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Do Not Lie on a Job Application

Two stories, same result. Before I retired, we were hiring for a senior management position in our marketing department. After several months looking for the person with the right skills and fit, we had a candidate we liked. He was at the final phases of the interview process. […]

The Rich Invest Differently than the Poor

Here's an interesting article that says the investment choice of the poor is alarming. It reviews a Gallup survey that asks Americans to choose the best investment from a list of choices. Sounds harmless, right? Well, here's what causes the author to be concerned: The most interesting thing is that there are some serious differences between the investment styles of the poor and the rich. […]

How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Here's an interesting question: how much should you spend on an engagement ring? Before we get to the "answer", let's look at some very interesting quotes from the piece linked above. Let's begin with this one: If De Beers put the burden on men to buy the perfect stone, Facebook and Instagram have ratcheted up the symbol of love to new levels. […]

12 Habits of Millionaires

Money lists 12 habits of millionaires as follows: 1. Millionaires are super savers. 2. They get an early jump on building wealth. 3. They value hard work.4. They invest for the long term.5. They don't take crazy investment risks.6. The majority seek out advice.7. They value education.8. They splurge but within reason.9. Some aren't above serious economizing.10. They shop at discount stores.11. […]

Last Call for New Site Details

Hey, gang! I hope this message finds you having a great weekend! Last time I posted about my new site I received several requests for it, though far fewer than in the past. […]

Star Money Articles for Week of October 10

Welcome to this week's edition of Star Money Articles. We'll start with alternatives to eating out. I love to eat out (as do my kids) so I needed these ideas! I'm seeing more and more posts on using an HSA as a retirement account and I liked this one. Money Boss shares highlights from FinCon 2016, the annual conference for money bloggers. […]

The Importance of Accomplishments on Your Resume

It doesn't happen very often, but once in a while a mainstream media article gets personal finance right. Here's a case in point: this piece from US News that lists the three most important things to include on your resume: In particular they hit a home run IMO with #2. Here it is: Numbers. Anyone can add a goal that they accomplished to their resume. […]

5 Part-Time Jobs That Are Perfect for Retirees

US News lists five part-time jobs that are perfect for retirees as follows: Substitute Teacher or Tutor Caregiver Call Operator Business Owner Consultant Here's my take on these for me personally: Substitute Teacher or Tutor -- Not really interested in this as it is, but I would love to teach a college class or two, either in person or online. Caregiver -- Uh, no. […]

How to Improve Your Odds of Success at Investing

Kiplinger lists six ways to improve your odds of success at investing as follows: 1. Using low-cost, low-turnover solutions—preferably index-like mutual funds with a relatively low focus on active management. 2. Hire a fee-only objective adviser to help you sort through your holdings, provide recommendations and monitor them. 3. […]

Reminder: Don't Quit Your Job Until You Have a New One

I recently ran into a LinkedIn post titled "That's It, I Quit!" -- What's Your Exit Plan? where a worker says (in part): I am going out of my mind at my job. I hate my job so much that I'm afraid I'm going to walk out the door one day in frustration. I have almost done that already on two occasions but I stuck it out. […]