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How I Use PowerPoint to Keep My Wife Informed on Our Finances

I've mentioned a few times on this site that every summer I put together a short PowerPoint presentation for my wife that gives details on where we stand financially. At the start of every year we agree on our basic budget (which has pretty much been the same for the past several years) and we discuss financial decisions throughout the year, but during the year I manage all of the finances. […]

Dear Abby Reminds Us to Check Our Credit Cards

Dear Abby recently highlighted two problems to be on the lookout for when using your credit card (these happened in restaurants, but they could happen in other places I suppose -- anytime your card is taken out of your sight) as follows: Always be sure you get your card back. […]

My Networking Plan

Have you ever read the book Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time? […]

What I'm Doing Now Financially

I thought you all might be interested in what I'm doing on the financial front currently. I'll give a warning in advance that it's not all that exciting, but still there may be one or two of you out there that enjoys a more personal view of finances. […]

Free Tea at Arby's Today

Here's the second restaurant freebie in two days. This time, Arby's is giving away a free fruit tea, but it's only good for today. […]

Help a Reader: How to Invest

Here's a comment left here recently: I have $225K in savings. I am 38, married, 2 kids under 6. I contribute to my 401k for my company match, current balance there is $100k. What should I do with the $225k. I have it in savings because I am afraid to lose it and I'm afraid not to have it available if I get laid off. The layoff possibility is low but it is still on my mind. […]

I'm Changing My Main Credit Card

As many of you know, I've used the American Express Blue Cash credit card as my main card for several years. It's earned me a good bit of extra income and I've labeled it as the best cash back credit card. I've even recommended it to many people. Well, the king is dead and I'm moving on. I was tipped off by a reader's comment, did a little searching and then ran into this page. […]

A Box of Books (And Why You Should Care)

I get tons of free books sent to me from publishers -- it's part of the deal when you run a half-way popular personal finance blog. I could get a lot more, but I only say "yes" to those that I'm interested in. Even then, I don't have time to read them all, much less review them all. I used to give away the books I received one at a time. […]

Free KFC Grilled Chicken

Was just emailed this offer for two free pieces of KFC grilled chicken. I have a post coming up about how they were cheap and gave me only a wing when I tried out a similar coupon, but maybe this will work better for all of you. […]

One Bad Experience Can Ruin a Company

Eight years or so ago (I'm not sure how long exactly but it was soon after we moved to Michigan and we've been here almost 10 years now) my wife and I went out to Perkins. She had always loved eating there as a kid and wanted to eat there again. We went in and no one was in the place. Literally, no one. We thought there had been some sort of hostage situation and the workers taken to the back. […]