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I also started and manage the Carnival of Debt Reduction, a weekly blog carnival that highlights posts on getting out of debt. Personal debt reduction progress reports and posts about reducing debt are what this carnival is all about!

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PF Bloggers: Trademark your frugal names quick!

Many of my colleagues have heard about the recent cease and desistery regarding the trademarking of what I thought was a fairly common term for a frugal woman which, by the way, rhymes with barista.  (Here’s some context.) But I’m not here to take sides.  No-sir-ee-bob.  I’m just here to provide a helpful service to some of my dear colleagues who might be waiting in the wings, ready to fire up the […]

Puppies for nothing and your chicks for free

We just arrived in West Virginia to visit my wife’s parents and her grandmother who’s visiting them.  We’re bringing along a three-month-old puppy that we got a few weeks ago from a friend. We stopped at Five Brothers for dinner and ate outside so that Taffy could get out, too.  While we were eating, I was really surprised how much attention Taffy got. […]

Just try to smell like a different-smelling man

Cube farms are great for overhearing little bits of random quotable goodness, like this gem from one of my (male) co-workers while he was talking on the phone with his wife (I can only assume): I like to smell like a man, but sometimes I like to smell like a different-smelling man. But this isn’t a post about how to smell different, nor is it just for men. […]

Review of Bill Schultheis’ The New Coffeehouse Investor

The author’s marketing company kindly sent me a complimentary company of Bill Schultheis’ latest reworking of his book: The New Coffeehouse Investor.  According to the “about the author” section in the book, Mr. […]

Ladies: Can someone tell me precisely why I’m out of touch on this point?

OK, so I’m reading the July, 2009, issue of U.S. News & World Report that my mother-in-law left the last time she visited, and I happen on an article called “Frugal Forever?” written by Kimberly Palmer, senior editor at U.S. […]

Stockpiling food helps everyone

Dawn over at Frugal For Life discusses some of the ethical implications of stockpiling foods.  She gets into a few rules of thumb for testing to see whether stockpiling has crossed into greed, or just plain inconsideration.  Talking to the store to have them do a special large-quantity order is much more considerate than cleaning out the shelves, for example.  We even scored a small bulk grocery d […]

Four out of five people want to save money on their car insurance

And the fifth person is really thinking hard about it.  He’ll come around eventually. No, seriously: Who doesn’t want to save money on their car insurance? I don’t know of any good reason why you wouldn’t, so here are some tips for knocking that expense down as much as possible.  Hopefully at least a couple of them are new to you: Buy a car that doesn’t cost that much to insure. […]

Oh my: 90% off Restaurant.com dining certificates!

It’s a first!  For 99 hours only, starting today, 9/9/09, and ending on September 13th, 2009, at 3:01 PST, Restaurant.com is offering an unprecedented 90% off its Dining Certificates and Dinner of the Month Club! The one-year Restaurant.com Dinner of the Month Club is only $12!  This gives you twelve $25 Dining Certificates, one per month for a year, good at thousands of restaurants for qualifying […]

It costs if you’re fat. Now it might cost even if you’re thin?

I tell you:  It just doesn’t pay to be human anymore.  Big or small. I’m well aware of how being fat costs money.  But there are now rumblings on the possibility of the following:  If an individual, or family, can reasonably afford health insurance, but does not get it, they face the possibility of being fined: $950 for an individual, and up to $3,800 for a family.  (These are the current numbers […]

Here’s a great way to reduce your auto insurance

Get rid of cars that aren’t working anymore. Last week we got rid of a van that we found out would cost almost as much to fix as we had paid for it.  (No, not this one.)  The vehicle had sat for long enough that it didn’t start anymore.  We had someone tow it away for a song ($80). In any case, I’m just glad not to have to look at it in my driveway anymore. We did a good chunk of what is considere […]