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Eight Opening Lines to Network Like a Pro

We've talked about the fact that your career is your most important financial asset. If you really want to grow it (and your income), and you should, networking is a key skill you'll need to develop. But mixing it up with others can be awkward, especially for those of us who aren't great at small talk. Luckily, I stumbled upon some help. […]

Do You Tip Carhops?

Here's an interesting question that's bound to get people in an uproar. :)Dave Ramsey asks whether or not you should tip your carhop. Until the end of last year, my answer would have been, "I don't go to any places that have carhops." We didn't have any restaurants in Michigan (at least convenient to us) that used them.Then we moved to Oklahoma and there's a Sonic every three blocks. […]

What Does It Mean to be Self Made?

On my post about what we've learned from millionaires there was a bit of discussion about what it means to be "self made". One commenter suggested the following: If you started off middle-class or inherited anything from your parents, you're not "self-made." Which is fine. There's no shame in your parents' having been able to give you advantages. […]

Help a Reader: Career Move

Here's an enmail I recently received from a reader: I'm 28 making ~$115,000 total compensation ($85k in salary). Working at a tech company and missed the last cycle of promotions (1.5 years into the role) the next role would be to manager. […]

The Most Effective Way to Build Wealth

Money magazine asked its readers over 50 what is the most effective way to build wealth. The results: 74% - Consistent saving 10% - Savvy investing Anyone surprised? Not me.In fact, it's not only the opinion of these readers that saving more is the best way to maximize your wealth, but the numbers prove it out as well. […]

Nine Steps to Manage Your Money in Retirement

The book The Charles Schwab Guide to Finances After Fifty: Answers to Your Most Important Money Questions lists nine steps to manage your money in retirement as follows (along with my comments): 1. Review your situation -- make sure you know your net worth. I listed this as step #1 to having great finances. 2. Maintain at least a year of cash. […]

Personal Finance is Now a Required High School Class

Not that this is new news for everyone as I'm sure many high schools have offered personal finance classes for some time, but here's a story originating from a town near where I used to live. It's about the Rockford, Michigan high school now requiring a personal finance class for all seniors. The details: The Dave Ramsey curriculum is used as the foundation for the course. […]

Investing Advice from Buffett

Fortune recently ran some investing advice from Warren Buffett. The whole article was quite interesting, but I want to highlight and comment on a couple points he made. Here's the first: You don't need to be an expert in order to achieve satisfactory investment returns. But if you aren't, you must recognize your limitations and follow a course certain to work reasonably well. […]