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How to cancel COBRA insurance

This article is by staff writer Honey Smith. In a recent article, I described what COBRA insurance is and my experiences obtaining it. One of the biggest complaints I had about COBRA was the sign-up process. Signing up for COBRA insurance had to be initiated by my employer, and it was a paper process to boot. […]

The best (and worst) states for saving money and getting ahead 2015

This article is by staff writer Megan Wells. Looking to save versus spend? Eager to sock money away not just for a rainy day but potentially for stormy months, even years, ahead? Consider heading to the Heartland. The Midwest is home to some of the very best places to save money and get ahead in the U.S., according to a new analysis by Get Rich Slowly. To find out which parts of the U.S. […]

Limited income, big family, major savings: Meet the Economides clan

When Steve and Annette Economides got married in 1982, they made a conscious decision to always live below their means. The couple from Scottsdale, Arizona, even made the pact a part of their wedding vows. Then the car broke down. This is usually the part in the story where taking on a little bit of debt seems perfectly OK to do. […]

Ready to declare financial independence?

This article is by staff writer Lisa Aberle. When will you declare your independence? Your financial independence, that is. What is financial independence? Ah, financial independence — the freedom to work only if and when you want to (because you no longer need the paycheck you earn from your job). Even typing the word “freedom” makes me sit up a little straighter. […]

How much do you spend on fireworks?

This article is by staff writer Holly Johnson. A few weeks ago, I received a flyer from a fireworks store that made me shake my head. “Spend $400 in one purchase and earn 40% off for the rest of the season,” it read. “What a bargain,” I thought as I flung it toward the recycling bin. I mean, does anyone really spend $400 at the fireworks store? Then I remembered that, yes, many people do. […]

The good side of quitting

This article is by staff writer Richard Barrington. Does quitting have a bad rap? When it comes to the job market, quitting is happening more these days than at any time in the past several years. We tend to associate quitting with giving up or giving in, so you may be surprised to learn that economists are very happy when people quit. […]

Ideas for a cheap vacation

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. It’s been a long time since my wife and I had the luxury of thinking in terms of vacation. When we came to America more than 30 years ago, we also discovered two things: People in America work very hard, probably harder than anywhere else in the world. […]

How do you establish the value proposition for personal growth?

This article is by staff writer Ryan Takach. I spend a lot of time working toward my financial goals, but lately I’ve been thinking about personal growth. I’m at an inflection point in my financial plan. I don’t run any debt balances. I feel I’m saving enough and making smart investments. I believe I can afford to shift some focus to other interests. […]

How we saved big with a balance transfer

This article is by staff writer Holly Johnson. When my husband and I started dating in 2004, he moved across the country to go back to school and live closer to me. Yep, much to our surprise {insert sarcasm here}, his bachelor’s degree in theater arts hadn’t helped him land his dream job. […]

7 things camping can teach you about money

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. My wife and I are new to camping. Well, it sure seems that way. When we came to America over 30 years ago, we bought Kermit, our green camping van, which we took coast to coast three times. We were young, our hair still had color. And we (being students) had time enough to see all the states (except, for some unexplained reason, West Virginia). […]