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One Reason the Rich Get Richer

In a recent piece, Wise Bread notes several reasons why the rich get richer. But they leave one reason out -- one that I've been thinking about for some time now: The rich network with other rich people and as a result get opportunities that other's don't have. Why have I been thinking of this lately? Because I've experienced it firsthand. My wife and I have friends that are pretty well off. […]

Should You Buy Stuff from People to Help Them Out Financially?

My wife and I have had a couple of situations recently where we have purchased something from someone to help them out financially. The details: We have half bathroom downstairs that had 20-year-old wallpaper. We've wanted to have the wallpaper taken down and the walls painted for quite some time now. But since we're thinking of moving, we haven't done anything to it. […]

A Great New Money Podcast and Free Book Giveaway

Here are a couple items I thought most of you would be interested in: JD Roth from Get Rich Slowly and Jim Wang from Bargaineering have started a new money podcast called the Personal Finance Hour. I've been listening to their first few shows and have found them to be refreshingly open and honest -- talking about everyday issues confronted by everyday people. […]

Good Resume Advice from A Recruiter

Here's a great comment left on my post titled Using Bullet Points on Resumes: I am a Recruiter, and would agree that I spend less than 3 minutes (sometimes less than 1 minute!) looking at a resume initially. We sort thru and get rid of the ones we can, and then focus more attention on the ones that look promising. […]

Win a Free Arby's Roastburger!

Here's your opportunity to win an Arby's Roastburger, courtesy of the people at Arby's. I'm giving 10 free burgers away in this post (I'll mail the winners a card for a free one). Here's how it will work: 1. All you need to do to enter is to leave any comment on this post. Be sure to leave your email address (no one else will be able to see it) when you leave the comment. 2. […]

How to Save Money on Grocery Purchases

In its May issue, Consumer Reports shopped for 30 random grocery items (sorry, I couldn't find a link to it online) -- they highlight the details on 10 of them (mustard, disinfectant wipes, vegetable oil, cereal, premium pasta sauce, multivitamins, laundry detergent, disposable diapers, cream cheese, and bagged coffee) in the magazine -- under four different shopping scenarios: Impulsive shoppe […]

Win a Copy of Sound Mind Investing!

I've reviewed the book Sound Mind Investing and now it's your opportunity to win one for yourself! Here's how this giveaway will work: 1. All you need to do to enter is to leave any comment on this post. 2. In addition, you'll get a bonus entry if you follow me on Twitter (all my Twitter followers are automatically entered in the giveaway.) 3. […]

How God Uses and Doesn't Use Money

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. […]

For Now, Save, Save, Save, and Pay Off Credit Cards Later

The following is a guest post from Think Debt Relief. For years, we’ve heard that we need to have a game plan when paying down our credit card debt: prioritizing our highest interest rate credit cards over the ones with the lowest rates, paying more than the minimum payment each month, making one extra payment a year. […]

Help a Reader: Loans for College

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I'm currently in search of student loans for the upcoming fall semester. I was wondering a couple of things that maybe you could help me with. A little background first: I'm 20 years old, and I work while going to school. […]