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Money Is a Drug

The following is an excerpt (actually, it's Chapter 1) from Snap Judgment: When to Trust Your Instincts, When to Ignore Them, and How to Avoid Making Big Mistakes with Your Money, published FT Press. In the summer of 2008, Rob Arnott’s research indicated there were problems ahead in the commodities boom. […]

How To Build And Maintain Your Own Budget

The following is a guest post from Jonathan from Master Your Card. It's a basic budgeting piece that many readers of this site will find too simplistic. […]

Matching College Costs and Salaries

Payscale lists the median starting and mid-career salaries for a variety of different college-related attributes including: Colleges Degrees School location I like the fact that more and more of this sort of information is being published. Why? Because it starts to get at the value of a specific degree at a specific college. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of Aug 10

For weekday updates of what I find to be some of the most interesting personal finance articles on the web, follow me on Twitter. […]

Investment Strategies Part 5: In Defense of Diversification

The following is a guest post from Marotta Wealth Management. Diversifying your asset allocation among investments with a low correlation can and should reduce your portfolio's volatility and boost your returns. But critics are claiming this strategy is no longer valid. That's because they don't understand the nature of what happened in 2008. […]

Giving Up Money

Here's a money-related story about a guy that has chosen to have zero income and live his life away from our materialistic society. He lives in a cave in Utah, forages for food, and either adjusts to compensate for or totally does without much of what you and I would call "the basics" of life. Here are some highlights from the article: Daniel Suelo lives in a cave. […]

A Moving Nightmare

MSN Money recently listed 10 things moving companies won't say and included this: 1. 'We'll hijack your stuff' The moving industry, which packs in nearly 55% of its business during summer, often leaves a trail of frustrated consumers in its wake. The U.S. […]

Easy Career Growth Tip: Read

Productivity 501 talks about the benefits of reading. They go at it from a general "improve yourself" standpoint, but I believe it can also benefit your career in many of the same ways writing can. The site offers the following tips for making the most of doing so: Read books. Set aside a specific time for reading. Read outside your field.  Keep a book list. Buy used. […]

The Keys to Financial Success

Here's an excellent, excellent comment left recently on my post tiled Should You Have a Mortgage When You Retire? I felt it was so good that I should share it with everyone: Here's a hindsight view from someone that came to the USA in 1956 with the grand sum of $400 and the promise of a job. […]

An Interesting Way to Get Premium Cable for Free

Here's a story a neighbor shared with me about how he ended up with premium cable for the price of basic cable: Several years ago, he and some friends and family members wanted to watch the Michigan-Michigan State football game (the biggest game of the season in our state). […]