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Links I Liked: Weekly Roundup

From Jim Cramer to personal rewards, here are a few links that caught my eye this week:From Jim Letourneau's Big Picture Speculator: Jon Stewart Grills CramerFrom Blogging Away Debt: Keeping Track of ReceiptsFrom Budgeting Babe Budgeting Babe on Twitter (and Many Other PF Bloggers, too!)From Harvesting Dollars: How Do You Reward Yourself?From Mighty Bargain Hunter Whaddaya mean no rentals allowed? […]

From the Vault: Camp Scholarships

Spring break and summer vacations are coming around soon. I wrote this piece last year, about camp money for kids.Many camps --Spring Break mini camps, after-school camps and Summer Camps-- offer a wide variety of program discounts. […]

Beware of $12,000 Stimulus Check & Other Scams, Says Kiplinger's

This item from the folks at Kiplinger's caught my attention:"Will the Treasury Department really issue stimulus checks of $12,000? No—but some con artists would like you to believe so. Crooks miss no opportunity to take your money—and began plotting stimulus-related schemes as soon as the law was passed in February. […]

What I Learned From an 8th-Grade Basketball Game

As the shot clock ran down, there were a few tense moments at a middle-school basketball game involving my son's team. The game was a slam dunk for financial lessons. Here's what I learned from the sidelines.Momentum shifts quickly : The score was tied with 60 seconds left in the final quarter. We had the ball and momentum was in our favor. […]

Saving Time and Money for Dinner

The bewitching hour -- that twilight period between late afternoon and mealtime -- was a challenge when my children were toddlers. Balancing a mix of late afternoon snacks, baths and dinner preparation stretched our limited time, money and patience.Now that the kids are older, the betwitching hour has a different chime. […]