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Coupon Secrets from Founder of

There's a method to finding grocery and drugstore bargains online. That's the subject of a profile about Stephanie Nelson, founder of in the latest issue of ALL YOU magazine.Here are her secrets for finding grocery and drugstore bargains online:* "Use paperless coupons. […]

Why Money Goes to Money: A Child's Explanation

Why does money often attract more money? My 11-year-old daughter -- an old soul -- offered some insightful comments about money and saving.Here's the scenario: From allowances and odd chores, my daughter saved about $100 in pocket money. She's saving to buy her own laptop. But as her stash has grown, she has become increasingly reluctant to part with her money. […]

Spring Cleaning Uncovers Fall School Supplies

The annual ritual of spring cleaning has paid an unexpected bonus. I now have a money-saving head start on another annual ritual: back-to-school shopping. My closets, drawers and filing cabinets have yielded enough writing and craft supplies to stock a small stationery store. […]

Insights from a Sweater Mom: Lessons From Michelle Obama's Wardrobe

I'm a sweater mom, but Michelle Obama's blue argyle sweater left me cold. Otherwise, I cheered her recent G-20 wardrobe selections, and I picked up some valuable tips about fashion, finance and life from Michelle Obama's wardrobe.Here's what I learned:*Know your market: At least one major designer has complained about Michelle O's decision to favor minor designers and J. Crew. […]

Consumer Reports Gives High Grades to Low-Cost Brokers

This report is from Consumer Reports:"Discount brokers did a better job shepherding clients through the stock market upheaval of the past year than traditional investment banks, according to Consumer Reports survey of the most satisfying brokerage firm services. Topping the list in overall satisfaction was USAA, available only to current and former military personnel and their families. […]

Weekly Roundup: Links I Liked & Frugal Blog Network

Here are a few posts that caught my eye this week.From The Money Muse: The Big Picture: What is My Purpose in Life? […]

H&R Block Offers Free Second Opinions of Tax Returns

I'm curious if anyone plans or has used this free second-opinion tax review offer from H&R Block. Here's the item:"Common errors translate into millions of dollars that are due to taxpayers. In fact, H&R Block found $1.8 million nationally on Friday (March 27th) alone. The hunt continues this weekend as H&R Block offers free professional, second opinions on completed tax returns. […]

Brewing a New Life in an Old Yellow Teapot

My yellow enamel teapot will not rest in peace. Nor will it face a rusty death in a bottom of a landfill. With Earth Day approaching on April 22, my goal is to contribute fewer things to waste and landfills. And that includes a teapot whose inside is pocked by rust spots.By recycling the teapot and other cast-off items, I can spend less money and save a small corner of the environment. […]

Fatal Tragedy During the Morning Commute: Suicide or Accident?

A man fell or jumped onto the train tracks this morning, during my morning commute to work. The tragedy occured at the station near my office. Police, fireman, news helicopters and other emergency response teams were all on the scene. […]

Spring Clean Your Money -- A Guest Post & Personal Cleaning Tools

I like the idea of spring cleaning my finances. My number one tool is to sort through my paper piles and other clutter. I have found financial records by dusting, sorting and filing. My second tool is a pen-and-paper and a laptop, which I use to track my finances.These following tips about spring cleaning your money are from a subsidiary affiliated with a major bank. […]