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I enjoy talking about saving money, finding deals, living frugally, making money, and investing, in addition to talking about current events in the financial world, online and offline. I’ve published articles at this domain name since 2004 and have been blogging since May, 2005.

I also started and manage the Carnival of Debt Reduction, a weekly blog carnival that highlights posts on getting out of debt. Personal debt reduction progress reports and posts about reducing debt are what this carnival is all about!

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Is an $80 Keurig really a bargain?

Last weekend was another gig with the ten-piece band I play with.  And another charity auction with bargains to be had. After the full-contact silent auction had come and gone, I was the proud owner of a brand-new Keurig Elite for $80.  I was nearly 100% sure that this model went for over $100.  It did.  Walmart sells the same model for $120, and the lowest new price on Amazon was $100. My wife an […]

My spending triggers are here. What are yours?

Free From Broke strongly recommends that you know what your spending triggers are.  Spending triggers are those situations, mindsets, or excuses that increase your tendency to make less-than-wise spending decisions.  The ones that are mentioned by name are: “I deserve it.” “Everyone else has one.” “I have this, so I need that.” “Hurry!  Sale ends soon!” I can usually see through these kinds of t […]

Four bargains if you have a lot of spare cash

Cash is king.  Cash is capital, in small, unmarked bills.  Almost nothing speaks louder at the negotiating table.  It says: “I have the means, right now, to buy from you.” Because it speaks so loudly, there are great deals to be had if you can pay cash.  Here are a few: Real estate.  The somewhat filthy- to super-rich investor can swoop in on some incredible deals, or provide liquidity for others […]

Pink playhouses and home bargains

Two and a half years ago, we moved into our new house.  It was so much of what we wanted.  It was close to where I work.  It had plenty of space inside, with an open floor plan.  In a county that rests on many an old cowpaddy, our plot, and our subdivision, are flat: no precipices in the back yard.  Friendly neighbors are nearby. My wife and her father are putting the finishing touches on out daug […]

Bargains at a charity event? Say it isn’t so

This past weekend I played at a gig with a ten-piece band I’m in. Aside from lots of people having a good time, and us playing pretty well, the attendees raised money for the American Red Cross. Part of the money raised was through ticket sales (which offset the cost of the bands and the refreshments). The other component of the fundraising was through silent auction bidding. […]

Seven tips for bargain beach vacationing with friends

A couple of weeks ago we took an honest-to-goodness family vacation for the first time in what seems like forever.  We went to North Carolina’s Outer Banks with three other families for a week.  The weather cooperated nicely and we all had a chance to just chill out. […]

J Money bitten by the investment property bug

J Money recently sold a web property and is toying with the idea of using the proceeds from that sale to buy a real investment property. Bottom line up front:  This is a great idea. My experience with owning an investment property has been great so far.  Very smooth. I, like J Money, had heard that investing in real estate was a very good way to increase income and accumulate wealth. […]

Gold and silver medals are basically the same

I know most Olympic athletes would disagree that a gold medal is basically the same as a silver medal.  Some people call second place “first loser,” after all. Fast forward to 2070.  Picture (hypothetically) Michael F. Phelps IV hard up for cash after a bad bet against the Norwegian cross country team in the Atlanta Winter Games. […]

What would happen if the military just “went shopping”?

I have a number of friends that are active or former military.  They are some of the finest people I’ve had the privilege of knowing.  On the whole, they have an above-average sense of purpose and follow-through. I’ve heard enough of their experience that this sense of purpose and follow-through comes from their military experience.  And it makes good sense.  Imagine if the military didn’t have a […]

Slogging through the muddied waters of customer reviews

Many online retailers, such as Amazon.com, have customer reviews as an integral part of their site’s functionality:  user buys something, tries it out, posts what they thought.  The aim of having customer reviews alongside the product descriptions is to provide real, honest feedback from real people to allow for better-informed buying decisions.  A side benefit for the website offering the reviews […]