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Win an iPod Touch, Quicken, Finance Books and More in My 1 Million Visitor Giveaway

If you’re a regular reader, then you’ve probably heard me drop a few hints in the past week or two about the upcoming contest both on the site and in the email newsletter. A few weeks ago I noticed that I crossed the million visitor milestone, so to celebrate I wanted to give back to the readers. […]

Wise Bread’s 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget

Chances are you’re already familiar with Wise Bread since it’s among the finance blog elite, but you may not know that their book 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget was released earlier this week. You might be thinking it’s just another personal finance book, but this book is different. One of the best aspects of this book is that it’s a collaborative effort, just like their site. […]

Special Offer: Ohio College Advantage 529 Plan $25 Free Bonus

Sign Up by May 31st to Get Your $25 Bonus Have you been thinking about setting up a 529 plan but just never get around to it? It’s OK, there are a lot of different financial issues competing for our attention, and college savings is often put a little further down the priority list than others. […]

Help Getting Out of Debt – Using Credit Counseling

There is Help Available, but be Careful to Avoid Scams Have you tried to get a handle on your debt yourself but still can’t seem to make any headway? First of all, it’s OK and there’s nothing to be ashamed about. If you find that you just can’t get back on track yourself, there are people out there who can help. […]

Friday Finance Findings for May 15th

Sorry about the infrequent updates around here lately, it’s just been one of those weeks. Friday couldn’t have come soon enough. But, it’s finally here and I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend. […]

Poll: Do You Use a Bank or a Credit Union?

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to banking and everyone wants your money. From community banks to national banks, there is something for almost everyone. But even if you don’t want to use a bank, most people have the option to turn to a credit union. […]

I’ve Been Audited by the IRS - Understanding the Different Types of Audits

Not All Audits Are Created Equal It was last Friday that I was walking back from the mailbox and flipping through the mail that I saw one of the most dreaded envelopes you could imagine. It had the IRS logo and information in the return address spot. I knew that any letter from the IRS at this time of year has probably anything but good news in it. As I open it, I’m expecting the worst. […]

Friday Finance Findings for May 8th

Hard to believe it’s May and we’ve had our new baby for over a month already. It seems like I was just at the hospital last week. […]

New Debit Card for Teens and Parents - The Discover Current Card

Discover Prepaid Debit Card Gives Parents More Control Are you a parent looking to give your teen access to money while still maintaining spending limits and control? Do you want a card that can help your teen learn how to be responsible with money? […]

Consider the Impact On Your Finances When Taking a Paid Leave of Absence, FMLA, or Disability From Work

Taking time off work is always a bit of a stressful situation. If you’re fortunate enough to have paid leave, this can help minimize the impact that it has on your finances. But, even if you do receive a paid leave, there can be unforeseen issues that crop up that you didn’t think about. One of the main problems is that each type of leave and how it’s handled by your employer will differ. […]