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From the Vault: 5 Things to Do When You Get Bored With Being Frugal

My frugal hobby: snapping photos with my iPhone. Digital photography can be low-cost activity for those times when I am bored and looking to spend some quality time without spending a lot of money. But sometimes, the frugal path can be boring. Fortunately, I've found some inspiration in a post I wrote a while ago:5 Things to Do When You Get Bored With Being FrugalTurn off the lights. […]

Frugal Mail Escort: Date Night With My Unopened Letters

This is an open letter to the unopened mail in my home.Dear Mailbox and Letter Piles:Yes. I am ignoring you. You’re full of it. It being: bills, checks, notices, warning letters and coupons and other junk. I am addressing our relationship because dealing with unopened mail is the fourth item on my list of 14 Declarations of Financial Independence.Where do I begin? […]

5 Banking Tips From Ronda Rousey's TKO UCF Victory

Ronda Rousey — a  mixed martial arts boxer (pictured left) — throws a mean punch, and her July 6 bout is a spot-on demonstration of the knockout power of NSF (non-sufficient funds) and overdraft fees.I am not a mixed martial arts fan, but I learned a lot about frugal living from watching Rousey's recent performanceHere are 5 things I learned about NSFs and other bank fees:1. […]

Sweeping the Floor, Sweeping Away Late Fees

Freedom from late fees tops my 14 Declarations of Financial Independence. And I've found one frugal path to financial freedom after sweeping the white tile floors in my apartment. I see money-saving connections between sweeping, bill-paying and late fees.Daily SweepI have to sweep every day or else face increasing tracks of dust and dirt. […]

My 14 Frugal Declarations of Financial Independence

In honor of the 2014 Fourth of July, I've penned :14 Frugal Declarations of Financial IndependenceI declare myself free from the tyranny of:Late fees.Overdraft or NSF penalties.Disorganization and clutter.Unopened mail.Unrealistic expectations about costs, deadlines and income.Mindless or forgotten automatic monthly charges and subscriptions.Anxiety.Thoughtless purchases.The need to impress others […]

No Dixie Cups in My House...Saving Money With Glass Jars

There are no Dixie Cups in my home for political, financial and environmental reasons. I am saving money by using recycled glass jars instead of paper cups.Here's how it works: After I finish up spaghetti sauce, pickles or whatever, I run the empty container through the dishwasher. Recycled and re-purposed old glass jars become new drinking cups, and I have dozens of them. […]

Saving Money With Recycled Glass

When it comes to saving money, I should give myself more credit. That's the clear-cut frugal message from more than 50 recycled glass jars in my kitchen. Those containers once held: spaghetti sauce, pickles, olives, mayonnaise and other stuff.I started saving glass jars because the ocean-front place where I used to live did not have recycling bins. […]

Time Crunch; Money Crunch

I am a blur in a financial relay race. In the first leg of the race, a shortage of time led to the second leg of the race: a shortage of dollars. […]

Finding My Inner Cheapskate (Again!)

Stuff happens. Life happens. And setbacks are inevitable, especially when  it comes to frugal habits, money and savings. So I don't think I'm alone in confessing that I've fallen off the frugal path.  And I won't be alone as I try to build up my savings and rebuild healthier financial habits.I'm not alone. I have emotional support from my family and a few good friends. […]

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With only 140 characters,  I have become very frugal with words. Please follow me on Twitter -  @frugalduchess.BTW, I am now researching a  nonfiction book about Athletes and Mental Health. Watch this space for more details. Thanks, Sharon_____________ Here's how to buy my book: @ Barnes & Noble@ Borders@ […]