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Jeremy Vohwinkle is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, the Financial Planning writer at, and founder of Generation X Finance.

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Owning a Home Isn’t Necessary for Building Wealth – Make Sure You Buy a Home for the Right Reasons

Home ownership is part of the American Dream and many personal finance pundits insist you need to become a homeowner in order to be financially successful and create wealth. While it’s true that owning a home can be a significant key to building long-term wealth and financial stability, that isn’t always the case. […]

How to Break the Minimum Credit Card Payment Mindset

I’ve been spending a bit of time lately discussing credit cards and debt because it’s an important issue for many people. Unlike a lot of bloggers I’m not against credit cards completely. They are a financial tool just like any other. They can be a powerful tool when used correctly, but they can also cause you harm if used incorrectly. […]

Paying for College or Saving for Retirement: The Generation X Balancing Act

As Generation X continues to age, build successful careers, and start families there comes a time when parents need to weigh two important financial options. Save for college, save for retirement, or somehow try to do both. […] is Looking for Freelance Writers – Learn How to Apply

In case you didn’t know, I’m also a writer over at I handle the Financial Planning section and spend a lot of time talking about some of the same financial issues I discuss here. It is a lot of fun and there is an site that covers almost every topic under the sun. Even so, is looking for even more writers to cover some of the niche topics on their site. […]

Friday Finance Findings for September 11th

September sure does seem to be flying by, but it’s probably just because I’ve been so busy lately. There is a lot going on as we prepare to close on our new house and move next week. […]

Brush Up on Your Job Skills and Performance So That You Can Keep Your Job or Get a Raise

Now is Not the Time to be Complacent in the Workplace When you sit down and look at your finances you’re probably mostly focused on expenses and spending. How much money do you spend on housing, groceries, insurance, and even taxes? What is often overlooked is income. Without income none of the aforementioned items will even matter. […]

If You’re Going to Consolidate Debt Then You Have to Stop Using Credit

When it comes to paying off debt there’s one useful tool that can not only simplify your finances but also reduce the amount of interest you pay. Debt consolidation takes some or all of your small debts and combines them into one loan or line of credit. […]

Add More Tools to Your Financial Toolbox to Solve Money Problems

More Tools Lead to Better Solutions What do you do when you run into a financial problem? Most of the time you’re going to use what’s available to you in terms of knowledge, past experiences, or possibly look for help from family or friends. These are your financial tools. You will use one of your known tools to help address any financial situations that arise. […]

Friday Finance Findings for September 4th – $2,500 Lending Club Contest Edition

If you haven’t heard by now, Lending Club is having a huge contest to celebrate their 25,000th new investor. They are giving away $2,500 to the lucky person that is investor 25,000. That could be you! A contest is nice, but that is just an added bonus because I really like Lending Club anyway. I’ve been investing with them since early this year and I’ve had nothing but a positive experience. […]

Your Financial Success Depends on the Clarity of Your Goals

Clearly Defined Goals Will Help You Achieve Success I have discussed in the past the importance of setting and tracking goals and how it can affect your results on both a personal and financial level. […]