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Three Steps to Getting the Most from Your Credit Cards

The following is excerpted with permission from The 1-2-3 Money Plan: The Three Most Important Steps to Saving and Spending Smartby Gregory Karp. A credit card is like a loaded handgun. It's not the tool that makes it good or bad. It's the user. That's why credit cards, as a payment method, deserve their own section in this book. […]

Your Own Personal Money Stress Test

Here's an article that suggests we should each put ourselves (and our money) through a stress test similar to those many American banks just went through. The piece lists four factors that you should score yourself against to see how fit your finances are. The four factors are: Factor One: Disposable income ratio. […]

Help a Reader: CD-Secured Loans

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I am planning to purchase a second home for around $360,000.  My income is around $180,000 a year, and I have no debt, including no mortgage debt on my primary home worth about $180,000.  Due to the location and uniqueness of the second home (no comparables and so no possibility of a credible appraisal), I have been unable to secure a cost-effe […]

The Most Useful Thing Students Can Do to Prepare for the Job Market

IMO, here's some excellent advice to students on what to do to prepare themselves for the job market: The most useful thing students can do to prepare for the job market is to work. Work before you actually have to work. It's the single best thing you can do to make yourself marketable. Great, great advice. […]

Three Steps to Choosing a Financial Adviser

The following is excerpted with permission from The 1-2-3 Money Plan: The Three Most Important Steps to Saving and Spending Smartby Gregory Karp. Americans today are forced to make a dizzying array of financial decisions, including many we've talked about in this book: how to build a retirement nest egg, save for kids' college expenses, and deal with debt and insurance. For help, you might consi […]

Reminder: Your Chance to Win Some Free Stuff

Just a reminder that my June giveaway newsletter will go out next week. If you'd like to win one of several great prizes, simply click here to register for it. Good luck to all! […]

From Homeless to Homeowner

I'm a sucker for a real-life story of how someone did something "great" in their finances. Maybe the made a stellar career out of nothing, saved $2 million on a $40,000-a-year income, or gave away 90% of their earnings to help a charity. […]

The One Thing that Makes a Winning Resume

Ok, so the title's a bit misleading. There are several parts that go into making a winning resume. That said, there's one specific part that is greater than all the others. Here's how Yahoo describes it: Tantalize them with a bulleted list of specific achievements. […]

A New Perspective

The following is a guest post from Glen Allsopp from PluginID. We are a generation abundant in such fine qualities as impatience, greed, and the need for a quick-fix. The "magic pill" if you like. When it comes to making money, we're the same. We want the quick, easy, cash generation solution rather than something we have to work for. […]

How to Save $10k in 10 Months While Making a Low Wage in an Expensive City

I get all sorts of "I can't save that much" comments quite often here. That's why I post examples of how people have gotten rich (or at least well off) despite the fact that they didn't/don't earn very much money. The key? Spending less than they earned. And if they can do it, so can others (including you, Mr. […]