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Stay Tuned for the iPod Touch Giveaway Winners

Even though the contest ended Monday morning, I’m a little behind in getting all of the entries gathered. There was a lot of interest so it’s taking some time to make sure all the valid entries get accounted for. Later this weekend I’ll be contacting the winners directly. If your winning entry was from the newsletter signup, you’ll receive an email from me. […]

Reader Question: I Don’t Have Much Savings So Can I Use Unused Credit as an Emergency Fund?

I occasionally get questions from readers and try to answer each one to the best of my ability, but there are some questions that get asked more than others. For these types of questions I like to turn it into a post so that it can help even more people. One of the questions I get a little more frequently than others has to do with emergency funds and credit cards or lines of credit. […]

Poll: How Much of Your Net Monthly Income Goes Toward Vehicle Expenses?

Last week I wrote about how your car is making you poor. It has generated a good discussion so I wanted to expand on it a bit more and give everyone an opportunity to talk about how much they pay for their vehicles on a monthly basis relative to their income. […]

Is the 401(k) Broken? I’m Not So Sure

Has Our Retirement System Failed or is it a Problem With Expectations? There has been a lot of talk about retirement lately on the heals of a devastating market drop. Most investors saving for retirement are heavily invested in stocks so the market downturn took their account value with it. […]

Don’t Forget About Estimated Quarterly Taxes Due Today

I write this because I almost forgot about the June 15 deadline myself. It wasn’t until last night that I saw a little reminder on my computer alerting me to today’s due date. It has always confused me about the due dates for estimated taxes. The last payment was due on April 15th, yet the next payment is due only two months later. […]

Friday Finance Findings for June 12th

You may have noticed that there wasn’t a Friday link post last week. I apologize as there were some technical difficulties and parts of my site were down for most of the day. By the time things were back to normal it was well into the weekend. […]

Still Some Time Left to Enter to Win an iPod Touch and More

A few weeks ago I announced my giveaway to celebrate 1 million visitors and we’re now drawing close to the deadline. There are still a few days left, so if you haven’t entered already, you still have a shot. Entries are valid through June 21st. To recap, I’m giving away some great prizes. The first prize is a brand new 8 GB iPod Touch. A fresh copy of Quicken Premier 2009. […]

No More Microsoft Money After June 30

I suppose it probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but Microsoft is discontinuing their money management software at the end of the month. […]

How To Do a Mid-Year Financial Checkup - Things to Think About This Summer

Most people really take a good look at their finances at two main times throughout the year: the very end or beginning of the year and come tax time. While these are great times to focus on your finances it is important to remember that the year is long and your life and the world around you is constantly changing. […]