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I also started and manage the Carnival of Debt Reduction, a weekly blog carnival that highlights posts on getting out of debt. Personal debt reduction progress reports and posts about reducing debt are what this carnival is all about!

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Defeat the ever-bolder marketers that captured your coupons

Actually, this isn’t a recent capture:  Coupons have always been doing the bidding of the marketing department.  Companies don’t distribute coupons because they’re nice.  They want more of your money, and coupons are a way to get you to spend more. There are three basic mechanisms for companies to get more revenue:  (a) increase the number of paying customers, (b) increase how much those customers […]

Did Momzilla have a point about having a modest wedding?

By now you might have heard about the incredibly harsh email that British florist Carolyn Bourne sent to Heidi Withers, the fiancee of her stepson Freddie.  This is the kind of dressing down that could make both Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan appear as encouraging as Mr. Rogers.  It’s fortunate that Ms. […]

Are you contributing to this debt clock? Watch out!

I’ve posted on this more common debt clock before.  It’s pretty scary.  The national debt stands at $14.4 trillion.  It was “only” $10 trillion as recently as October, 2008. This newer debt clock hasn’t gotten quite as gigantic as the other one, but it’s more directly troubling for many young Americans.  Currently, $922 billion is owed on student loans. […]

Write about juggling your job and your kids

Starting up a blog is not an easy way to make money by any means, but by doing so it opens up a lot of doors for building up a side income later.  Knowing how to write to convey useful information and sell things to a market will put food on the table, even in very tight times. Greg McFarlane, co-author of Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense and writer on the parent blog, calls a large swat […]

Don’t settle for $1 per hour. Please!

Jacob over at My Personal Finance Journey is in graduate school.  I’ve been in graduate school, also known as Slave Labor, Class A.  (I opted out of Slave Labor, Class B, also known as a “postdoctoral fellowship.”)  Over at the Yakezie Forums when discussing whether or not to e-mail spammers about advertising, he quips: Thanks for everyone’s input. Very interesting. […]

New print books are expensive! Some cheaper alternatives

My wife and I were chatting about why she had sold more Amazon Kindle versions than paperback versions of her new Civil War historical fantasy.  Granted, the Kindle version is only 20% the cost of the paperback version, but I had said that $14.99 was a bit much to pay for a paperback. “Since when?!” she piped up.  I had thought new paperbacks were $6.99 or $7.99.  I knew they were at one point, bu […]

Concerned about where things are headed? Do something

Peak oil.  Peak water.  Great Depression, Part Deux.  The Rapture.  Justin Bieber. OK, that last one was pretty scary.  Sorry.  But seriously, there are about 24.5 bajillion different bad things that could happen anywhere between 30 seconds from now until the Second Coming.  And every last one of them has enough reading material and commentary and YouTube videos and books and newsletters to consum […]

Merchants could take it on the chin for using Groupon. Should you care?

This post yesterday on TechCrunch highlights the story of Posies Bakery and Cafe in Portland, Oregon, after running a Groupon campaign last year.  Her shop’s aggressive deal campaign ($13 worth of merchandise for $6) set her back $8,000 and caused her to need to withdraw from savings to make payroll and rent.  She calls it “… the single worst decision [she has] ever made as a business owner thus f […]

We do like our monthly charges, don’t we?

I was talking with my wife last night about getting a smartphone — yes, again — because, as I told my newsletter subscribers today, I may have found a reason that actually makes having a smartphone worth the money. As we were discussing the costs of said smartphones, our Y membership came up. […]

How to encourage your spouse to sell their creative work without ticking them off (too much)

This past week, my wife published a 430-plus page novel she had been working on in one way or another for the past twenty-two years.  It’s quite the milestone, and we’re keenly interested and very excited in how things progress from here. For a time, though, I had resigned myself to the prospect that her writing would be a great creative outlet for her, and would help her to make peace with the th […]