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Why being a habitual returner isn’t a bargain

My wife recently went on a research trip investigating the Goodnight-Loving Trail for her third book.  Book sales had gone up a bit, which is certainly a welcome sight. She sells her books through Create Space (for paperbacks) and Kindle Direct Publishing (for e-books). […]

10-year mortgages: How low can you go?

Generally, the shorter the term on a fixed-rate mortgage, the lower the interest rate on the mortgage.  This is because there is less interest rate risk for the lender; the shorter the term, the less time there is for interest rates to turn against them (go up). The most common mortgage term lengths are 15 years and 30 years.  However, some people nearing retirement are refinancing to mortgages wi […]

Is the best college major “unusual?”

If one looks at salary alone, a college degree pays.  People with a bachelor’s degree or higher enjoy a below-average unemployment rate and an above-average salary, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  (A hefty student loan payment can eat into that advantage, though.) No doubt also that one’s choice of major can pigeonhole a person in one part of a widely-varying income range.  Choice of […]

How to put a cap on sunk costs

I’ve always been amused by the Berlitz commercial featuring the well-meaning but English-challenged trainee within the German Coast Guard: Intercom: “Mayday Mayday –static– Hello can you hear us can you hear us can you –static– over –static– we are sinking we are sink–” German Coast Guard (slowly, in very thick accent): “Hallo? […]

Extreme couponing is great — if you have use for all of the stuff

A colleague and his wife are extreme couponers.  She spends the equivalent of nearly a full workday a week following through with sales, coupon clipping, stacking, turning in CVS Bonus Bucks, etc.  They can get an entire bag of things for next to nothing, and sometimes they even walk away with money in their pocket.  (Some retailers allow “overages,” which means that don’t cap the discount at the […]

How to account for discounted gift cards in Quicken

Discounted gift cards are a reasonably easy way to spend less at many stores.  Briefly, the market for buying gift cards under face value goes like this: A person sells an unwanted gift card to a liquidator like Cardpool or GiftCardZen for, say, a 20% discount to face value. Another person buys that gift card for a lesser discount, like 10%. Everyone wins:  The seller has cash, the buyer gets an […]

Do you have a truly diversified investment portfolio?

User catandmouse asked this question over at the Personal Finance and Money Stack Exchange site: How should one structure a portfolio given the possibility that a Total Stock Market Index might decline and not recover for a long time? It’s a common financial advice to buy an index and hold it forever. […]

Plowing through a furlough: Making up the shortage

There are times of abundance, and times of scarcity. Furloughs are times of scarcity if you or someone in your family is being furloughed.  A furlough is not as bad as job loss, but it’s like a partial layoff:  fewer hours. Several hundred thousand Department of Defense employees stand to be furloughed for one day per week for the last 11 weeks of the fiscal year.  The discussion on the topic is m […]

Groceries by Walmart online delivery are even better than Walmart stores

When we were home-shopping a few years ago, one of the selling points of the subdivision we chose eventually was that it was going to be located close to a future Walmart store.  This might not be for everybody, but we like the convenience of being so close to Walmart.  They’re giving the other grocery stores a run for their money. Our powdered milk experiment is working pretty well.  We’ve drasti […]

Plowing through a furlough: Do you have to scrimp?

Let’s say that you’re one of the over half-million federal employees who has “gotten the letter” indicating that there is an administrative furlough in your future. Let’s also say that you’ve gotten yourself in the right mindset about the temporary loss of income, and have run the numbers to see how much of each paycheck you’ll be missing, starting when, and for how long. Let’s take, for example, […]