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The Little Things Matter to Interview Success

Yahoo has several tips they call minor matters that make your interview successful. I thought I'd highlight a few of these and comment on them. Here goes: Lay out your clothing in advance. Also, gather all the other important materials you'll need for the interview in one place, where you will be sure not to forget them. […]

Reminder to Sign Up if You Want Giveaways

I'll be sending out the May issue of my giveaway newsletter within the next week or two, and this is a reminder to sign up now if you want a chance at the giveaways. This month's prizes include a copy of Quicken Deluxe, more free Arby's Roastburgers, and a $50 gift card from SmartyPig. The only way to win any of these is to sign up for the newsletter. […]

Taxes for the "Rich"

During the presidential election (boy, aren't you glad that nonsense is over?), there was a lot of talk about how to define a "rich" person. If I recall correctly, some estimates got as low as someone making $70k per year being "rich", though I'm not sure if that was someone's actual thoughts or their opponent's spin on their thoughts. […]

Can You Save Money on Food by Gardening?

The Wall Street Journal asks how much can a garden save you? Or at least that’s the question they start with. But after they start considering the potential costs associated with a garden -- not just the food savings -- the question became, "can you save money on food by gardening?" Here's their answer: Can you still save money with a garden? […]

Who Are Kid's Gifts Really For?

This is a guest post from MLR @ My Life ROI. If you like this post, check out his website or subscribe to his feed. You know the scenario… you are having a birthday party for your baby girl. She just turned two! She looks adorable in her little sundress and all of your family is there. Cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents… ALL of them. […]

Yes, Warehouse Clubs Really Can Save You Money

There's been a lot of talk lately about warehouse clubs and their ability to save you money. I thought I'd profile a few of the pieces written on the issue and offer my opinion as well. We'll start with a piece I did titled How to Save Money on Grocery Purchases. It was from some research done by Consumer Reports that ranked four types of food shoppers. […]

Response from Guy with $265k in Student Loans

For those of you reading/commenting on/interested in/asking questions about the reader who has $265k in student loan debt, he has responded to many of the issues brought up. If you want to follow up on it, check out the post here. […]

How to Buy a Bed

I HATE shopping for beds! Can I say it again? I HATE, HATE, HATE shopping for beds!!!!!!! No other product/industry I know of has developed so many ways to try and confuse consumers, mask the differences between products, and generally do all they can to rip off whoever they can. […]

How to Select a Good Tax Professional

Bankrate has some thoughts on how to select a tax professional. Here are the tips I think are especially important: Look for a certified public accountant, an Enrolled Agent or a tax attorney. "Typically, these preparers are required to maintain continuing education credits to maintain their designation," notes Hockenberry. […]

How to Make Money by Becoming a Referee

Update (4-29-09): There are some really good, insightful, and valuable comments below, so be sure to read them. […]