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Net Worth Gains through the Years

I love, love, love Quicken and have been using it for years -- almost two decades now. One thing I like so much about it is that it allows me to track my net worth and see my progress over time.I thought I'd share my net worth gains by year (from Quicken) to demonstrated how the path to growing your net worth is not one straight climb. Sometimes it's up a bit and sometimes it's up big. […]

Buy Term and Invest the Difference

I've written a couple times about buying term life insurance and investing the difference. For those of you unfamiliar with the phrase "buy term and invest the difference," it simply suggests that you do not buy permanent life insurance and instead by the cheaper term life insurance and invest the money you saved doing so. […]

An Example of How to Save a Bundle on a New Car

I've previously detailed my process for saving a fortune on a new car (and for those of you wondering, here's why I buy new cars). I've used this system to purchase three cars (four now) in the past 10 years, but had never shared the specifics on FMF. […]

Almost Infinite Investment Return

I was browsing through my Amazon affiliate sales the other day and noticed that I had sold copies of two great books: The Millionaire Next Door and The Richest Man in Babylon. I got to thinking about these books, what they contain, and the people who bought them. I also started to think about my own life and how it's been impacted by a few good books. […]

I Just Cashed in $1,600 in Credit Card Rewards

I haven't written much about credit card rewards lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't been using cards that pay rewards. I have been using them -- and as much as possible.I've discussed previously that I prefer to use cards that offer cash back as I can then use the money on whatever I like -- not just on what the rewards programs offer. […]

The Power of Working Your Career

On a recent post, one reader left the following comment: As an aside, in reference to your comment on the link you posted, I want to thank you for the emphasis on working to raise your salary level. It was largely your writings on the subject that have led me to ask for raises, negotiate my salary upfront, and just generally actively work to grow my career. […]

Eight Opening Lines to Network Like a Pro

We've talked about the fact that your career is your most important financial asset. If you really want to grow it (and your income), and you should, networking is a key skill you'll need to develop. But mixing it up with others can be awkward, especially for those of us who aren't great at small talk. Luckily, I stumbled upon some help. […]

Do You Tip Carhops?

Here's an interesting question that's bound to get people in an uproar. :)Dave Ramsey asks whether or not you should tip your carhop. Until the end of last year, my answer would have been, "I don't go to any places that have carhops." We didn't have any restaurants in Michigan (at least convenient to us) that used them.Then we moved to Oklahoma and there's a Sonic every three blocks. […]

What Does It Mean to be Self Made?

On my post about what we've learned from millionaires there was a bit of discussion about what it means to be "self made". One commenter suggested the following: If you started off middle-class or inherited anything from your parents, you're not "self-made." Which is fine. There's no shame in your parents' having been able to give you advantages. […]