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Time Banking: The Next Generation of Bartering

The following is a guest post from Philip from Weakonomics, a personal finance blog focused on the intersection of Main Street and Wall Street.  According to him, he's usually sitting at the corner throwing rocks at traffic behind the fence of anonymity. […]

Help a Reader: The Best Small Business Credit Card

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I followed with interest your quest for the best consumer credit card and am currently working on moving mine to Schwab.  But I ran into a problem yesterday on a different plane.  I am a church administrator and our church staff has been using Advanta credit cards.  Advanta has now cancelled all their small business credit card accounts (4 days […]

And Yet Another Reason to Hate Etrade

I've detailed previously that I hate Etrade because they closed their index fund leaving me high and dry. Not only that, they closed it at the end of March. Do you know what's happened since the end of March? It's up about 15%. That means I would have an extra $4,000 in my Etrade accounts if things had stayed the same and the index fund had not been closed. […]

Update on My Chase Freedom Credit Card

I received my Chase Freedom Visa bill last night and I did NOT receive the notice that others are getting about the reduction in benefits. […]

Do You Have Financial Goals? Do You Declare Them?

Here's an interesting piece from Newsweek about whether or not you should tell others about your goals in life. A summary of the situation: Traditional thinking has held that it's best to make a public declaration, maybe even more than one. Enlisting others in your hopes will shore up your intentions, and motivate you to work toward your new-found goal. But is this folk wisdom sound? […]

Do You Shop at Dollar Stores?

Consumer Reports tells us that dollar stores are growing in popularity as the economy has people looking for values wherever they can find them. And nothing says "value" more than "it's only $1", right? :-) We shop in dollar stores when there is a specific need for something at a low price where quality isn't an issue. […]

What's Your Favorite Broker and Why?

Smart Money recently came out with their list of the top brokers as follows: 1. Etrade2. Fidelity3. Schwab4. TradeKing5. TD Ameritrade6. Muriel Siebert7. Scottrade8. Firstrade9. OptionsXpress10. Banc of America11. Just2Trade12. WellsTrade13. ShareBuilder14. WallStreet*E15. Zecco16. SogoTrade Here are my thoughts on this list and brokers in general: 1. […]

Practicalities of Selling a Used Car

A friend of mine is thinking of buying a new car (really a nicer used car) and we got to talking about selling a used car and how certain aspects of it would work. […]

What the World Does Not Need and Why I'm Doing It Anyway

As regular readers know, I am a weekly participant in blog carnivals. I've detailed both the benefits of participating in and hosting blog carnivals and have done both throughout the life of this blog. I enjoy and recommend many of the current blog carnivals and I submit something to many of them weekly. […]

Happy Memorial Day

Just wanted to say Happy Memorial Day to everyone (it's a holiday where we remember the service and sacrifice of our veterans and enlisted men and women for those of you outside of the United States). Like most others in the U.S., I'm taking the day off -- I'll be back tomorrow. Thank you to all our veterans, enlisted personnel, and their families. […]