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I also started and manage the Carnival of Debt Reduction, a weekly blog carnival that highlights posts on getting out of debt. Personal debt reduction progress reports and posts about reducing debt are what this carnival is all about!

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Before you hire a computer geek, check out this free website

Computer problems can range from being almost unnoticeable, to mildly annoying, to frustrating, to downright costly if it’s a necessary component of your business.  Regardless of whether your computer is top of the line or a few years old, it’s always more pleasant when things are working as they should. For a while, my computer had been really noisy.  The fan would rev up when I did something tha […]

Extended yard sales: sign of the times?

In better times, a yard sale is a good way to clear the junk out of the closets and make a little bit of extra money.  And what doesn’t sell will find a good hope at the Salvation Army thrift store or something similar. This past weekend there was a yard sale that was initially advertised for Friday and Saturday.  The folks taped over the sign the next day: “Sun.”  So we stopped by there after chu […]

Why the tip jars are coming out

Liz Pulliam Weston had an article today on the new tip-jar economy — that new business practice of putting out the tip jar, raising the “customary” tipping percentage, and adding other tip-like fees that are no longer discretionary, but mandatory. Her take regarding the tip jars was, in essence:  Ignore the tip jars at businesses where the employees shouldn’t be tipped as a matter of custom, unles […]

Hitting yard sales near the end of the day? Paydirt

While my wife was at a quilt guild meeting this weekend, I went around to a few places with my daughter.  We went to what will probably be the last flea market this year in our town.  (Next month might be too cold.) We hit the flea market right at the very end.  I think three of the sellers there gave my daughter something.  One gave her a couple of small toys from the quarter bin.  Another gave h […]

Looking for absolutely fearless beta-testers!

I have a new site in the works and would love some trailblazers to come over to take it for a spin! All you need to bring with you is some questions about money.  For bonus points, you can bring some answers for other people’s money questions. Just contact me and I’ll hook you up! Related Posts:Cash Commons now in open beta!What the heck is a money quantum?Before you hire a computer geek, check ou […]

80% off Restaurant.com – now with a side order of disclosure!

Restaurant.com is running an 80% off coupon through the end of September, 2009.  The coupon code is CHEF. I think largely that people are happy with the deals that they get through Restaurant.com.  I’ve used the service, and I’ve been quite happy as well.  But to avoid any misunderstandings this time around, I’ll play the skeptic and try to explain as many caveats as I can so that you can see the […]

PF Bloggers: Trademark your frugal names quick!

Many of my colleagues have heard about the recent cease and desistery regarding the trademarking of what I thought was a fairly common term for a frugal woman which, by the way, rhymes with barista.  (Here’s some context.) But I’m not here to take sides.  No-sir-ee-bob.  I’m just here to provide a helpful service to some of my dear colleagues who might be waiting in the wings, ready to fire up the […]

Puppies for nothing and your chicks for free

We just arrived in West Virginia to visit my wife’s parents and her grandmother who’s visiting them.  We’re bringing along a three-month-old puppy that we got a few weeks ago from a friend. We stopped at Five Brothers for dinner and ate outside so that Taffy could get out, too.  While we were eating, I was really surprised how much attention Taffy got. […]

Just try to smell like a different-smelling man

Cube farms are great for overhearing little bits of random quotable goodness, like this gem from one of my (male) co-workers while he was talking on the phone with his wife (I can only assume): I like to smell like a man, but sometimes I like to smell like a different-smelling man. But this isn’t a post about how to smell different, nor is it just for men. […]