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Stashing a Can of Coke in the Company Frig Saves $140

A friend of mine skips past the vending machine where a can or bottle of Diet Coke is $1.25 per container. Instead, from home she brings a can of soda to work every day for a lot less. She purchases a case of soda from the grocery store for a fraction of the unit price charged by the vending machine. […]

I Found The Name of The Ugly Tree: Dead Man's Finger

Last Tuesday, I wrote Financial Lessons from an Ugly Tree. This week, I've learned about the financial power of research and gut feelings. How ugly is the tree? "Dead Man's Finger" is one of the common nicknames for an ugly tree that has stunningly beautiful flowers. […]

Listen to Me on WLRN & Follow Up on Twitter

Please tune into WLRN, an NPR station, on Tuesday, March 24, at 1 p.m. I'll be a guest on Topical Currents, an hour-long show hosted by Joseph Cooper, pictured left. We're going to be talking about money-saving tips and other frugal living topics.Listen online, by going to the WLRN home page and hitting the Listen Online button at the top of the page. […]

Lessons From Spring Cleaning: Finding Myself in Clutter

Spring cleaning has created a head-on collision between my need for financial order and my pack rat tendencies. My paper collection includes cards and letters from 1987, old photographs and a 1980s-era cassette with lyrics from one of my favorite singers. Spring cleaning has taught me a lot about past accounts. […]

How I Sabotaged My Emergency Fund: 5 Mistakes & Cures

Common wisdom tells us to have an Emergency Fund with at least three to six months of living expenses. I'm on my way to that savings target, but my efforts have been hit by setbacks. Here's where I have made mistakes, and here's how I plan to fix those errors:1) Easy Access: For the sake of electronic ease, the account containing the Emergency Fund was linked to my primary checking account. […]

Downsized Newspaper Editor Launches Family of Frugal Blogs

Teresa Mears -- a friend and an excellent journalist -- is among the many newspaper people who have lost their jobs. She has turned her creative efforts into a series of frugal blogs. […]

Financial Lessons from an Ugly Tree

Today's half-mile walk from the bus stop yielded some insights plucked from an ugly tree. Actually, the tree is no longer ugly; it has started to bloom. Here's what I have learned about money and life from that tree.Make informed decisions: At first glance, this tree is straight-up ugly. For most of the year, the tree looks like ET's hands. […]

How Many Tabs Can You Pick Up for an Out-of-Work Friend?-- Money Magazine

It certainly caught my eye. Last year, one of four friends (housemates) lost her job. And now, whenever the quartet goes out, the employed friends pay the entire bill. "Amy's not close to finding a new job, and this is getting expensive. […]

Free Databases, Manuals at Public Libraries

While attending a free library event, I checked out valuable information resources that could save time and money. Free car repair manuals, do-it-yourself roof repair guides and language lessons are all available with a few keystrokes, according to Ellen Book, branch manager of the Pinecrest Branch Library.That free database is not unique. […]

Spotlight on the Festival of Frugality, #168 & #167

The next Festival of Frugality will be hosted on Tuesday by Remodeling This Life.Funny About Money hosted last week's Funny Festival of Frugality #168. Thanks to the host for doing a great job and for including my post--Saving Time and Money for Dinner--in the lineup. […]