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What discounts can I get with a student ID?

This article is by staff writer Honey Smith. Student discounts are an interesting topic. They don’t typically give you a discount for anything on campus, because those amenities are paid for by your tuition and “miscellaneous registration fees” — though lots of student groups on campus offer free food in exchange for your attendance and involvement at their events. […]

Why investing can be better than repaying debt

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. It’s a difficult choice: On the one hand, you understand the need to begin investing early to make the miracle of compounding work for you; on the other hand, you know that, when you have debt, making those payments hampers the ability to harness the miracle of compounding. […]

Brown bag lunch strategies for grown-ups

This article is by staff writer Honey Smith. Eating out for lunch. For many of us, it’s one of the biggest temptations we face at work every day because it’s a tasty, convenient excuse to get out of the office and socialize (or not!) with our coworkers. […]

Starting to save for retirement at 40

There’s something about reaching the big 4-0 that often causes you to re-evaluate your direction in life. And when you do, it’s hard to escape the fact that your day of retirement is indeed approaching faster than you ever thought possible. […]

How you and your community can improve your finances

This article is by staff writer Lisa Aberle. Have you ever received a financial boost by being part of a community? Back in April, I wrote about how (and why) to build community. Along with the article, we also conducted a survey (both of the GRS community and, later, of the general population) about points in the article. […]

Money moves for graduates: How to set up a budget

If you are a recent graduate, congratulations and best wishes for your success! Whether you were lucky enough to have a job lined up right after completing your degree or not, whether you graduated without student loan debt or your new balance rivals the national average of $30,000, you still need to get your financial life in place. […]

3 ways to beat McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast menu on speed and price

This article is by staff writer Lisa Aberle. Are there seasons in your life where you’re more likely to swing through the drive-thru because you’re tired, stressed, or overwhelmed? Fall is like that for me. My friends start talking boots and flannel. Pumpkin Spice Lattes start showing up in my Instagram feed. And the corn mazes and pumpkin farms open for business. And me? […]

Maneuver toward retirement: What to do in your 30s

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. For most people in their 30s, life can feel like a breathless uphill run on a downward escalator. Everything seems to expand: families, homes, social circles, career responsibilities, and income. […]

8 ways credit cards may cost you more than they should

This article is by staff writer Richard Barrington. You pay for convenience. That’s the simple reality of economics. Having a cab — or even an Ubermobile — pick you up is more expensive than catching a bus. Eating out costs more than making a meal yourself. […]

Your turn: Taming the ‘I wants’ when money is tight

This article is by staff writer Katie O’Connor. It’s hard enough to say no to ourselves when it comes to unnecessary spending — getting that $4.35 latte just because, for example. So why is it always such a surprise when we lose battles against the everyday wants (not needs) of our very determined and savvy children? If this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. […]