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Why People Have Money Problems

I recently received a GREAT email from an FMF reader that went as follows: For once a straight shooting article from the mainstream financial press. It basically says people have money problems because: They spend too much on housing They spend too much on cars They spend too much on college There are other factors, of course, but I agree these are the big ones. […]

When It's Wise to Delay Taking Social Security

We've discussed back and forth through the years about whether or not it's wise to delay Social Security payments (or, said another way, not take them early). Ultimately, it most depends on how long you'll live -- a question that no one knows the answer to. […]

Six Rookie Landlord Mistakes

Money magazine lists six rookie landlord mistakes as follows: No. 1: Underestimating costsNo. 2: Breaking the lawNo. 3: Skimping on vetting prospective tenantsNo. 4: Ignoring renters insurance policiesNo. 5: Failing to check out the property regularlyNo. 6: Going DIY at tax time My take on these: I always estimate high on costs and low on revenue whenever I look at a property. […]

How Much Do You Need to be Rich?

This article from the NY Times is interesting for a few reasons: 1. It equates being "rich" with your annual income (at least in part), a frequent mistake by the mainstream media. 2. It verifies something we've addressed frequently here: the more you have, the more you think it takes to be rich.3. […]

What Outdoor Feature Would You Most Like for Your Home?

Money magazine asked its readers what outdoor feature they'd most like for their homes. Their responses: Pool -- 30% Deck -- 28% Screened-in porch -- 26% Kitchen -- 16% It's funny to see this question since we're now debating this ourselves (given we have a new home). What do we want most? […]

Unwanted Emails

I received a couple emails this morning from FMF readers saying that they are getting emails from me trying to sell all sorts of things. I am not sending these out. I'm still trying to figure out exactly where the emails are coming from (neither of my email addresses have been hacked as far as I can tell). […]

Help a Reader: Retirement Savings

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: In an attempt to combine Dave's (Ramsey) 15% savings solution with an early retirement I'm stuck with a dilemma. […]

How to Earn an Extra $1.4 Million in Two Steps

Ok, so you probably doubt that I can deliver on my headline. Well doubt no longer. Consider the two steps needed to earn $1.4 million more over your career than those who don't do these things: 1. Get a college degree.2. Negotiate a higher starting salary. Let's take these one at a time. […]