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Live to 150? Oh man, I hope not

A couple of months ago, the headlines reported that that babies born today have a 40% chance of living to be 150 years old.  That’s about 25% longer than the oldest living humans in recent history.  Experts base this claim on the advancement of regenerative medicine and the like. Let’s just say for grins that this is going to happen.  Putting aside questions like “where will we fit us all,” what k […]

Mortgage rates still in the basement: When to pull the trigger?

One of my office mates recently got another house that was closer to his family’s activities.  From the looks of mortgage rates now it seems like he could have gotten quite a deal, even now!  Rates have stayed down for quite a while — quite a bit longer than I had thought they would, I admit. Rates have been in the basement for a few years, historically speaking.  Fixed 30-year mortgage rates now […]

Keep your house from going up in flames — and reduce your electric bill

Our clothes dryer had been not doing its job for the past few months.  It would take a couple of cycles to get the clothes passably dry.  It wasn’t like this when we first bought the dryer. We checked the parts we could see first.  We were regularly cleaning out the lint trap.  The heat was definitely working; it was piping hot in the drying compartment.  The ducting was connected. After digging a […]

What to do with an old cashier’s check

Yesterday I received an unexpected surprise: a cashier’s check for $87.50.  It was for a gig I played almost a year ago, and I had since practically forgotten about it. What was a bit unusual, though, was that the check didn’t have a recent date on it.  The date was in September of 2010.  The check had gotten lost in the mail for over ten months. So, I took it to our credit union to see if I could […]

Costco does generics right

(Hah … the WordPress text editor is telling me that it’s “Saving Draft” … that’s actually what I’m going to talk about!) This past weekend I took a trip to Costco to pick up a few things.  Some places my wife and I hesitate to get generic (store) brand because it was weak, didn’t work, tasted nasty, contained ingredients that gave her a headache, and so forth.  This is a side effect of the manufac […]

Shoehorning family vacations in? Don’t

My wife, daughter, and mother-in-law have been traveling around Wyoming for a week.  The stated purpose of the trip was to do some research for a sequel to her first historical fiction, but my daughter sure is learning a lot out there having a good time, too.  They’ve been to Yellowstone National Park and a number of forts.  For the rest of the trip, they’ll be hitting parts of Colorado. Me?  I’m […]

Cutting payments as late as possible: More trouble than it’s worth?

My grandfather was an extremely frugal person.  (As I suppose many people who lived through the Great Depression of the 1930s were.)  One of his frugal habits I remember was that he used to walk downtown to pay his bills in full by check, on the day they were due.  In this way, he got credit for paying the bill on time, and the money in his checking account was earning interest as long as possible […]

Netflix is still cheap

You may have heard about the uproar — or at least the grumbling — about Netflix splitting out their movie streaming service and their flagship physical movie rental service, effectively raising the price 60% for those who want both. What was a $9.99/month service (unlimited streaming plus physical delivery one at a time) will now be $7.99/month apiece for new customers. […]

Enjoy little financial loopholes before you cause their closure

Squirrelers is a clever guy.  Instead of settling for a free lunch at a local lunch joint every seven visits, he’s cut that down in half.  With the “buy six, get the seventh free” deal, the shop gives a starter stamp when they hand out the card.  So, practically, it’s actually buy five, get the sixth free.  Now what he’s found out is that the employees haven’t recognized him yet, and every time he […]

Defeat the ever-bolder marketers that captured your coupons

Actually, this isn’t a recent capture:  Coupons have always been doing the bidding of the marketing department.  Companies don’t distribute coupons because they’re nice.  They want more of your money, and coupons are a way to get you to spend more. There are three basic mechanisms for companies to get more revenue:  (a) increase the number of paying customers, (b) increase how much those customers […]