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How to Establish a Credit History Without Losing Your Shirt

This is a guest post from Adam Jusko, founder of, an information and comparison site for credit cards that maintains a list of over 1200 cards. You can follow Adam on Twitter for quick credit tips and opinions. […]

Daily Links: Frequent Flyer Master Edition

As many of you know, my pal Chris Guillebeau is crazy. He’s been to 119 countries, and he just keeps on flying. He wants to see them all before he turns 35 (in April 2013). As you can imagine, Chris has accumulated a hell of a lot of frequent flyer miles over the past few years. He says he currently has 676,583 miles in eight accounts. But not all of these come from flying. […]

Creative Cleaning with Everyday Products

This article is by GRS staff writer Adam Baker. Baker recently shared an in-depth video example of how you can save $521 when booking airfare online. Recently my 19-month old daughter managed to get her tiny hands on a ballpoint pen. Normally, this wouldn’t have been a major event. This time was different. […]

Dumb Money: J.D. the Junk-Food King

It’s been a long time since I shared a good self-deprecating story about my own financial foolishness. Let me remedy that today. For the past month or so, I’ve been buried deep in writing my book. (I have bookhead, I tell Kris — my mind is wholly absorbed by this project.) I now spend most of every day (seven days a week) holed up in my office up the hill from the house. […]

Do What Works for You

This article is the seventh of a thirteen-part series that explores the core tenets of Get Rich Slowly. I struggled with debt for over a decade. I made several attempts to tackle the trouble, but nothing seemed to work. […]

The Best Pot Roast Ever: A Frugal Recipe for November

“It’s been a long time since you shared a recipe at Get Rich Slowly,” I told Kris last week. “What about that pot roast recipe?” she asked. “You love that.” “Yes. Yes, I do,” I said. This guest post from my wife may be the best thing I’ve ever shared at Get Rich Slowly. […]

The Curse of a Big-Win Mentality

This article is by GRS staff writer Adam Baker. Despite his best attempts, Baker struggles to budget while adapting to life in New Zealand. Earlier this week J.D. […]

Knocking Out the Beliefs That Hold You Back

This post is from GRS staff writer April Dykman. A college professor once told my journalism class that freelance writing is something you should do on the side. It’s not anything you could make a living at full-time.  I graduated and worked at an office job until I decided I wanted to become self-employed and do something that would give me more free time to write. […]

Daily Links: 11,643 Words Edition

Whew! It took a long time — nine days instead of the scheduled seven — but I finally finished the frugality chapter for my book. Do you know how difficult it is to compress that topic into a single chapter? It’s worth an entire book by itself! The version I just submitted to my editor is 11,643 words and includes April’s should I buy it? flowchart. […]

Ask the Readers: What Do You Do for Frugal Fun?

I used to wonder why my colleagues’ blogs became strangely silent when they were working on their books. Haha. I don’t wonder anymore. Writing a book is an all-consuming process that’s difficult to describe. I’m thankful I recruited April and Baker as staff writers before I began working on my own book. Progress on Your Money: The Missing Manual actually ground to a halt this week. […]