lists six questions you should ask at an interview as follows: What are the opportunities for advancement, and do you typically promote from within? What types of training programs do you offer? While researching your firm I learned that the company recently [fill in the blank]. […]

Call for Hosts

If you're a personal finance blogger and would like to drive some traffic to your site, do I have a deal for you. :-) I'm looking for the next round of hosts for the Best of Money Carnival. It features only the ten best (in the opinion of the carnival host) money-related posts of the week -- giving readers the best of the best in personal finance. […]

Which is Best for a Resume?

Here's a debate from Yahoo about which is the best start for a resume -- an objective (what job you're applying for or would like to have), a summary of your work experience/accomplishments, or simply plunging in with details of your work experience. They list pros and cons for each of these options, but don't say which they think is best, so I thought I'd weigh in on the subject. […]

Another Story of Too Much Spending

We've covered this story a bit in the past, but it's coming up again (I heard it talked about recently on NPR). It's a classic case of someone making a boatload of money, spending it all and then some, and having tough financial times as a result. […]

10 Great Posts

Just a note that this week's Best of Money Carnival is up at All Financial Matters. The winning post was 13 Simple Tips To Make Tent Camping Easier And More Fun. Check out the carnival for the 10 best personal finance posts from last week! […]