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I enjoy talking about saving money, finding deals, living frugally, making money, and investing, in addition to talking about current events in the financial world, online and offline. I’ve published articles at this domain name since 2004 and have been blogging since May, 2005.

I also started and manage the Carnival of Debt Reduction, a weekly blog carnival that highlights posts on getting out of debt. Personal debt reduction progress reports and posts about reducing debt are what this carnival is all about!

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Are refurbished low-end computers worth the money?

My wife’s laptop is showing signs of getting ready to fail, so I’ve been looking around for the past couple of days for replacement options.  Since “buy used when it makes sense” is one of the very best money-saving tips I can give, part of my research involved looking for quality used options. We’ve bought “open-box” computers at places like Circuit City (remember that chain?) and Best Buy, and t […]

Organizing for taxes and beyond, Part 2: Painting the broad strokes

In Part 1 of this series, I explained the motivation for cracking out Quicken to get a handle on our family’s finances for this year’s tax season and beyond.  I began by entering  our primary checking account’s transactions for 2010.  Along the way, I created accounts in Quicken for the other financial vehicles we have as they came up in our checking account transactions, but didn’t stop to enter […]

Snag a $20 Amazon.com gift card for $10

I’m a tad late to the party on this one, but if you act within the next nine hours or so, you can snag a $20 Amazon.com gift card for only $10 at LivingSocial.com! This is pretty rare. Unlike most other online merchants, Amazon.com usually doesn’t have a lot of coupons floating around.  Even rebate portal sites like Mr. […]

Our big spending weakness

One big advantage of tracking the categories of personal spending is that you can see where the weak spots are — categories that have grown a little too big for their britches and are ripe for cutting down to size. As I pile through a year’s worth of financial statements in time for taxes, in order to make tax time easier and to get some financial organization in place, these trends will reveal th […]

Organizing for taxes and beyond, Part 1: Breaking out Quicken

This weekend I told my newsletter subscribers that I was starting up on my taxes.  Since I have about three months left, there’s plenty of time to try to do it right, and set up an organized set of financial records in the process.  I’m starting with a lot of financial statements, a whole box of receipts, and check registers. This series of posts, entitled “Organizing for Taxes and Beyond,” will f […]

Allowances for allowances

Kimberly Palmer, senior editor for US News and World Report and author of Generation Earn (see my review) posted yesterday on the smart way to pay kids an allowance.  She drew on statements from several experts who had researched the way children responded to different kinds of exposure to money from their parents. What I got from the article was that there are benefits and drawbacks to just about […]

Gas prices are sneaking up. But why?

Think Your Way to Wealth is noticing the same thing that I’ve noticed:  Gas prices are sneaking back up.  For a while they were down in the low-$2 range here (yeah that qualifies for low now) and now they’re testing $3 again.  “RC” caught that the former president of Shell Oil, John Hofmeister, predicts $5 gas by 2012 as demand picks back up. RC attributes the lower prices of late 2008, early 2009 […]

Yakezie Challenge: Did I win my Beta challenge?

On October 8th, 2010, I announced my plan to enter the Yakezie challenge and get my Alexa rating below 100,000 by today. My ranking at that time was 132,955, which means that precisely 132,954 sites were hipper, cooler, better, and more popular than mine on October 8th, 2010.  (Well, not really, but Alexa would like you to think that.)  In reality, the Alexa rankings can be manipulated to some ext […]

Number 1 NFL draft vs. architecture degree

I wasn’t anywhere close to being an athlete in either high school or college, so I never would have been posed this question.  Nor do I really follow football. The headline of Frugal Dad’s latest roundup, Turning Down Millions for a College Degree, makes reference to a statement by Andrew Luck, a superstar quarterback from Stanford University, that he intends to finish his architecture degree in 2 […]

A hack to include online purchases in a cash budgeting system

A cash-only budgeting system can be the ticket to reining in spending and getting away from the temptation of credit cards.  The idea is this: Pull out the total of your weekly (biweekly, monthly) budget in cash. Separate the cash into envelopes by category according to how you’re budgeting that money. Spend down the envelopes as you buy things. Re-budget by transferring money from one envelope t […]