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2008 Money Stats and How I Fared

In their annual "What People Earn" issue, People Magazine gave some national numbers on general finances of Americans as well as key unemployment numbers. […]

Another Example of Getting Rich on a Low Salary

Get Rich Slowly points to a story of a social worker that amassed a $1.4 million net worth. How did she do it -- amass a fortune way above what most Americans will ever own while earning an "average" salary at best? […]

Recap of Dave Ramsey's Town Hall for Hope

Here's my recap of last night's Town Hall for Hope simulcast/meeting that was put on by Dave Ramsey. I took four pages of notes (front and back) and I may have missed a few things or written them down wrong in my haste. […]

More Ideas for Saving on a Wedding

In my post titled True-Life Stories of Saving on a Wedding, several commenters left their suggestions on how to save on a wedding. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of April 20

Here's my weekly reminder about the Free Money Finance giveaway e-newsletter. There's still time to register for the May giveaways. […]

Four Ways to Earn Some Extra Cash

In their annual "What People Earn" issue from a couple weeks ago, People Magazine listed four ways to earn extra cash as follows: Product demonstrator Delivery person Hotel desk clerk Bank teller Ok, so it's not the most exciting list you'll ever see, but these jobs have three things going for them if you need some extra money: they are/can be part-time jobs, they have flexible schedules, […]

Save Money by Finding a Knowledgeable and Fair Sales Person

It all started when we needed computer paper. My wife and I scoured all the ads and saw that Office Max had the best deal that weekend. In addition, they offered a $30 rebate in OfficePerks dollars (or whatever they call them -- basically a $30 gift card) when we bought a case of paper. […]

5 Key Sacrifices to Make if You Really Want to Save Money

The following is a guest post by Kathryn Vercillo from Money Saving Blog, which gives away free discount codes and voucher codes. She writes about personal finance, living frugally and saving money. I have added a few of my thoughts after the post. Most people say that they want to save more money but many are unwilling to actually make any big sacrifices in their lives to create real savings. […]

Two Giveaway Winners Named

Just wanted to let you know that I named the winners of the Sound Mind Investing (from Sunday) and the Arby's Roastburger (from Monday) giveaways announced earlier this week. Click on the links in this post and scroll to the bottom of the new pages to see if you've won. FYI, if you didn't win this week, stay tuned. There's another giveaway coming up next week! […]

When It Comes to Money, You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover

Five Cent Nickel has an excellent article on the fact that appearances can be deceiving when trying to determine whether or not a person is rich. This same principle is what made the book The Millionaire Next Door so popular -- that you can NOT tell who is rich simply by looking at someone, their clothes, their house, their cars, etc. For instance, let's say you see two people: One is wearin […]