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In defense of frugality

This article is by staff writer Kristin Wong. Frugality isn’t very sexy. I’ll admit that. For most people, the concept of thrift probably conjures images of coupon clipping, stock photos of piggy banks, and Benjamin Franklin — none of which are terribly glamorous. Frugality, is, however, in line with the concept of getting rich slowly. […]

A guide to managing your fear of money

This article is by staff writer Kristin Wong. My first year of high school, I was looking for an easy, goof-off elective — a class that would allow me to take a break in between Geometry and English, and maybe catch up on some magazines or take a quick nap. “Debate” sounded right up my half-assed alley. […]

Meet the bloggers

J.D. Roth emailed this morning to tell me that Mr. Money Mustache is visiting Portland later this week, and they’re hosting a blog meetup on Thursday, along with Tyler Tervooren of Riskology. If you’re in the Portland area, come meet the three mustachioed men. J.D. posted the details and directions on his site today. This sounds like a fun event and I wish I could attend. Enjoy! […]

Your landline: Think twice before cutting the cord

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. A while ago, my wife and I did what we do from time to time — ask if there’s another cost-saving opportunity we’ve overlooked. I don’t know about you, but the quest for fiscal prudence is generally at its highest in our household after some indulgent purchase. “Hey, look! […]

Honey progress report: Big change edition

This post is by staff writer Honey Smith. Well, the last couple of months have been a pretty wild ride in The Honeycomb. We moved out of our old place and concluded our experience with Cash for Keys, we bought a house and moved, and I am experimenting with a new student loan payoff strategy. Let’s explore each of these big changes a bit further, shall we? […]

Opposites Attract—What to do when you’re both of different financial mindsets

This reader story comes from Tina Sullivan. Some reader stories contain general advice; others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success or failure. These stories feature folks with all levels of financial maturity and income. Want to submit your own reader story? Here’s how. […]

Ask the Readers: How do you dream?

This post is from editor Linda Vergon. “I’m just a dreamer. I dream my life away. I’m just a dreamer who dreams of better days.” Ozzy Osbourne We can be so romantic about things. Take dreams, for instance. A dream is like a magnet. Once we set our hearts and minds on something, we’re happily drawn to pursue. You hear it all the time: Pursue your passion! Chase your dreams! […]

Taking the Chairman’s Flight and other career-limiting moves to avoid

This article is by staff writer Sam. Sam spent 13 years working in Equities on Wall Street and discusses financial independence strategies on Financial Samurai. Sam is also the founder of the Yakezie Network, the largest personal finance blog network on the web. Working on Wall Street was tough. I felt like I was constantly being hazed by anybody senior to me. […]

The pursuit of passive income: Is it time to become a landlord?

This article is by staff writer Holly Johnson. If you visit personal finance or investing blogs on a regular basis, you’ve probably read countless articles on the virtues of passive income. After all, many personal finance experts believe that passive income is the key to early retirement, financial independence, and permanent wealth. But, what exactly is it? […]

The only two things you need to remember about funeral costs

This article is by staff writer April Dykman. When someone has to make funeral arrangements, they often look to the funeral home for help. They select one of the three coffins suggested by the funeral home. Often it’s part of a mid-priced package deal, one that includes pretty much everything you need, and then some. […]