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Readers Prompt Me to Increase Retirement Savings

Saving more money for retirement has been one of my top goals, ranked below the emergency fund (#1) and college savings goals (#2)But recent feedback from readers about my savings priorities, prompted me to re-examine the numbers. Here's a sample of the comments that prompted me to take a second look at my financial plans, which were outlined in this post: Financial Battle: Emergency Fund vs. […]

10 Steps for Moms to Max Out on Money: Kiplinger's

Handle your money like a savvy single woman! That's one of several financial tips for mom's from Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. Just in time for Mother's Day, the following piece caught my attention."Studies consistently show that by margins of 60% or more, women tend to be the ones who pay the family bills and balance the checkbook. […]

A Gift of White Gardenias: A Frugal Lesson

A pair of white gardenias -- freshly plucked from a bush -- provided me with an unexpected gift and a life lesson. Here's what happened:Two days ago, I walked from the bus stop to my home. I said hello to familiar faces; we exchanged small talk and smiles. But I stepped outside my normal routine and said hello to a stranger. She was watering a garden, scented and accented with white gardenias. […]

Introducing the Money Tips Network

It's my pleasure to introduce you to the Money Tips Network. We're a new network that includes 13 of the most trusted personal finance blogs in the world. (Please see the list below.) Our Mission Money Tips Network exists to provide you with honest and helpful money tips from the best personal finance blogs.Real life money management tips for the people, by the people.You know who we are. […]

How to Squeeze a Nickel: Tips from Consumer Reports

Shrink your cell phone bill; flatten toilet paper rolls and rent an apartment when you travel. Those are a few of the money-saving ideas in the June issue of Consumer Reports. […]

The Snackwell Effect: Small Binges Create Large Electric Bill

Monitoring the electric bill is an ongoing project in my home. Unfortunately, like inconsistent dieters, our money-saving results spike and wane from month to month. My home bill may suffer from the ''snackwell syndrome,'' according to the Alliance to Save Energy, a coalition of government, business, environmental and consumer groups. […]

Financial Battle: Emergency Fund vs. Retirement Savings vs. College Accounts

Turning 50 has made me think about how I want to live the next 50 years. And that thought process has sparked a fiscal battle between the competing goals of retirement savings, emergency fund and college savings accounts.After some thought, I ordered my priorities:1. Emergency Fund: This account will be my No 1 priority for the next six months. […]

Low-Cost, No-Cost Entertainment Ideas for Guests & Children

With a full house of grandchildren and other out-of-town guests, my friend Rosalie discovered creative ways to entertain without spending a lot of money. Using time and creativity, she kept her visitors occupied and happy. […]

How to Earn Extra Money: Tips From Kiplinger's

"If you’ve lost your job, taken a pay cut or are just looking for ways to boost your income, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance offers this guest post with tips for generating extra cash.Tutor Students Some parents are willing to pay big bucks to see Junior and Janie succeed. […]

Going Green, Saving Money: Eco-Friendly & Frugal Ideas

Eco-friendly products, recycled materials and energy-efficient appliances are savvy investments in the future. And since Earth Day is Wednesday, I've been brainstorming for frugal and eco-friendly tips. It's possible to go green without overspending. Here are a few ideas:• Instant returns. […]