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I also started and manage the Carnival of Debt Reduction, a weekly blog carnival that highlights posts on getting out of debt. Personal debt reduction progress reports and posts about reducing debt are what this carnival is all about!

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More discussion on charging your tithe

On last week’s post on whether you should be able to put your tithe on a credit card, I received a well thought-out response from commenter Brian.  I’ll reprint it here, and discuss it. I work with more than 800 mainline protestant churches in Ohio. I say the credit card issue reflects larger issues in the church: The world is not the same that it was in the 50’s. […]

Eliminate expenses that have no relevance anymore

Getting a bolstered emergency fund is a great idea now.  (It usually is, but now especially.)  One way to get to a decent cushion is to spend less so that the extra can go into savings. Many kinds of expenses can be cut, but the easiest ones to eliminate are ones that you probably won’t miss anyway.  Expenses like the following: Seasonal expenses. […]

Friday Fiscals: Tearing up the carpet

We’re ditching our wall-to-wall carpet in much of our house in favor of some laminate flooring.  Our dogs don’t quite know what to do with the new hard surfaces. Anyway, some links of interest for you: Wise Bread serves up a guest post on seventeen resources for improving your small business. Five Cent Nickel writer Matt Jabs discusses financial peace through planning. Generation X Finance runs d […]

Do this and you’ll manage your checking account successfully

Managing a checking account isn’t rocket science but it’s not basket weaving either.  (No offense meant to basket-weavers.  I tried to weave a basket in eighth grade art class and it ended up looking more like a Frisbee.) But managing a checking account boils down to one key skill: You have to know that the money is available before you make a payment or a withdrawal. This can be illustrated in a […]

Uh-huh: Anti-credit-card legislation hurts just about everyone

Caught this in a tweet from Wise Bread: Latest bank fee is for paying off credit card on time every month The target of new fees for credit card issuers is people who haven’t paid them yet, among others. […]

Don’t worry about not being able to contribute more to your 401(k)

Sun’s Financial Diary reported that the 2010 contribution limit for 401(k) accounts will remain at $16,500.  The announcement came from the IRS Thursday.  There had been speculation that the contribution limit could be reduced in light of a decreasing CPI (and, indeed, the CPI is down from a year ago.) Sun ends the post with a question: Now that there won’t be any increase in contribution limit ne […]

Should you be able to give your tithe on a credit card?

At lunch yesterday I saw this:  Now even God takes credit cards!  The article lists a number of new (or relatively new) places that have come to accept plastic for payment, and number 2 on the list was churches.  Some churches now have debit- and credit-card kiosks for charging a donation.  (Closely related to this is number 7:  Salvation Army kettles.) This could end up being a giant can of worms […]

Friday Fiscals: O Happy Day edition

Here are some posts this week that made my happy day: Free Money Finance asks if you missed the ride up.  (Yes I did, but I also missed part of the ride down that immediately preceded it.) Get Rich Slowly chats about Dow 10,000 and other nonsense. Five Cent Nickel (with a fresh design overhaul!) talks about FSAs under attack. Bargaineering, the closet cent lover, posts on the most valuable modern […]

When is the right age to open a bank account for your kids?

No Credit Needed is taking his oldest daughter (ten years old) to open her first savings account.  He and his family have been free of consumer debt for over three and a half years now and this is a milestone in how he’s educating his children in wise money management.  Trips to the bank will be regular occurrences, and (hopefully) his daughter will become accustomed early to how this system works […]

Carnival of Debt Reduction, Columbus Day Edition

Happy Columbus Day, everyone!  Here are the articles for this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction.  At the top are the posts by people who discuss areas of their personal debt reduction, which is what the carnival is all about: Modern Tightwad is deprioritizing her debt payoff in pursuit of some other goals. And other posts closely tied to debt reduction: Free Money Finance lists a couple of sugg […]