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What are Your Three Money Do-Overs?

Your Money Relationship lists what he would do-over financially if a genie gave him three things to go back and change. I thought it would be fun to list my do-overs as well as ask for yours. Here are the three things I'd do over financially: 1. I'd start saving/investing sooner. […]

I'm Still Buying

A couple weeks ago in my post titled The Poor Economy is Having Very Little Impact on Me, one reader made the following comment: What got many people INTO this mess were bubble heads always insisting that it was always a great time to buy a house and it was always a great time to buy stocks. […]

Help a Reader: Bonds in a 401k

Here's an email I received from a reader: My question is regarding high yield bonds and core bonds - what is the difference between these bonds? Generally speaking, is one preferable to the other for a passive investor? In this particular situation, I'm operating within the confines of my 401(k). There are target date funds available, however, I prefer to do my own asset allocation. […]

How Long Before I Can Retire?

I set my retirement number a few years ago and I thought it would be interesting to revisit how close I am to reaching it. You may recall that I built my retirement number assuming a few things: I wanted to cover my expected retirement expenses. In addition, I wanted a reasonable margin of safety in case my expenses were higher than what I estimated. […]

Why Even the Best Investors Can't Pick Winning Actively Managed Funds Consistently

What seems like a long time ago, I wrote a piece talking about the impact costs have in determining the success of your investments. The takeaway was that if you wanted to get the best return possible from your investments, you needed to make sure costs (trading costs, taxes, various fees, etc.) were as low as possible. My solution? […]

Advice for People Early in their Career

The following is a guest post by FMF reader Mike Hunt. Mike has left several excellent comments on this blog and I asked him to give some career advice of his own in a post. […]

Totally Below My Radar: The Cost of Prom

Here's a piece from MSNBC that profiles how teens in a town hit hard by the poor economy are cutting back on what they spend on prom. But here's the part of the story that stood out to me: That’s far less than the $566 most teens spend on prom, according to a 2008 national survey conducted by Hearst, which publishes Seventeen magazine and, among others. […]

How Do You Value Your Time?

Here's an interesting piece on how people should think about valuing their time. Here's a sense of what they're talking about: If you make a sandwich at home instead of buying one at work, it may take you five minutes in the kitchen and save you $6. Is it worth it? That depends on how you value your time. To pocket $6 from five minutes' work is the equivalent of earning $72 an hour. […]

Would You Like to Guest Post on Free Money Finance?

I'll be taking a vacation next month and am looking for guest posts to help fill in some of that time. If you're interested, check out my guidelines for guest posts and submit as you like. BTW, this offer isn't open only to other bloggers. If you're an FMF reader and want to speak out on a financial issue, this is a great chance for you to do so. […]

Growing Your Career by Inside Networking

When most people think of networking to develop/grow their career, they think about developing relationships outside their current company. But Yahoo makes a good point in saying that we also need to network within our companies. Here are their thoughts: Many professionals think of networking only in terms of developing outside connections. […]