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Money Lessons from Monopoly

I've told how I think the Game of Life teaches personal finance as well as told you about a game that's trying to replace the "king" of money-related games, so now I think it's time I offer my thoughts on the "king" himself -- Monopoly. […]

Top 10 Investing Rules of Thumb

ETF Database lists the top 10 investing rules of thumb as follows: Rule of 72. The Rule of 72 states that you can divide the number 72 by whatever yield you are getting to see how long it would take for your investment to double. “120 Minus Your Age” Rule. The old rule of thumb was to take your age and subtract it from 100. That is your percentage of stock allocation. […]

Is the Chase Freedom Card Cutting Benefits too?

I recently talked about how the American Express Blue Cash card is cutting its benefits and, as a result, how I'm going to change my main credit card. I had planned to change to the Chase Freedom card, but a reader left this comment: You may want to reconsider your decision - I just got a letter from Chase about changes to my Freedom card rewards. […]

KFC Blows a Great Opportunity to Win a Customer

I'll admit it, I love KFC. I know, I know. The grease. The calories. The heart-attack waiting to happen. They way they treat their chickens (I threw that one in for you PETA fans.) It's a disgusting, unhealthy in every way sort of place to eat. And yet it tastes so good... […]

Thirty-Second Video Resumes

Here's a sign of the times -- my local TV station is airing 30-second video resumes every Thursday. It's a chance for people to tell potential employers why they should be considered for a position. I saw one the other night while on the treadmill and it was quite "interesting" to say the least. Before I give my impression of what I saw, let me commend my local station for doing this. […]

Blessing Boxes Keep on Blessing

A couple months ago I wrote about how we've been having fun giving out blessing boxes to various people. At that time, we'd only given out a couple, but since then we've handed out three more in the following situations: One family that has served as the head of a volunteer organization we belong to. […]

Can Money Buy Happiness?

After tackling the love work/money relationship, I thought this would be a good question to debate: Can money buy happiness? Before I give you my thoughts, here's what US News recently said about this issue: The old adage goes "Money can't buy happiness," but people usually mean "Material goods can't buy happiness." Spending time with the wife and kids on a camping getaway costs money, but […]

And Yet Another Millionaire Says the Same Thing

I'll probably get a ton of flack for this post (as I do on many around this subject), but at some point people need to start listening to people who are where they want to be. For instance, if you want to be a millionaire (or multi-millionaire), who do you listen to, someone who's not even close to that goal or someone who's already surpassed it and knows what works? […]

Free eBook -- Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Finance On Just One Page

Trent at The Simple Dollar has created a new ebook that he's giving away free. If you want a copy, simply go to the book's page on his site and download it. It's that simple. The book is titled "Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Finance On Just One Page" and it's just that -- and more. […]

Tithe Rap

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here's why. I recently ran into a video on tithing that I thought was pretty funny. So today, I want to share it with you. This is my first shot at putting a YouTube video on my site, so I may mess it up. If so, you can click and see the video here. […]