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We do like our monthly charges, don’t we?

I was talking with my wife last night about getting a smartphone — yes, again — because, as I told my newsletter subscribers today, I may have found a reason that actually makes having a smartphone worth the money. As we were discussing the costs of said smartphones, our Y membership came up. […]

How to encourage your spouse to sell their creative work without ticking them off (too much)

This past week, my wife published a 430-plus page novel she had been working on in one way or another for the past twenty-two years.  It’s quite the milestone, and we’re keenly interested and very excited in how things progress from here. For a time, though, I had resigned myself to the prospect that her writing would be a great creative outlet for her, and would help her to make peace with the th […]

Low-interest and … slightly less low-interest

This Kiplinger feature on MSN has a number of good ways that we waste money.  Slide 12 of this series (these aren’t my favorite ways of presenting things, but I see how it generates more ad impressions for MSN!) has the following suggestion: If you’re stashing your cash in a traditional savings account earning next to nothing, you’re wasting it. […]

At long last, all of my Prosper loans have reached maturity

The final payments on my last Prosper.com notes have finally come in, and the total value of the notes I’ve invested in is now $0.00. And it’s going to stay that way. This isn’t Prosper’s fault.  It’s mine.  I’ll explain. I started investing in Prosper.com notes in June of 2006, as an experiment.  This was the year it launched.  After the books are cleared almost 5 years later, I’ve taken worse hi […]

Think your dishwasher is broken? Think again

I discovered something last night.  Maybe this is old news for you, but then again, maybe not. A little less than a year ago, sixteen states banned the sale of dishwasher detergents that contain more than 0.5% phosphorus.  My state is one of those states.  (For the record, the states are Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylv […]

Do we not want to own media anymore?

Last weekend I was looking around in a couple of stores for some CD storage.  The first store I went to I actually had to ask an employee where they were because it took me so long to find where they were.  “Are CDs on the way out already?” I asked only half-jokingly.  The next store, same thing:  There was only a very small assortment of CD folders. I’m probably already old-school because I like […]

Graduating with a good job lined up? Here’s a tip

Are you graduating from college with a great job waiting for you?  If so, congratulations!  Not all of your peers are so fortunate. I went straight to graduate school after college and was a “poor student” for quite a while: another six years after graduating from college.  I quadrupled my salary when I left to get my first real job.  All of that money!  It was pretty hypnotizing.  I really can’t […]

Live like the Duke and Duchess without the royal bank account

You may not be able to drive off from your wedding day in an Aston Martin or have a shot at the British throne. So what?  Royalty does have its privileges, but many of the same luxuries that the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have at their disposal are surprisingly affordable.  This is a tip I picked up from one of Michael Masterson’s books — I think it was Automatic Wealth.  “The best money ca […]

How a pharmacy worker saved us $204

I was going to send this out in my newsletter as a tip of the week, but thought better of it.  It’s a legitimate tip, but most spam filters don’t look too kindly to e-mails with “pharmacy” and “drugs” in the content. […]

I don’t like being frugal. But I love the results

My stumbleupon button had been sorely neglected for quite a while, and I hit upon this older article on Wise Bread that dares us to take the boring challenge. Sounds fun?  Not in the slightest?  Yeah, it really doesn’t sound that much fun to listen to the radio instead of downloading MP3s, or heading to the library instead of heading to the bookstore.  Booorrrr-ing. Frugality is like exercising … […]