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I enjoy talking about saving money, finding deals, living frugally, making money, and investing, in addition to talking about current events in the financial world, online and offline. I’ve published articles at this domain name since 2004 and have been blogging since May, 2005.

I also started and manage the Carnival of Debt Reduction, a weekly blog carnival that highlights posts on getting out of debt. Personal debt reduction progress reports and posts about reducing debt are what this carnival is all about!

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The money question you don’t want your spouse to ask

My wife and I have been married almost eleven years, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Nonetheless, even though we’ve been sharing our finances that long, getting it right is still a work in progress.  We’re on board with our personal finance plan and all that, but we are still learning how to work together with our finances.The one question that we don’t want to be asking each other: You sp […]

Learn the Art of Saving and Investing

(This is a guest post.  If you’re interested in guest-posting on this blog and hundreds of others, check out Postrunner.com.) In today’s harsh economy, people who are earning regular income through employment are considered lucky. After all, they do not need to worry about their day-to-day expenses. They can support for their needs and the needs of their families. […]

Saving money on prescription drugs with a formulary tier exception

We’re fortunate that we have good health insurance offered through my work.  It’s paid for the large majority of the issues we’ve had.  After seeing the costs that can accrue with even a somewhat severe hospital stay or an emergency room visit, and then seeing the amounts that health insurance picked up, I can sympathize more readily with people who have run into financial trouble due to medical b […]

Blowing Quicken a little KISS

To move forward with our personal finance plan for 2013, we’ll be tracking our expenses more carefully.  Just like Johnny Five, we need input to change direction with our finances, and to start making better deals with ourselves to meet financial goals. I’ve had one version of Quicken or another for years, but I’ve always fallen short in keeping things current.  Call it personal laziness, call it […]

Switching to powdered milk could save us hundreds this year

Improving one’s personal finances takes some changes.  The easiest ones to make are the ones that don’t seem like sacrifice, or aren’t too big a sacrifice. In our efforts to build up our savings again, we’ll try changing our milk habits.  Switching from lactose-free milk in the carton to powdered milk may be a change that isn’t too hard to swallow.  Other members of my family have been using powde […]

Our personal finance plan for 2013 and beyond

Last year was tougher than usual for us financially.  There were a number of different factors that came together to draw down our savings substantially, and caused us to get a bit too close to needing to tap into less liquid assets for current expenses.  Some factors were not our doing, but others were, and we need to take charge of the things that are within our control. Ultimately, our financia […]

Copper at up to 60% off of spot price

Canada has decided to do away with the cent, citing that it costs the mint 1.6 cents to produce one.  Transactions will still be tracked to the cent, but if both parties find themselves without cents in a cash transaction, the transaction will be rounded to the nearer nickel. The reason this has come to pass, of course, is because of inflation.  A cent just isn’t worth what it used to be worth, so […]

Getting out of debt is a good deal all-around

Credit cards have been around for a while, mainly during the past sixty years.  They’ve made it easy for people to start a tab: buy now, pay later. The problem with buy now, pay later, of course, is that it’s likely that the thing you’re buying will cost more money in the long run.  There are a couple of times it won’t: If you pay your credit card balance off during the grace period, you usually […]

Two simple personal finance suggestions for the new year

It’s 2013.  We’ve successfully gotten past the Mayans, and media exposure from the Fiscal Cliff hasn’t claimed any lives that we know of.  Go us. January 1st is a time for new year’s resolutions, starting afresh, all that good stuff.  Here are a couple of simple suggestions for your finances as we enter the new year. Spend less than you earn.  Matt Jabs posted his reasoning on his Facebook page, […]

Short-term vs. long-term bond fluctuations: an easy explanation

A few days ago I chatted with some financial planners.  They were recommending some bond funds as alternatives to holding cash or money-market funds. I admit that I haven’t looked at bond funds too closely.  I knew that there was an inverse relationship between the price of bonds and the interest rate:  as rates go up, the bond price falls, and vice versa.  What I hadn’t considered was how the len […]