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For Now, Save, Save, Save, and Pay Off Credit Cards Later

The following is a guest post from Think Debt Relief. For years, we’ve heard that we need to have a game plan when paying down our credit card debt: prioritizing our highest interest rate credit cards over the ones with the lowest rates, paying more than the minimum payment each month, making one extra payment a year. […]

Help a Reader: Loans for College

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I'm currently in search of student loans for the upcoming fall semester. I was wondering a couple of things that maybe you could help me with. A little background first: I'm 20 years old, and I work while going to school. […]

Really? This Much?

In the May issue of Consumer Reports they note that you can save "$1,000+" each year by doing your own mowing -- based on what pros charge for a quarter-acre lawn care. Really? I think of it this way: I could get a teenager to cut my yard for $15. We probably have 20 cuts a year (two in May, four each in June-September, two in October), so that's $300. Where does the extra $700 come from? […]

Ratings of Big Retailers

In their May issue, Consumer Reports rated "big retailers" for "customer satisfaction with all shopping experiences." Here's how the retailers ranked: 1. Costco2. Kohl's3. Target4. JC Penney5. Sears6. Sam's Club 7. Macy's8. Walmart9. Kmart I've had a lot to say about most of these, but let me comment here on them so my thoughts are all in one place: 1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Costco. […]

Two More Examples of How to Take Advantage of HUGE Opportunities to Increase Your Income

Just a few days after I talked about taking advantage of extraordinary opportunities to increase your income dramatically, I see two more examples of this principle at work again. Here are the details on them: Susan Boyle is all the rage after her stunning performance on "Britain’s Got Talent". […]

Now This Hurts

Remember when we talked about how to throw your stuff away to save money (so you didn't have to store it)? (Better yet, sell it and make some extra money and/or rent your home to others for storage) Anyway, I recently ran into this piece and it seems to pour salt into an open wound. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of April 13

Here's my weekly reminder about the Free Money Finance giveaway e-newsletter. April's edition is out, but there's still time to register for the giveaways I'll have in May. […]

Help a Reader: Getting Out of Debt

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: My wife and I made some poor financial decisions early on in our marriage, so we are trying to dig out of our debt.  Here is where we sit: Have a house (worth about $5K less than mortgage) 1 Child I have a full time job and part time job Wife has full time job College Loans (total of $20K) 2 car loans (total of $14.5K) $22K in […]

How to Save on Digital Services

After many of us railed on the guy who spent $170 a month on phone, TV, and internet services, I saw this piece from the NY Times suggesting some ideas on how to save on digital services. They start with the (obvious when pointed out, but not so obvious to many) suggestion to cancel or pare back services you never or seldom use. […]

Help a Reader: New Job Offer

Here's a comment/question I received recently on my post titled Ask for More Money When You're Offered a Job: Curious what the reaction here might be to my current situation: 1. Went in for the interview & it went very well. I had been instructed to give a salary suggestion prior to interview, which I grossly undersold myself on. […]