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Thirty-one ABC’s as we enter 2014

Last night we rang in 2014.  This article on Cracked (fair warning: strong language and not really safe for work) talked about six harsh truths that will make you a better person. And harsh, it is.  I don’t necessarily agree that we are nothing more than our value to other people.  But as far as learning new skills, it’s spot on. One of the video clips is Alec Baldwin’s “ABC” speech in Glengarry G […]

Holiday money: Spend it or save it?

While some people think that it’s crass to give gift cards or cash as presents, I’m just fine with it. A gift card can show thought just as much as any other gift, especially if you know what the person likes and can give a gift card to a store that they like. And if you’re of the opinion that gift cards are good, then cash is even better. It’s the most fungible of gifts. […]

Why you should be scrutinizing every transaction

There’s no good time for a company to have a financial security breach, but it’s hard to find a worse time to have one than the start of the holiday shopping season. […]

Nice pants (price) – racing to the bottom with loss leaders

JC Penney’s will be luring customers into its stores with pants priced at under two bucks this holiday season.  I do give them quite a bit of credit on that one.  Among discounted Blu-Ray players, large screen TVs, and laptops, pants at better than thrift store prices is so … ordinary.  But so practical!  If I were to try for one (or a dozen) of these, I might have a shot.  I wouldn’t have had to […]

If you have expensive dental work, be sure to do this

The least expensive route to taking care of your teeth is routine care.  If you keep your teeth clean, floss regularly, and don’t let a lot of sugar (or any!) stay on them for any length of time, decay won’t get the chance to take hold of your teeth. As I’ve written about before, I didn’t do this.  At times in my life I didn’t take care of my teeth, and now I’m paying the price.  I will for the re […]

There actually IS a good way to pick lottery numbers

One of the surest ways to lose money in the long run is to play the lottery every week.  The more you play them, the more likely you are to meet the overall probability of the game you’re playing.  The odds are never in your favor. Regardless of where the money raised from the lottery actually goes, it boils down to a tax.  A tax on people who don’t understand, or who willfully ignore, statistics. […]

Review of Jeff Rose’s Soldier of Finance

Happy Veterans Day! I thank all of the men and women who serve, or who have served, in the United States Armed Forces — especially our veterans. I deeply appreciate your service to our country. Jeff Rose served in the Army National Guard, and is an Iraq combat veteran. He’s now a Certified Financial Planner™ and blogger. […]

You counting down the days until Christmas yet?

Retailers are. A Facebook friend snapped a picture from his local Walmart.  The sign read  “Days Until Christmas: 47.” When I was young, I made an advent chain out of red and green construction paper.  I hung it on one of the lights in my room, and tore off one link of the chain each day until Christmas.  If I did my math correctly, that last link would be Christmas Day. I’m pretty sure the earlie […]

A $96 hold on the debit card … for one tank of gas

I overheard a conversation at customer service at my financial institution as I was standing in line for the teller.  Someone had an issue with their debit card. The cause was a $96 hold from a gas station.  The customer service rep then said that they recommend that customers choose the “credit” option rather than the “debit” option, if they’re offered it.  (Apparently this person chose the “debi […]

Why do coupon redemption rules require an engineering degree?

I know that my wife tolerates a lot.  Even though she’ll say that I’m worlds different than when we first got married, I still occasionally work on increasing my troll level.  You know — for trolling.  I’m getting really close to Level 46. Before we went to Costco for some hot and heavy unit pricing action, we went to Joann Fabrics and Crafts.  (Well, my wife went there first, and my daughter and […]