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How to spring clean your financial house

This article is by staff writer April Dykman. It’s almost spring, you guys. I don’t know about the weather in your neck of the woods, but that’s a welcome thought where I’m at, and I live in Texas! (Northerners, feel free to make fun of my idea of a cold winter. I don’t care. […]

8 investing ideas that avoid the stock market

This article is by staff writer Jeff Rose, CFP. Be sure to check Jeff’s latest project Operation: #investNOW where he’s encouraging 1 million to start investing in themselves. Investing in the stock market requires resolve and a long-term vision. In fact, looking back over the last 14 years or so — a relatively short period of time — the stock market tested the resolve of many. […]

Too much emergency fund? Spend it

This article is by staff writer Holly Johnson. Growing up, I learned all kinds of money lessons from my mother. An avid saver, she socked away every cent that she possibly could. She cut coupons, shopped at garage sales, and drove cars without heat or air conditioning. […]

Don’t have savings? Quit making excuses

This guest post is from former GRS staff writer Donna Freedman. Donna writes for a number of websites, including Money Talks News and Retail Me Not, and blogs about frugality and intentional living at Surviving And Thriving. I’m back, and I sound just like your mom: Save that damned emergency fund, already. This week (Feb. 24-March 1) is America Saves Week. […]

Finding the road out of poverty

This article is by staff writer Lisa Aberle. Until I reached my early 20s, I believed that my childhood had fewer financial advantages than the average childhood. Once I gained more life experience, I saw that my family hadn’t been as poor as I thought we were. That doesn’t mean we weren’t poor, though. […]

Maximizing your dollar: Renovating a historic house for the rental market

This story comes from Anastasia Mann. Anastasia Mann is an associate at Trimark Properties, a leading provider of historic house rentals, student housing and apartments in Gainesville, FL. To check out their historic infill developments, visit their website. Some reader stories contain general advice; others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success or failure. […]

Ask the Readers: 5 questions about your taxes

It’s that dreaded time of year, but we all must face it. So let’s talk about taxes today. I’ve got some questions (and offer my answers). 1)      Do you get a refund or max out your withholding? A recent survey found that 31 percent of the 2,000 people surveyed prefer to get a refund. I confess – I get a refund every year. […]

Which Online High-Yield Money Market & High-Interest Savings Account is Best?

Savings Account Rates An online savings account is a helpful tool in your financial life. When you want to set up an emergency fund or other savings account for short-term liquidity, an online savings account usually offers higher interest rates than many brick-and-mortar banks.  In addition, many consumers think online banking is much more convenient. […]

How to handle a windfall

Note: This article is from J.D. Roth, who founded Get Rich Slowly in 2006. J.D.’s non-financial writing can be found at More Than Money, where he recently wrote about the difference between moderators and abstainers. When my father died in 1995, he left behind a small life insurance policy that awarded each family member $5,000. […]

A case for “hard work pays off”

This article is by staff writer Kristin Wong. Over the weekend, a friend of mine came to visit. She’s a career counselor and, while I wasn’t looking for free advice, the conversation naturally turned to my job hunt. “How’s it going?” she asked. “It’s bleak,” I complained. “Oh, I know.” She told me about clients she’s worked with who went on second and third interviews. […]