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Moving Made Easy – How to Save Money, Time, and Reduce Stress While Moving

Preparing for a Move I don’t know many people who enjoy moving. It usually involves a lot of heavy lifting, cleaning, costly transportation or moving services, and small things to take care of which can lead to a lot of stress. […]

8 Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

If there is one item in my budget I hate more than everything else it has to be auto insurance. If you think about it, you can go years or maybe even your entire life without ever having to make a claim so it feels like you’re throwing good money away. At the same time, this is really no different than every other type of insurance. […]

Finding the Best Mortgage Deals

Finding the Best Mortgage Deals Can Save You Thousands Buying a home is one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make. Because it’s such a large purchase and there is a lot of money at stake it only makes sense to get the best possible financing. After all, most home loans last for decades, so a poor choice up front can end up costing you for years to come. […]

Friday Finance Findings for August 21st

So far, this summer has graced us with bits of optimistic economic news. There are some positive signs out there that might signal the end of the recession. While it’s important to not read too much into some of the news out there, it is refreshing to at least get occasional good news instead of constant doom and gloom. […]

How to Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits – Eligibility Requirements

While I’ve talked about the importance of having disability insurance in the past, a lot of questions still arise regarding Social Security disability benefits. Everyone seems to have a story, or know someone who’s receiving Social Security disability, so there is always some skepticism as to whether or not outside coverage is needed. […]

My Brown Bag Lunch Experiment – Save Over $1,000 a Year

My wife and I are busy people, and generally our only option for lunch while at work is to pick up something at a restaurant, or in my case, the cafeteria here where I work. We always knew it was an expensive habit, but the fact that it is so convenient and there are a variety of good meals to choose from each day has made it a tough habit to break. […]

Friday Finance Findings for August 14th

Have you checked your investment account balance lately? If you have stayed the course you’re probably a bit relieved to see how good the first half of 2009 has been for your statements. Sure, we haven’t nearly recovered from the overall losses sustained from the past few years, but it’s a start. Whether or not the rally continues, that’s anyone’s guess. […]

Don’t Have Any Money Saved Up? Start Small and Make Saving Automatic

Create an Emergency Fund With Baby Steps It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that not having enough money saved up can pose a financial problem. We all know that saving money is important, but when times are tough and money is tight it feels like an impossible task. […]

Poll: Are You Looking to Buy or Sell a House Right Now?

If you spend any time listening to the news, it’s no surprise that we’re still in the midst of a real estate slump. Certainly,  some areas have fared worse than others, but as a whole, most real estate values have dropped over the past few years. […]

How to Brew Your Own Beer and Maybe Even Save Some Money – Bottling

Welcome to the final installment of the how to brew your own beer series. So far we’ve talked about what kind of equipment you need in order to brew, how to brew beer using a basic extract recipe kit, and today we need to talk about bottling your creation. […]