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When Should You Take Social Security?

We've debated here several times on when it's the right time to take Social Security -- as early as you can (despite getting less than the total benefits due to you) or once you reach "retirement age" (so you can receive full benefits.) CNN Money recently weighed in on this issue with the following: Should you start collecting Social Security checks at 62 or should you wait? […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of April 27

For weekday updates of what I find to be some of the most interesting personal finance articles on the web, follow me on Twitter. For now, here are some pieces I found especially worthwhile. After that, I have a list of the carnivals Free Money Finance was in this week and my posts that were included: Lazy Man and Money gives an update from Finovate. […]

Two Giveaway Winners Named

Just wanted to let you know that I named the winners of the Sound Mind Investing (from Sunday) and the Mogul games (from Monday) giveaways announced earlier this week. Click on the links in this post and scroll to the bottom of the new pages to see if you've won. If you want to win anything in May, you'll need to sign up for my giveaway newsletter. […]

Make a Good Side Income by Mowing Lawns

I recently railed against what some people pay for lawn care, but a comment on that post has me rethinking my position on it. Instead of seeing lawn work as an expense, I should be seeing the extra income opportunity. Check out this comment from a reader: I charged $1/minute for mowing, trimming, or basically anything to do with the yard. […]

The Best Questions to Ask a Charity

CNN Money lists the best questions to ask a charity (with the suggested answers) as follows: Does the IRS recognize you as a charity? (Yes) How long have you been around? (Five years or more.) What % of my donation will go to charitable works? (75% or more.) Do you have a year's worth of working capital? (Yes.) Are you slashing services this year? […]

The Little Things Matter to Interview Success

Yahoo has several tips they call minor matters that make your interview successful. I thought I'd highlight a few of these and comment on them. Here goes: Lay out your clothing in advance. Also, gather all the other important materials you'll need for the interview in one place, where you will be sure not to forget them. […]

Reminder to Sign Up if You Want Giveaways

I'll be sending out the May issue of my giveaway newsletter within the next week or two, and this is a reminder to sign up now if you want a chance at the giveaways. This month's prizes include a copy of Quicken Deluxe, more free Arby's Roastburgers, and a $50 gift card from SmartyPig. The only way to win any of these is to sign up for the newsletter. […]

Taxes for the "Rich"

During the presidential election (boy, aren't you glad that nonsense is over?), there was a lot of talk about how to define a "rich" person. If I recall correctly, some estimates got as low as someone making $70k per year being "rich", though I'm not sure if that was someone's actual thoughts or their opponent's spin on their thoughts. […]

Can You Save Money on Food by Gardening?

The Wall Street Journal asks how much can a garden save you? Or at least that’s the question they start with. But after they start considering the potential costs associated with a garden -- not just the food savings -- the question became, "can you save money on food by gardening?" Here's their answer: Can you still save money with a garden? […]

Who Are Kid's Gifts Really For?

This is a guest post from MLR @ My Life ROI. If you like this post, check out his website or subscribe to his feed. You know the scenario… you are having a birthday party for your baby girl. She just turned two! She looks adorable in her little sundress and all of your family is there. Cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents… ALL of them. […]