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Delivery Charges, Massages & Other Ways to Earn Cash at Yard Sales

Sell food, set up a massage chair or display crafts. There's more to garage sales than second-hand merchandise, according to Kathryn Vercillo, of the Money Saving Blog. In this guest post, she offers suggestions about making extra money at yard sales.Making Extra Cash at the Yard SaleThe most efficient yard sales are those that allow you to make easy cash with some bonus sales. […]

Monday Roundup: Links I Liked

Happy Monday! Zero-waste lunches and the beauty of multiple savings accounts are just a few of the topics in this collection of posts and quotes from fellow bloggers. Here is a roundup of articles that caught my attention:Will "forced frugality" last? Many colleagues and family members say they feel a need to be frugal in this economic climate due to job loss and investment losses. […]

Free Event-Planning Tools: DIY Party Tips

With seven party planners in three states, organizing an August baby shower for my youngest sister has been a challenge. Fortunately, we've found a practical to-do list at www.babyshower101.With this planning tool, we have time to delegate chores and to shop around for the best prices. […]

Guest Post: Planning a Great Yard Sale & Extra Money-Making Tips

In the guest post, Kathryn Vercillo, of the Money Saving Blog, has a sweet list of tips for running an efficient garage sale:Tips for Running an Efficient Yard SaleYard sales aren’t just an easy breezy way to make quick cash. They require a lot of planning and a little bit of work. Nevertheless, if you put in that effort then you should be rewarded with some cash in hand at the end of the day. […]

Fun on a Budget: Surprise Savings in the Amusement Park

Even at a theme park, you can spend less and still have lots of fun. We found some great deals at Busch Gardens in Tampa. Some of the savings are no-brainers, but other thrifty deals took us by surprise. Here's are our frugal finds: Cheap ice cream: Don't assume that prices are the same at every stand in the park. […]

How to Save $1,000 & More on Moving Costs: Tips From

A while ago, I ran a piece with moving tips from Myscha of Wise Bread. Here is a guest post from the folks at Relocation. com:"With moving season in full swing this month putting moving services in higher demand, the costs can add up quickly. […]

51 Frugal Goals for a Birthday Weekend

It's the birthday weekend, and I'm celebrating the 51st candle on my slice of lifetime cake.With a gin and tonic and a lime-scented spirit of frugality, I am making these 51 wishes (goals) for the next 12-month period.To save an extra $5,000 in my retirement account.To spend less money on junk food.To write 51 letters (snail mail) -- roughly one letter per week.To write or revise 51 poems.Read 51 […]

Kiplinger's List of Great Summer Reads: Pages & Pages of Money

"Kiplinger’s editors have compiled a list of their favorite books — imparting financial wisdom as well as entertaining tales — in 14 Great Summer Reads. Whether you’re looking for plot, thought, or want to be taught, it’s all here. Titles include:· Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis (Dover, $3.50)Yes, it's a novel from the 1920s, and no, it's not about picking stocks or mutual funds. […]

Cheap Icing Tricks & Other Baking Tips From a Pro Baker

Baking can be both frugal and entertaining, an activity for kids as well as adults, says Sharmila Melwani, owner of Cookies by Shar, a wholesale bakery in Davie. Here's how she stretches the dollar while baking.• Bulk up and store: Melwani buys all-purpose flour in 10-pound quantities and freezes it in sealed plastic bags. Those steps preserve the flour and save work later. […]

How I Use Calendars & Notebooks to Reach Savings Goals

Yesterday, I mentioned that a new 18-month calendar is helping me to save money. One reader asked how. Here's the agenda:The Composition NotebookIn late April, I attended a very private goal-setting conference. I was alone with a pen and a clean notebook. I spent large blocks of time thinking about where I wanted to be in April 2014. […]