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Refinance when your house is under water?

Free Money Finance regularly posts questions that are e-mailed to him by his readers, with the intent of having other readers offer advice.  Recently a reader asked about refinancing a mortgage that is currently under water (meaning that more is owed than the house is currently worth).  Here’s the skinny: $225,000 is owed against a house that is currently worth $200,000 to $208,0 […]

A 30-year fixed rate mortgage is protection money

Thirty-year mortgages rates haven’t been this cheap in my lifetime.  Considering this was the year of my 20th high school reunion, that’s a fairly long time. A fixed-rate mortgage costs more to obtain than an adjustable-rate mortgage of the same term because the lender bears the interest-rate risk.  The means that the lender agrees to charge you a constant interest rate for up to […]

How not to buy gift cards on eBay

I don’t remember what prompted me to poke around on eBay to check for gift cards.  I do remember that there had been some restrictions placed on gift card sales on eBay because of rising occurrence of fraudulent activity. However, I did find a new practice that I found a little hard to believe.  It was hard to believe because I couldn’t imagine too many people buying a gift card t […]

Swagbucks enables my wife’s colored pencil addiction

My wife knows how to do so many things well.  One of her (and my daughter’s) favorite activities is drawing and coloring.  For a five-year-old she colors quite well.  (Ariel is her favorite subject.) She called me at work to ask if she could splurge on some Prismacolor art pencils.  (She’s also very good at discussing purchases before going ahead.)  These are top-drawer colored pe […]

Why is it that the people who pay the least complain the loudest?

User davr over at a new web applications question-and-answer site is looking for BugMeNot alternatives that don’t suck.  For those of you not familiar with BugMeNot.com, this is a site that collects username and password combinations that allow access to web material that is behind a free registration firewall.  Here’s how someone would use the site: A search engine points to an […]

When does it make sense to refinance your mortgage?

The rates on 30-year, fixed rate mortgages hit historic lows this past week — 4.57% according to Freddie Mac’s data collection.  These low rates may provide a rare opportunity for saving a substantial amount of money through mortgage refinancing.  The essence of mortgage refinancing is just paying off a current mortgage with a new mortgage, presumably with a lower payment, shorter […]

Here’s a crystal-clear signal that you can’t afford to eat out

A friend recently took a job as a restaurant server to stop a mercifully-brief bout with unemployment.  He’s a quick study: after only a week his tips are averaging 20% and only one server is doing better.  Not a poor server by any stretch. A few days ago comes this little gem in his updates: “I got an 18 cent tip today!” Not 18%.  Eighteen cents, as in a dime, a nickel, and three […]

Rewards giveth, and rewards taketh away

Customer reward programs go by a number of different names: customer loyalty programs, frequent flier programs, shoppers’ club, and so forth.  In exchange for some of your personal information and the ability to laser-target their advertising to you by tracking your purchases, you get discounts or rebates on your purchases. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but haven’t rewards programs […]

Comparing fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages

The majority of Americans are homeowners, and many of them carry mortgages for much of their adult lives, if not all of it.  A mortgage is a loan that has a house as collateral, and it’s usually the biggest loan a family will take out. In this post, I’ll describe and compare two kinds of mortgages:  fixed-rate mortgages and adjustable-rate mortgages.  Hopefully this will help you […]