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Benjamin Davis and the Journey of a CFS-sufferer towards Early Retirement

Today we have a guest post by Ben from From Cents to Retirement. My name is Benjamin Davis, I run From Cents to Retirement and I recently published my first book called My strategy to retire early: My journey to become financially independent and retire in my early 30s. I was born in Portugal to an Italian and Canadian family. […]

Yes, You Can Spend It All

Here's an article talking about high-earners living paycheck to paycheck. The highlights: If you are struggling to save money and think that a larger paycheck is the key to solving your problems, a new report suggests that may not be completely true. […]

Star Money Articles for the Week of April 17

Welcome to this week's edition of Star Money Articles. Enwealthen has a financial literacy interview. ESI Money asks if the cost of a financial advisor is worth it. Business Insider and Washington Post cover a 52-year-old retiree. Choose FI has an interview series with JL Collins. Physician on Fire goes part-time!!! Finally, my book of the week is Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealt […]

Best and Worst States to Retire

WalletHub lists the best and worst states to retire. Here are the top 10: Florida Wyoming South Dakota Iowa Colorado Idaho South Carolina Nevada Delaware Wisconsin And the worst 10: Arkansas Kentucky Vermont New Mexico New Jersey Hawaii Connecticut District of Columbia Alaska Rhode Island They were rated on three measures: affordability, quality of life […]

10 Things I Learned While Working For The Rich

The following is a guest post from Jon at Money Smart Guides, a personal finance site that helps readers get out of debt and start investing for their future. […]

Save $3,500 by Dropping These Everyday Luxuries

Dave Ramsey says families can save $3,500 a year by eliminating these for luxuries from their lives: Daily lunches out: Save $1,040 per year Premium cable packages: $792 per year Unused gym memberships: $468 per year Regular coffee trips: $1,200 per year Here's my take on this: There's no doubt that small spending can add up, so there's good reason to talk about options like these. Al […]

Star Money Articles for the Week of April 10

Welcome to this week's edition of Star Money Articles. Budgets are Sexy lists ten surprises in early retirement. ESI Money interviews another millionaire. Centsibly Rich tells how to save for a vacation. Financial Samurai says one email almost ruined his severance. Physician on Fire lists some successes and failures with disability insurance. Finally, my book of the week is Stop Acting Rich: […]

How to Consolidate Student Loans

This post is from FMF contributor Antonio Williams. Getting a degree is more expensive than ever. Many college and graduate students are required to take out student loans in order to finance their education. The average debt per borrower for undergraduate students rose to new heights in 2016, and the record gets broken every year. For graduate students, the number was even higher, at $57,600. […]

Habit of the Wealthy: Getting Up Early

Here's a video on how the wealthy get up early.  It says they rise three hours before they go to work and use that extra time to advance their lives and their fortunes. They spend a good portion of the morning reading to gain knowledge. They also exercise aerobically 20-30 minutes a day -- which also makes them smarter (the video goes into the biology of how this happens). […]