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Some Good Career Advice from College Career Counselors

US News lists five things college career counselors wish students knew as follows: 1. The career center exists.2. Counselors know you are new at this.3. Professional skills take practice to develop.4. Students must take responsibility for their professional development.5. […]

Reader Profile: RK

Here's an interview with an FMF reader about her financial situation. My questions are in bold italics and her responses follow in black. Let's get started... Please tell us a bit about yourself. I'm a single 34 year old female, still living in the Midwest. […]

Star Money Articles for the Week of November 7

Welcome to this week's edition of Star Money Articles. ESI Money details the essentials of building wealth. Clever Dude tells how to budget when you’re living in an expensive city (You know, where you live has a big impact on your net worth.) Dough Roller tells how to hold real estate inside an IRA. Be Net Worthy tells how to find a small business to buy.  The Green Swan tells how to build up […]

Why Do We Hate Our Jobs?

Here's an interesting quote from Forbes: Data from Wakefield Research for MOO reveals that about 75% of Americans working a traditional 9-5 job are unhappy or unfulfilled in that role — that’s a bit of a blow to our collective happiness, particularly when you realize that a full 90% of people believe a rewarding and fulfilling job is a major factor in overall happiness. […]

Wealthy Athletes Who Actually Know How to Manage Their Money

Bankrate shares what they call "6 top NFL cheapskates". I call them wise spenders. They list players who: Drives a used 1991 Mazda he bought used Lives close enough to the stadium that he doesn't even need/have a car Focuses on "buying appreciating assets [rather] than depreciating. […]

What's the Best Money Advice You've Ever Received?

US News lists thoughts from several bloggers on the best money advice they've ever received. I thought I'd join this party and add my thoughts as well as ask you yours. I think the best advice I ever received was from the book The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy. The book lists seven common denominators among those who successfully build wealth but the ones th […]

Another Millionaire Couple with Average Income

Following up on You Can Build a Fortune on a Small Income, here's a piece from Dave Ramsey about a couple that didn't make a fortune but became millionaires. Some details: Even though they didn't have a huge salary early on, the pair established their saving goals and then lived a modest, comfortable life year after year. […]

Star Money Articles for the Week of October 31

Welcome to this week's edition of Star Money Articles. Vanguard details the simple, straightforward, and nearly foolproof approach to investing. "The best way to minimize your vulner­ability to the market’s mood swings, and to maximize the benefit of your partner’s longer-term strengths, is to expect less and save more. Maybe the markets will deliver better-than-expected returns. […]

Do You Live in a Healthy City?

Money magazine recently listed the healthiest places to live. The top 10: 10. St. Augustine, FL9. San Rafael, CA8. Provo, UT7. Cheyenne, WY6. Nashua, NH5. Quincy, MA4. Woodbury, MN3. Greenwich, CT2. Koolaupoko, HI 1. […]