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The joy — and relief — of giving things away

My wife and I have been enjoying a couple of localized Facebook pages that serve as ongoing virtual yard sales.  People know each other to some extent, people post pictures, people raise their hand if they want something, and people deliver the goods.  We’ve gotten some neat things, and we’ve gotten rid of some of our stuff that had past its usefulness. Overall, a good time is had by all. It’s not […]

Mr. Rebates is turning 10 … and giving away $10,000

I’ve talked about Mr. Rebates before many times.  This website, which has now been around ten years, allows you to save money online through thousands of stores simply by clicking through Mr. […]

The magic of compounding has left the building?

You’ve heard of the magic of compounding, right? If not, here’s a quick version.  Let’s say you have a savings account that earns 1% per month.  (Don’t laugh too hard.  My dad had one that paid this rate at one point.)  Let’s say also that you put in $1,000 at the start of 2012, and never add anything more.  According to the Rule of 72, after about 72 months, I’ll have about $2,000.  In another 72 […]

How to save money on gifts for your spouse

Next week I’ll have been married ten years to the best woman in the world.  (Yeah, I know — I’m biased.) We’ve gotten into the habit of letting each other know before we’re about to purchase something big — something that costs in the neighborhood of $150 or more.  When I tipped my plans to get a rather expensive 10th anniversary gift, my wife thought that we had better uses for the money at this […]

Reusing paper towels?! Hmmmm …

We don’t watch a whole lot of TV — and we only have basic cable anyway — so I’m not a regular watcher of Extreme Cheapskates on TLC.  The first time I had heard of the show was through a video on MSN.com. This particular one-minute clip features four extreme cheapskate tactics: Cutting open toothpaste tubes to get at the last bit of toothpaste Sharpening the blades from disposable razors on the s […]

My two cents on Suze Orman and her prepaid card

Suze Orman needed to upgrade her leather jacket to a flak jacket tonight in a personal finance scrap match with personal finance bloggers over her new self-branded prepaid debit card.  The Approved Card is her own personally-branded prepaid debit card with what appears to be a decent package of tools and features.  The downsides, as pointed out by PT Money, are a $36/year minimum fee and a less-th […]

Yet another reason that lottery tickets are a waste of money

It’s often said that the lottery is a tax on people who can’t do math.  It’s virtually guaranteed that you’ll lose money playing the lottery regularly, because the more you buy, the closer you’ll be statistically to the intended winning probabilities (i.e., losing more than winning).  Even casting lottery tickets as an investment is flawed; Powerball tickets generate about am 80% loss, which dwarf […]

How much is my gold chain worth?

I received a question in a comment on one of my more popular posts that describes how to figure out how much gold jewelry is worth.  Here’s the question: What is the dollar worth of an 18″, 14-karat, 14.38 gram weight gold chain?  No formulas please. Before working out the answer, it’s important first to discuss the sentence that follows her question. She doesn’t want me to giver her formulas.  Sh […]

Is community-supported agriculture a bargain?

When it’s time to cut back on family expenditures, a prime place to start is with the food budget.  Once the “easy” savings are implemented — first by eating out a lot less, then by buying store brand or bulk, and then by preparing meals more from scratch — then it becomes more of challenge to cut further. One possible opportunity for further savings, especially if you enjoy fresh produce, is thro […]