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I enjoy talking about saving money, finding deals, living frugally, making money, and investing, in addition to talking about current events in the financial world, online and offline. I’ve published articles at this domain name since 2004 and have been blogging since May, 2005.

I also started and manage the Carnival of Debt Reduction, a weekly blog carnival that highlights posts on getting out of debt. Personal debt reduction progress reports and posts about reducing debt are what this carnival is all about!

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Why is failure a bargain?

I was a high-school salutatorian.  More often than I’d care to admit, I translate that word as “first loser.”  (I married a high-school valedictorian.) Most people don’t like to fail.  They especially don’t like to fail in front of people.  Plainly: it’s embarrassing.  Your check was in the mail.  You were called bluffing a two-seven offsuit. Actually, it goes beyond dislike and embarrassment.  Ma […]

Plowing through a furlough: Reducing dependence on one employer

No sooner than the furloughs from sequestration were over, many government employees were facing another one — this time due to a government shutdown. That part looks to be over for the time being, but could reappear at the beginning of calendar year 2014 as the stopgap funding bill expires.  For government employees, what was smooth sailing now has a persistent choppiness. It’s just business Jump […]

The Mighty Bargain Hunter Cash Back Comparison Tool

Rebate sites are an extremely easy way to save money on online purchases.  You can keep a bit more of your money in your pocket as you shop online simply by clicking through these sites instead of visiting the store directly! Just like no grocery store always has the best prices, no rebate site always has the highest rebate for a particular store.  It pays to shop around! Which is why I’m proud to […]

Guilt and funeral arrangements: Not a bargain

A friend from college shared a funny picture from his calendar. The content of the sign: Funerals 50% Off He asked what a half-off funeral might be. I said: “One foot in the grave.” Then he asked me if the Mighty Bargain Hunter approves. […]

Wardrobing never was in style

I didn’t know that there was a term for “buying a piece of clothing with the intent of returning it after wearing it for one evening.”  It’s called wardrobing and it apparently cost stores nearly $9 billion last year, according to the National Retail Federation. Bloomingdale’s is taking matters into its own hands to combat this practice.  The idea is simple:  large, conspicuous tags front and cent […]

Gift cards at these stores are just about as good as cash

Gift cards are not as liquid as cash.  Gift cards are good for most purchases at a particular store — or a particular set of stores — but nowhere else.  This is why there’s a secondary market for unwanted gift cards: People sell their unwanted gift cards for a discount to face value. They might sell to the buyer directly on eBay.  The buyer gets the card at a discount to face value. They might se […]

Americans are filthy rich, but you wouldn’t know it

Odds are good that you’ve heard of NBC’s Million Second Quiz, which is about half over now. If you haven’t, the premise is simple: The quiz is a million seconds long. You earn money by sitting in the Money Chair. You get into the Money Chair by beating the person in the Money Chair at a multiple-choice trivia quiz. […]

Deals have a really short fuse sometimes

There are a lot of bargain hunters out there, I just found out.  Deals are all over the place, of course, but the better-than-average ones get snagged really quickly. […]

Money Smart Guide’s scariest money mistake

(This is a guest post by Jon from Money Smart Guides, which encourages people to pay off their debt and invest in their future.  You can also like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter!) Over the course of my 34 year life, I’ve made plenty of boneheaded mistakes, like the time I just had to race the truck that was alongside me at a traffic light. […]

Dealing with old pets: When to let go and euthanize

Posts regularly make the rounds in personal finance blogs about the cost of pets. Pets are expensive. There’s no doubt about that whatsoever. I didn’t grow up with pets. I married a dog person (to the core), so her dogs moved in when she did. Dogs have helped my wife get through some of the toughest times in her life. […]