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Save a Ton by Having Your Wedding on a Thursday

Here's an interesting follow up to my recent post on how expensive weddings can be.  Money magazine has a piece on how some couples are saving a ton by having their weddings on Thursdays.  Yep, going off of prime time is always a saver no matter what you do and it's no different with weddings. Most people don't want to get married on Thursday, right? Of course not! […]

Why People Quit Their Jobs

Money Magazine lists the main reasons people quit their jobs as follows (with the percentage of people who gave this reason): Because they didn’t have room to grow (45%) Poor leadership (41%) Wanting better work culture (36%) Wanting more challenging work (36%) Wanted better pay (34%) Wanted better recognition at work (32%) I've left jobs for all of these reasons throughout the course of my care […]

Interviews are Back!

Back in the day, I used to run several reader interview posts that were very popular here at Free Money Finance. Well, it's my pleasure to announce they are back!! The series are: Reader Profiles -- These were interviews with readers of all sorts, asking about their current finances, plans for the future, and their best financial advice. […]

Star Money Articles for Week of September 12

Welcome to this week's edition of Star Money Articles. Let's begin with 13 Things You Need to Reach Your Money Goals. The twist? It's not money. :) Here's a funny take on internet trolls. How about this as a promise: How to Beat 80% of Investors With 1% of the Effort. Short answer: index funds.  Wondering if you're financially stable? […]

30 Ways to Earn Extra Cash

Kiplinger lists 30 ways to earn extra cash. Some of these are completely weak in my opinion (election officer? search for unclaimed property?), but there are ones I would consider including: Coach a youth sports team -- I wouldn't do this for pay (I've done it for free for my son's team), but I would consider going back to being a soccer referee. […]

The Big Financial Advantages of a 15-Year Mortgage

Here's an interesting piece from Money magazine that reminds us of the advantages of a 15-year mortgage over a 30-year mortgage -- namely, the cost. They list four reasons a 15-year mortgage is better but the main reason is point #1 -- it saves a TON of money! Key quote: Taking out a 15-year mortgage dramatically cuts your home-loan repayment time. […]

Weekend Money Traps

Here's a list of weekend money traps from Money Magazine: 1. The Movie Theater2. The Car Lot3. The Mall4. Restaurants5. Open Houses6. The Furniture Store7. Big Ticket Events8. The Weekend Road Trip Here's how my family does on these: 1. Nope, don't do the theater on the weekends. We go on Tuesdays when the movies are $5.75 versus $10. […]

Star Money Articles for Week of September 5

Welcome to this week's edition of Star Money Articles. Here's a great piece for those of you who want to sell your house and save yourself the cost of realtor's fees. This post details how one man saved over $14k by selling his home himself. Want to make your financial life easier? […]

Things to Never Keep in Your Wallet

Here's a post from Bankrate that lists things you should never keep in your wallet.  They include: 1. Social Security Card2. Birth Certificate or passport3. Extra credit cards4. PINs and passwords5. […]

How Much Notice Should You Give Your Employer?

Here's a piece from Kiplinger where a reader shares the story of a co-worker who left without much notice. The piece then gets to the heart of the issue: how much notice should be given to an employer when an employee resigns? A summary of their answer: [The worker who left] owed all of you (probably not legally, but ethically) at least two weeks’ notice, and ideally more. […]