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My Summer Fitness Plan: Lifting Weights & Pumping Fiscal Goals

Summer is a great time for physical fitness, and I am lifting weights twice a week. But beyond the beach-ready body, we should also think about boosting our fiscal fitness.To beef up my finances, I purchased a July 2009 - December 2010 calendar last week. […]

Finding Money & Spotting Financial Errors in the Mail

It's possible to make or save money by just opening the mail. Bills, pay stub statements and even junk mail can be a source of savings. Within the last two weeks, a careful review of bills and statements has led to a savings of more than $200 in my home.• Phone and utility bills: My husband Avi recently spotted two mistakes totaling $110 on our monthly phone bill. […]

Michael Jackson: RIP & Currency for Peace

Monetary hits have limits and a language of loss. But there are few words to express bankruptcies and losses of the heart. Therefore, cliches become the currency of pain and, we just say:"Rest in Peace" Michael Jackson.May your wealth, poverty, moon-walking leaps, talent and fame in this world pay real dividends of peace in the World to Come. Shalom! […]

Black Holes in Relationships: What Spouses May Not Know About Money

You could fill a vault with the things men and women don’t know about their and the spouse’s money. That's the word from the folks at MassMutual. Here's a list of five great questions to ask."Who 'owns' the assets? Is anyone cheating on the budget? Will each spouse have to fight for what’s his or hers? […]

Airport Survival Trips: How to Wait for Your Flight Without Spending too Much

Grounded by delays or missed connections, it’s common to spend hours waiting for a flight at an airport. But when boredom arrives at the gate, common sense often departs. That’s when we become easy targets for extra travel pillows (two for $20), colognes or luggage. Here’s how I avoided temptation while waiting for a flight to Orlando.• BYOB: Bring your own books. […]

Be an Electronics Expert for Father's Day & Other Free Gift Ideas

Instead of giving our dads new gadgets for Father's Day, we can provide our services as gadget masters and computer programmers, according to the folks at iVillage. They've assembled a list of free and creative gift ideas.Here's a sample:"While computers, mobile phones and iPods make fine Father's Day gifts, they always require some set up. […]

Mascara, Movies & Other Odd Economic Indicators: From Kiplinger's

Movie theaters, dry cleaners and mascara can tell us a lot about the economy, according to , which has put together a funny list of "10 Quirky Economic Indicators." Here's a sample from the list:· "Dry Cleaning Pickups Are Down The International Drycleaning and Laundry Institute is hearing gripes from many of its 5,000 members. […]

Wash It Yourself & Other Ways to Save Money on Organic Fruits, Veggies

My children appreciate the added flavor in organic fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Unfortunately, organic products, which are grown and packaged without pesticides, artificial coloring or preservatives, are expensive. The following strategies have helped us to purchase organic products while staying on a tight budget.• Follow the loss leaders. […]

They Lived in a Station Wagon: Lessons From One Family

A family from Copake Falls, NY lived in their car for two months and 11 days. Both parents were employed, but became homeless when their landlord went into foreclosure. […]

Welcome ABC News Now Viewers: How to Unspoil Your Child

I recently had the pleasure of appearing on ABC News Now to chat about the subject of children and money. The topic was prompted by this post: How to Unspoil Kids: A Crash Course from Money Magazine with insights from Linsey Knerl of Wise Bread, who has written a great piece about what we should tell our kids about money. […]