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Is Writing a Book a Good Career Move?

This piece from Smart Money asks an interesting question: Is a book the new business card? It's a question that's addressed to entrepreneurs in the article (which they answer "yes" -- that you can get a jump on your competitors by writing a book), but I want to approach it from a career standpoint. […]

A Good and a Bad Experience

From the start of this blog I've documented both good and bad experiences I've had doing business with all sorts of companies. I recently had one of each with two companies and thought I'd share those with you. The good experience was at Best Buy. […]

The Cost of a New Home

As many of you know, we've been looking for a new house for three years now (this is the third summer we've been "shopping".) From the beginning, we said we'd consider moving if we could find a great place at a big discount. Now after looking for quite some time, I'm not sure it's "worth it" for us to move after all. […]

Working Longer Hours Early in Your Career is a Good Investment

In my pot titled Do You Work on the Weekends?, I had one reader leave this comment: Investing time in you career seems to be similar to investing for retirement, extra work early in life pays a lot more dividends than trying to catch up at the end. We've already discussed the power of saving early and often and what it can do for your investments. […]

Help a Reader: Dressing for Success

Here's an email I received recently from a reader: You write all the time about advancing and managing your career and I have an interesting question that I am having a hard time digging up some information on in relation to this issue.  Here is the issue:  I am a 26 year old woman.  I have managed to stumble into somewhat of a successful career by working hard and developing a great reputati […]

Is This a Valid Saving Tip?

Family Handyman magazine says in its July/August issue that you can save $50 on your car insurance by shopping early. Not too early, mind you, but not too late either. Their thoughts: Everyone should shop around for new insurance rates every three years. Insurance companies reward early shopping (30 days before renewal is perfect) by giving better rates. […]

Best of Money Carnival Up Now

Just a note to let you know that the latest edition of the Best of Money Carnival is up at My Life ROI. Congrats to all participants and especially the winning post, Why I Invest with Vanguard. (I even made the top 10 with my post How You Grow Your Income by 10% or More a Year.) Check it out -- lots of great posts in one spot! […]

My Jobs, Introduction to the Real World

A few days ago I continued my career history by detailing the jobs I had while in graduate school. Today I want to continue this series by sharing the first job I held after I graduated. The fact that I had this job at all was somewhat of a miracle. I had wanted to work for this company since I started my studies in undergraduate school. […]

What Constraints Should Churches Put on Helping the Needy?

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here's why. Here's a comment left on my post titled Is the Welfare State the Fault of Christians?: At my previous church, they would provide people with whatever they needed; food, clothing, a place to live, etc. However, there was a requirement that the person(s) would have to also work. […]

Are You Saving More?

Reports are all over the web that Americans are saving much more now than they have in recent years. In fact, we're saving almost 7% now! Given we were at or near 0% not too long ago, this is a HUGE change! Guess there's nothing like a major recession to get people cutting back. ;-) Are you saving more? We aren't. […]