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So what are lenders using as criteria today for mortgage qualification?

I’ve been talking about some things related to the home purchase we’re doing now.  One of the conditions of purchasing our new home was ability to get financing.  Since I couldn’t buy with cash, I needed to apply for a mortgage.  What I couldn’t do was make the purchase contingent on the sale of my current home (the property we were interested in was a foreclosure), so I needed to be able to quali […]

Friday Fiscals: Blizzard Edition

We’re in one of the areas that’s getting pummeled with snow this weekend.  Thankfully we still have power, and even Internet access.  Please be safe if you’re in the mess with us. Here are some links of interest from the past week: The Frugal Lawyer scored a TV interview on spending addiction.  (I’ll be doing a post on this as well.) The Balanced Spreadsheet is another blogger that updates their […]

If your bank legitimately calls you, call them back

I initiated a wire transfer today from an out-of-state credit union to my home credit union.  Because the amount of money was fairly significant, they called me up to verify a few things before they did the transfer. After the woman gave her name and who she worked for, she asked for the passcode to my account to continue the transaction. I almost told her, but stopped.  Since she called me, I ask […]

Why yes, I DID save some money on my auto insurance!

We’re (hopefully) in the final stretch for purchasing a new house, and part of the paperwork for this was setting up homeowner’s insurance for the new house. We called the same company that sold us our current house’s homeowner’s policy, as well as our current auto insurance policy.  The agent was able to get us quite a good deal on the homeowner’s policy, and almost as an afterthought, she offere […]

Sow your wild oats at work

Cutting costs anywhere that makes sense adds to that budgetary cushion that can be used to pay off debt, add to an emergency fund, save for college, or anything else.  One fairly easy way to do this is to reduce, or eliminate, trips to the vending machines down the hall.  The markup in our building borders on ridiculous now ($1.00 for a candy bar).  And what’s more, although Snickers® would like y […]

Used clothes washers aren’t great deals for everyone

After giving myself a giant environmentally-friendly pat on the back for how green it was for me to buy a used washer and dryer, a big hole was pointed out in my argument. I had considered the costs of electricity and manufacturing, but neglected to consider water costs.  Commenter “First Step” points this out: I think you’re overlooking the real reason that the “efficient” washers are better for […]

I bought a used washer and dryer with a clear conscience

What’s more, there are likely a few more appliances that I’d be eager to buy used, even though there are more efficient, “greener” versions being made today. I mentioned in the roundup that we bought a used clothes washer and dryer.  We found the advertisement on our local Craigslist, went up, and found the set to be in very good shape.  A comparable set today would cost between $800 and $900, and […]

Friday Fiscals: Washer and dryer edition

Today we followed a lead on Craigslist to buy a two-year-old clothes washer and dryer set for a new house.  The price was about half of what a new set would cost, so we’re pleased.  We didn’t have a whole lot of time to get a set so we’re glad we got this deal. Here are some links of interest for you: Wise Bread writer Philip Brewer discusses ruthless frugality. Consumerism Commentary lists the f […]

I like my CDs and DVDs, thank you very much

Smart Money’s recent article, Ten things not to buy in 2010, listed the who’s who of soon-to-be-obsolete consumer products.  Among them:  CDs, DVDs, and newspapers. Newspapers, I can understand, especially after seeing a comedian absolutely decimate the folks at the New York Times.  (Though I do fully recognize their point that news gathering is expensive and dangerous.  But that’s veering off-top […]

Credit card companies can profit from Haiti donations all they want

This Huffington Post article puts a big spotlight on all of the money that credit card companies and banks are making by being the broker of donations to charities that support rescue and aid over in Haiti: About 97 percent of these donations will actually make it to the designated organizations — but the other 3 percent will be skimmed off by banks and credit card companies to cover their “transa […]