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Take Time to Learn About Your Benefits During Open Enrollment

Fall is in the air and that means many employers begin their open enrollment period for benefits. Even if your employer doesn’t do open enrollment in the fall, keep reading. Your employer provided benefits are an important aspect of your finances so it’s a good idea to study your options carefully. […]

Poll: 47% of Households Will Not Owe Taxes in 2009 – Is That Fair?

I don’t think you can find a single person out there who enjoys paying taxes, but I encountered an interesting article on CNN this morning that said nearly half of all U.S. households will not owe any federal income tax for 2009. […]

Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Home That Can Save You Money and Protect Your Family

Fall is upon us and that means cooler weather is setting in. With this colder weather comes higher energy costs when heating your home, additional chores to take care of around the house, and the potential for damage to your home thanks to the weather. So, before the really cold weather arrives you should use this time to do some fall maintenance to ensure your home is ready for the winter. […]

Plug Your Money Leaks and Save Hundreds of Dollars Painlessly

Does it always seem that your money never goes as far as it should? One of the main culprits are the slow money leaks that we all have. These are generally recurring monthly expenses for a subscription or service that by itself appears quite small, but when you factor in dozens of these potential leaks it can drain hundreds of dollars from your budget each month. You know what I’m talking about. […]

Student Loans by the Numbers

I think we can all agree that a college education can be expensive. In fact, in many cases a four year degree can easily run upwards of six figures. You may have recalled one of my posts last week that talked about saving for your child’s college education versus saving for retirement. […]

Asset Allocation is Important But There Are More Things to Consider When Investing

Investing can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. With literally thousands of funds to choose from and countless individual stocks it’s easy to see how choosing the investments for your portfolio can be a daunting task. On the other end of the spectrum it can be incredibly easy. […]

Develop a Healthy Attitude About Money and Spot Unhealthy Habits

Becoming financially independent requires that you live below your means and pu tsome money away for the future but there’s more to it than that. Something as simple as your attitude about money can have a significant impact on the financial decisions you make. […]

Owning a Home Isn’t Necessary for Building Wealth – Make Sure You Buy a Home for the Right Reasons

Home ownership is part of the American Dream and many personal finance pundits insist you need to become a homeowner in order to be financially successful and create wealth. While it’s true that owning a home can be a significant key to building long-term wealth and financial stability, that isn’t always the case. […]

How to Break the Minimum Credit Card Payment Mindset

I’ve been spending a bit of time lately discussing credit cards and debt because it’s an important issue for many people. Unlike a lot of bloggers I’m not against credit cards completely. They are a financial tool just like any other. They can be a powerful tool when used correctly, but they can also cause you harm if used incorrectly. […]

Paying for College or Saving for Retirement: The Generation X Balancing Act

As Generation X continues to age, build successful careers, and start families there comes a time when parents need to weigh two important financial options. Save for college, save for retirement, or somehow try to do both. […]