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Financial Emergency Kits and Other Storm Preps

With the recent earthquakes in California and the June 1 start of hurricane season in Florida, the annual ritual of preparing for weather-related emergencies and storms is underway in my home. In addition to collecting candles and batteries, we're also creating an emergency plan for our money. […]

How to Unspoil Kids: A Crash Course from Money Magazine

What do you give to a teenager who has a lot of stuff, including a $1,700 designer purse? The answer: A brown bag of reality.The June issue of Money magazine offers an insightful and practical guide for parents seeking to "unspoil" their kids. The piece offers solid advice for parents who have lost income or face layoffs. […]

Wise Bread Book Excerpt: DIY Ten-Finger Discount

A 10-finger discount? Without theft or fraud, I score big savings with my manicured hands. Through careful maintenance and do-it-yourself enamel, I create my own 10-finger discount.After a visit to a salon, I follow these steps:• Let the paint dry. Meditate, breathe deeply or count to 1,000. The goal: Keep your mind active and your hands still. […]

Tomatoes & Celery Taught Me How To Save More Money

An assortment of organic vegetables taught me how to pay myself first. Thursday was payday, and I treated myself to a pint of organic cherry tomatoes, a small container of humus dip and celery -- all sale items. I added a handful of round crackers to the mix.My lunch plate was inviting with the bright red tomatoes, the green stalks and the pale blond humus. […]

Graduation Present: A Financial Lesson Plan For Seniors

What Every Graduating Senior Needs to Know About Money," that's the title of this guest post from Consumer Credit Counseling Service:"Here are a few things every graduating senior needs to know....How to create a budget – Every high school senior needs to know how to create and stick to a budget. […]

Catch Me on Twitter: Mavs & Nuggets Post-Game Chatter

Last night, I was blown away by Dwight Howard's soft-spoken, verbal smackdown of Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy, (former Miami Heat Coach). […]

I Found Money in Vanilla Yogurt

Peeling back the foil lid of a yogurt container, I found 50 cents. Of course, there were no coins floating in the yogurt like blueberries. But a 50-cent-off coupon was imprinted on the label. Lesson: It pays to read the fine print. […]

Catch Me on Twitter: NBA Post-Game Media Chatter

This is an off-topic post on sports with a frugal twist: Tonight I'll be on Twitter with an instant recap of the post-game news conference following the Boston Celtics -Orlando Magic basketball playoff game.Here's the frugal news peg: After each playoff game, offers a live, Internet-based feed of the post-game media conference. […]

Gum Surgery Extracts New Frugal Lessons From My Head

Oral surgery has left stitches in my mouth and a new frugal pattern on my brain. I've learned to be more frugal with time, money and words. This is what I have learned:Talk less/work more: How much work can I get done when it hurts to talk and smile? A lot! Oral surgery deposited more time in to my work day. […]

Prepping for College Exams Without Spending a Fortune

With a 16-year-old high school student in the house, we're preparing for the college entry exam also known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).Paying for exam prep classes can be expensive. Prices range from $1,100 for a series of classes to about $3,400 for 26 hours of private tutoring. […]