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Americans Have Low Net Worths

After posting Americans Have Way Too Much Credit Card Debt, here's another set of facts that show the average American isn't very good with money. Time lists the average net worths of Americans by age as follows: Less than 35 years old: $6,676 35-44 years old: $35,000 45-54 years old: $84,542 55-64 years old: $143,964 65-69 years old: $194,226 70-74 years old: $181,078 65 years old and o […]

Thoughts on Restaurant Bills

Money Magazine recently had a series of stats on restaurant bills. Here are a few of the facts that caught my attention and my take on them: Average monthly restaurant tab per household: $223 We are a bit lower than this ($200 a month) but we've really got it more under control the past few months -- more like 4125 per month. It's an area we're focusing on and trying to get around $100 a month […]

Americans Have Way Too Much Credit Card Debt

I like to "collect" posts on various topics. Here are a few: Posts about people who have a solid net worth despite having a low income. I like these posts because they show that you don't have to make a gazillion dollars to become wealthy. You simply need to spend less than you earn and invest that difference. […]

A Year Ago

It's been almost a year since I announced I was starting a new blog. And believe it or not, I'm still getting requests for links to the new site. So I'm posting here again until no one asks for the site's address. If you want an email sent to you with my new site listed, simply leave a comment below like "please send me the URL to your new site". […]

Some Posts Worth Checking Out

Here are a few posts that I liked but won't get around to posting on. Thought you might enjoy them: Mighty Bargain Hunter says there are three letters that will millionaire you. They are E-S-I. He then points to the blog ESI Money. The NY Times says adding a teen driver to your car insurance will drive premiums up 79%. Yikes! […]

How's Your State Rank for Retirement?

Here's an interesting report which ranks the top states for retirement based on the following criteria: Financial: The financial health of pre-retirees as a group, and the fiscal health of their states of residence, are directly linked to their ability to enjoy a fulfilling retirement. […]

Does Everyone Love Index Funds?

I remember back in the day when index funds were the second-choice of almost every investor. But based on what I've seen lately, the tide has certainly reversed. Let's begin with some great thoughts from 20 Something Finance who quotes the following: “84% of large-cap funds generated lower returns than the S&P 500 in the latest five-year period and 82% fell shy in the past 10 years.” And yet 6 […]

Get 5% Cash Back at Costco with Chase Freedom

Just a note to all of you who carry the Chase Freedom Visa credit card (a key card to use to earn thousands in rewards cash) that beginning today and through the rest of the year, you can earn 5% cash back at Costco. Here are the details: Chase announced that Chase Freedom® Visa cardholders can earn 5% cash back on wholesale club purchases through the end of the year. […]

Americans Stink at Money Management

Here's a post that asks How Wise Are We With Money? The answer: not wise at all. Some key highlights (or lowlights, if you prefer): 3 in 10 have a long-term savings plan 2 in 3 adults don't have a budget 33% don't pay their bills on time 3 states require a personal finance class to graduate high school As we've seen over the years here at FMF, this is just the tip of the iceberg. […]

Selling Your Home Without a Realtor in 2016: A Guide for the Motivated Property Seller

The following is a guest post from Sacha Ferrandi. He has spent the last 12 years funding real estate investments and building his real estate lending firm. As Founder and Principal of Source Capital Funding Inc., Sacha is an expert in both residential and commercial real estate. Looking to make a move soon? […]