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Do mail-order gold places even know what they’re doing?

ChristianPF discussed how badly some mail-order cash-for-gold places pay.  The linked showed proof of a wide range of payments, ranging from peanuts to tiny peanuts.  While a pawn shop would pay $50 for a particular amount of gold chain, the three mail-order cash-for-gold companies paid $37.67, $11.50, and $5.70. But even beyond that, it’s hard to tell whether some of the companies are careless, i […]

Selling Twitter accounts for fun and profit?

Once in a while I’ll peruse the eBay category Internet businesses and websites for sale to see what people are buying. To speed up the process I sort by price + shipping, highest first, set the number of listings per page to 200, and scroll down quickly to see what people are already bidding on.  (I miss a lot of gems this way, and of course I miss all of the good Buy It Now items, but I get a goo […]

Cash in your Scour points by the end of August

Scour is changing the way it rewards its users.  Not for the better, unfortunately. I received my third $25 Visa gift card from Scour today, and on checking out the site I found this link on the front page: “Upgraded Rewards System Coming Soon!” Uh-oh. The social search engine site has had a point-based system for earning free gift cards for searching the web:  search, vote, and comment, and you w […]

What the heck is a money quantum?

Well, it’s either the smallest discrete unit of money in the known universe, or it’s a new social money site place for people who deal with money started up by Flexo at Consumerism Commentary. I’ve been playing with Money Quantum in private beta.  The site is built on the Ning social platform engine, and though the comparison with, and perhaps longing for, the capability of Facebook is inevitable, […]

Manufacturers should issue 98-cent-off coupons

I’m very glad that Wegmans has come to our neck of the woods, and that they’ve continued to double manufacturers’ coupons.  It’s been quite a while since a grocer local to me has offered this. Growing up, I remember that there used to be a limit on which coupons they’d double.  It may have been 75 cents, or it may have been up to a dollar.  I’m not sure.  The limit is still in place at ours.  It r […]

Walmart sets the record straight on its $298 laptop

I received a comment from Ryan Halford, a Senior Buyer for Walmart, and specifically for computers.  He was commenting on my $298 laptop post.  I’m including his comments and responding to them here. Mr. […]

$298 Walmart laptop: Dirt cheap, or just cheap?

(UPDATE: Walmart responded to this post.  Read it here.) This weekend at Walmart there was a laptop for $298.  This was the lowest price I’ve seen for a new non-netbook-sized laptop. The specs weren’t bad:  Windows Vista, 3 GB RAM, wireless, 3 USB ports, 160 GB hard drive.  Three gigs is probably enough to keep Vista from crawling too badly. I’ve bought a desktop computer from Walmart before.  It […]