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Ask the Readers: What expense do you most want to dump?

This article is by editor Linda Vergon. Is there a bill you pay that you absolutely detest? Occasionally, I’ll get an attitude about paying one bill or another. (Ha! Paying taxes on April 15 is one bill that comes to mind immediately, for example.) I recognize that there is a reason I have the bills that I have to pay. […]

5 times to leave landscaping to the professionals

This article is by staff writer Holly Johnson. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the various costs that pop up when you’re a homeowner. Things like furnace/AC Repair, having to put on a new roof, and annual maintenance can take a bite out of your savings account — and leave you wondering why you ever stopped renting in the first place. […]

5 ways to reduce the pain of the inevitable

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. Jake and Kelly (not their real names) were very dear friends of ours. Well, Kelly is still, but her husband just recently passed away. Because he was healthy and active, it came as a complete shock to us all — especially to Kelly. A familiar division of labor had developed in their 40 years of marriage. Jake was the one who took care of everything. […]

How to minimize your grad school debt

This article is by staff writer Honey Smith. If you or a loved one will be headed to graduate school this fall, chances are you are worried about more than dorm survival. Instead, you may be wondering how to avoid six-digit student loan debt. It’s a valid fear — no one wants to end up where I started. Fortunately, there are ways to earn a graduate degree while avoiding financial catastrophe. […]

Ask the Readers: Will higher interest rates make you save more money?

This article is by editor Linda Vergon. Interest rates are expected to rise later in 2015. What will you do with this information? You could make the case that you haven’t missed much if you didn’t keep your money in a savings account over the last few years. But still, we all need liquid funds to one degree or another – and the sooner the interest rate goes up on those balances, the better. […]

12 ways to celebrate Memorial Day this weekend

This article is by staff writer Lisa Aberle. (From time to time, we look into the subject of frugal travel and vacation ideas. Holly Johnson’s post on How to save money on family vacations is one example. This year, we thought it would be fun to find some frugal and interesting ways to celebrate Memorial Day around the country. […]

Dorm survival guide — what to splurge on, what to skip

This article is by staff writer Honey Smith. If you are headed to college this fall (or know someone who is), then you may also be headed to life in a dorm. Like many things, living in a dorm can be an expensive proposition, but it doesn’t have to be. […]

The tax mistake that could hurt you now or next year

This article is by staff writer Suba Iyer. Presumably, it has been a little more than a month since you submitted your tax return for 2014. Did you end up owing the IRS or did you get a refund? There are plenty of personal finance articles that discuss the pros and cons for each of these situations. So we will skip those discussions and go right to the point: Are you happy with your result? […]

How to homeschool on one income

This article is by staff writer Lisa Aberle. When I wrote about the pros and cons of homeschooling recently, I left one major piece of the puzzle untouched: How does a family handle the loss of income if a stay-at-home parent is required? It’s not just the loss of monthly income. […]

Ask the Readers: How are you leveraging personal relationships?

This article is by staff writer Honey Smith. I recently started a new job; and while I didn’t know anyone at the company prior to applying, that doesn’t mean that everything was one giant coincidence. A few years ago, one of my grad school friends mentioned that he was doing freelance SEO (search engine optimization) work for attorneys. Curious, I asked him to teach me. […]