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Anyone Going to See Dave Ramsey Tomorrow Night?

For those of you who don't know, Dave Ramsey is holding a "Town Hall for Hope" event tomorrow night. Here's a summary of the event: Tired of hearing the fear, doom and gloom that’s filling the airwaves? Join Dave Ramsey for a nationwide town hall meeting and discover what’s happening with the economy, how we got here, and where we’re going. […]

The Five People Who Have Had the Greatest Financial Influence on Me

Mike Hyatt asks who are the five people that have had the greatest influence on you? I thought that since this is a money blog, I'd list the five people that have had the greatest influence in shaping my views on personal finances. Here goes: My mother -- My mom refused government help and worked minimum wage jobs to support the two of us after her divorce. […]

FMF Reader Saves Over 25% on Rent Simply by Asking for a Discount

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I would like to share something I have done today. Me and my wife live in a small town in Midwest. The total population of this place is less than 8,000. Yes, you read it right it is 8,000 not 80,000. Due to poor economy, our company told everyone to take one week unpaid time off for next few months. […]

Ten Steps to Becoming a Millionaire

US News lists 10 "secrets" of millionaires' money management as follows: Start early to avoid financial pitfalls. Adrian Cartwood, 49, author of the blog How to Make 7 Million in 7 Years, made his fortune by living frugally while he built his technology-related business. Believe that you can do it. Articulate your vision for success. […]

Economy Got You Down? Pig Out!

In their May issue, Money magazine lists three ways to keep your cool in this market. The third on really got my attention: Eat a doughnut. Or the comfort food of your choice. Behavioral economists have found that agitation makes for poor money decisions. So do whatever soothes your soul. Walk the dog. Go to church, Hang with family and friends. […]

Maybe Starting a Multi-Level Marketing Business Isn't Such a Bad Idea

As part of my February list of how to make more money, I suggested that people might want to consider multi-level marketing as a way to add some extra income to their household. Two of the companies I used as examples were Mary Kay and Avon. […]

One Reason the Rich Get Richer

In a recent piece, Wise Bread notes several reasons why the rich get richer. But they leave one reason out -- one that I've been thinking about for some time now: The rich network with other rich people and as a result get opportunities that other's don't have. Why have I been thinking of this lately? Because I've experienced it firsthand. My wife and I have friends that are pretty well off. […]

Should You Buy Stuff from People to Help Them Out Financially?

My wife and I have had a couple of situations recently where we have purchased something from someone to help them out financially. The details: We have half bathroom downstairs that had 20-year-old wallpaper. We've wanted to have the wallpaper taken down and the walls painted for quite some time now. But since we're thinking of moving, we haven't done anything to it. […]

A Great New Money Podcast and Free Book Giveaway

Here are a couple items I thought most of you would be interested in: JD Roth from Get Rich Slowly and Jim Wang from Bargaineering have started a new money podcast called the Personal Finance Hour. I've been listening to their first few shows and have found them to be refreshingly open and honest -- talking about everyday issues confronted by everyday people. […]

Good Resume Advice from A Recruiter

Here's a great comment left on my post titled Using Bullet Points on Resumes: I am a Recruiter, and would agree that I spend less than 3 minutes (sometimes less than 1 minute!) looking at a resume initially. We sort thru and get rid of the ones we can, and then focus more attention on the ones that look promising. […]