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Gold and silver medals are basically the same

I know most Olympic athletes would disagree that a gold medal is basically the same as a silver medal.  Some people call second place “first loser,” after all. Fast forward to 2070.  Picture (hypothetically) Michael F. Phelps IV hard up for cash after a bad bet against the Norwegian cross country team in the Atlanta Winter Games. […]

What would happen if the military just “went shopping”?

I have a number of friends that are active or former military.  They are some of the finest people I’ve had the privilege of knowing.  On the whole, they have an above-average sense of purpose and follow-through. I’ve heard enough of their experience that this sense of purpose and follow-through comes from their military experience.  And it makes good sense.  Imagine if the military didn’t have a […]

Slogging through the muddied waters of customer reviews

Many online retailers, such as Amazon.com, have customer reviews as an integral part of their site’s functionality:  user buys something, tries it out, posts what they thought.  The aim of having customer reviews alongside the product descriptions is to provide real, honest feedback from real people to allow for better-informed buying decisions.  A side benefit for the website offering the reviews […]

Who buys six-figure rings at Costco?!

I went with my family to Costco this past weekend.  Our typical shopping trip there is in the $100 to $200 range.  I’ve been eating almonds like crazy now that my wife has taken over my meals for the month, so we needed to stock up on that and some other low-carb foods. Before we got to the groceries, we passed the electronics section and the jewelry section.  I knew that Costco sold high-end item […]

A game-changing bargain in primary education

Chances are excellent that you’ve heard of Khan Academy.  If you haven’t, here’s the gist:  One guy (Salman Khan) is a great tutor, and eventually gets so much business from friends and family that he starts posting YouTube videos on different topics using nothing but a screen capture program, a Bamboo tablet, and free drawing software. Now there are over 3,000 videos in math, science, history, fi […]

Hey, that’s funny! Here’s some free stuff

I don’t consider myself a funny person most of the time.  Once in a while, though — usually when I’m tired or otherwise stressed — I’ll get in one of those moods, and inspiration (or just lowered inhibitions) hits.  I’m sure most of you can relate the need to appease your inner actor or comedian. If this moment happens in the middle of a store, then there’s a chance that employees of said store wi […]

What does your side business pay for?

My wife’s first historical fantasy book has seen a climb in sales over the past few months.  It’s quite a blessing to see this lifelong labor of love being well-received by her friends and other readers. The income from the book is getting steady enough and large enough that it’s becoming a fairly reliable expense offset.  Her book royalties are covering accelerated payments on our used van loan. […]

Retire in prison … on purpose?!

Here’s an purported end-run on worrying about saving for retirement:  spend some of those golden years in prison. The argument goes like this:  Are you staring down the loaded barrel of ten or twenty years of old age  on two months’ worth of living expenses?  No family to take care of you?  Well hey: If you plan carefully and do the right white-collar crime, you might land yourself in the minimum […]

Pay off credit cards first, or pay off student loan first?

One of my Yakezie friends Fiscal Phoenix got some advice from a financial planner about paying off debt.  The choice was between paying down student loans and paying down credit cards.  The credit cards had a lower average balance and a higher average interest rate than the student loans.  Given these pieces of information, it seems like it would make more sense to pay down the credit cards first […]