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I enjoy talking about saving money, finding deals, living frugally, making money, and investing, in addition to talking about current events in the financial world, online and offline. I’ve published articles at this domain name since 2004 and have been blogging since May, 2005.

I also started and manage the Carnival of Debt Reduction, a weekly blog carnival that highlights posts on getting out of debt. Personal debt reduction progress reports and posts about reducing debt are what this carnival is all about!

Latest Posts from Mighty Bargain Hunter

Life insurance: What to do when you’re ready to self-insure

Life insurance is a vital consideration in financial planning. Thing is: You might not need as much as you think, if anything at all … This is a guest post from my friend Eric Rosenberg, a personal finance blogger and podcaster at Personal Profitability in partnership with Mason Finance. […]

20+ ways being fat costs you a ton of money

Being fat is no picnic, but the fact that fatness costs extra money adds insult to injury … Being fat isn't the end of the world, but it isn't a picnic, either. I've struggled with weight for the majority of my life, so the costs — physical, emotional, and financial — aren't new to me. 20+ ways that being fat costs money More food costs more money. […]

Seven places we spend more on food to save time

We've cut our grocery budget substantially. However, we hold on to a few conveniences to save time, even though they cost a bit more … We used to spend a lot more than we really needed to on food. Between putting our entertainment expenses on a budget, and putting a few principles to work, we managed to cut our grocery budget in half. Could we cut out more? Sure. […]

The one reason I wish I still had my landline

VoIP phones save us a lot of money over what we used to pay for our landline, even after equipment purchase. […]

Why you need to watch for your bills

Ever joked with a cashier: “If it doesn't scan, it's free, right?” Well, no, it's not. Just like you still have to pay your bills, even if you don't receive them … I sauntered over to the Money Stack Exchange site for the first time in a while, and found this question: I signed up for a line of credit through a store, and ended up being approved. […]

10 ways procrastination costs you money

Procrastination kills. Also, procrastination costs. Here are ten ways that procrastination can cost you … Being disorganized can cost you money. Being fat can also cost you money. (A lot of money!) Now for more bad news: Procrastination can cost you money! Here are ten different, exciting ways that waiting until the last minute can suck money out of your wallet: 1. […]