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Jeremy Vohwinkle is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, the Financial Planning writer at, and founder of Generation X Finance.

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Students, Get Ahead by Getting a Job This Summer

When it’s time for summer vacation, smart students know that it isn’t a time to lay around and waste a few months, but rather the time to find a job. At least a job to help you make it through the summer or maybe help cover some college bills. […]

Try Before You Buy

    How You Can Try Products Without Buying Them First Oh, the joy of getting something for free. […]

How To Save Money Fast

    Do you have a big event, travel, a must have or emergency type situation? Here we listed some quick fixes that will show you how to save money fast. Tips that will help you now and some that will keep saving you money in the future. 1. Electricity is most likely the biggest utility you have, and it is the easiest to control. Turn out the lights, turn down the heat, and unplug. […]

Tips For Finding an Apartment

    When it comes to renting an apartment or home, you don’t have to be at a loss.  Renting has its benefits and can be a positive experience for people saving money to buy homes of their own. Renting a place rather than buying can be a very sound financial decision when you are starting out. […]

Going on a Cross Country Road Trip? Check These Apps Out

  As I embark on what will be the first of four road trips this year, I take solace in knowing that I’m prepared for whatever life throws at me.  Equipped with camping supplies, a spare tire, a cooler full of food, and a gas card, I can take care of my basic needs easily on my cross country road trip from Kansas to California and back this month. I’ve created a budget for myself of $50 a day.  All […]

Writing a Business Plan? Here Are Some Common Mistakes

    A business plan is a necessity in any business. If you are trying to figure out how to start your own business, the first place to start is with a business plan. Every business needs some type of direction and focus to help it move forward in the right direction. It doesn’t need to be a perfectly polished document, unless you are looking for some type of financing. […]

What is a Trust Fund?

    Back in my college days I had several friends that seemed to have access to all the money in the world as they went to school. One friend in particular spent all kinds of money on off roading vehicles and modifications, and that was just one of his expensive hobbies. I was a bit jealous to see him and all the amazing things he purchased and did. […]

11 Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

    Many people believe that they have what it takes to start your own business, yet it seems few people truly end up succeeding in the world of business. Entrepreneurs are a few and talented group of individuals who possess the skills necessary to make a unique and successful business out of nothing. […]