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I also started and manage the Carnival of Debt Reduction, a weekly blog carnival that highlights posts on getting out of debt. Personal debt reduction progress reports and posts about reducing debt are what this carnival is all about!

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Have you eaten the ugliest frog on your plate?

I just mailed out my 2008 taxes this past week.  I really hate doing taxes.  It costs me money, it hangs over my head, it’s a pain in the butt.  And they’re finally out the door. My mother-in-law today recounted a statement that the pastor at one of her previous churches made.  It was with regard to those things in life that we’ll do just about anything to avoid.  What he said was this: If you hav […]

Here’s your ace in the hole for weathering this long recession

Five Cent Nickel published a post that discussed what things to consider when you have both debt to pay and money in the bank.  The main problem is that the difference in what the bank pays in interest is far below what one would pay on a typical credit card balance.  Holding on to a large bank account while slowing paying down a credit card balance means that there are a lot of interest expenses […]

I guess “Huge Sale” doesn’t bring down the house anymore

This weekend I saw a sign for a very important-sounding event: Remerchandising Relinquishment! It was on a sign for a store sale.  I was curious what the heck this means so I did a Google search for it.  Only 186 hits came up (which is pretty paltry considering Google indexes 17.1 jillion pages) so I searched on remerchandising.  The search turned up this helpful answer; it’s a retailing term for […]

How does $2,500 from Lending Club sound?

You could get enough funds in your Lending Club account for one hundred peer to peer loans — if you just happen to be Lending Club’s 25,000th registered investor! Lending Club has gotten even better recently with its secondary marketplace, so not only is it possible to fund loans — which have had a net average annualized return of over 9.6% — but it’s also possible to buy and sell notes mid-term, […]

News flash: Dave Ramsey’s stock market defies the law of gravity!

Over at the MBN Forums there was some discussion about a short video presentation called Drive Free, Retire Rich over at Dave Ramsey’s website. The first part of the presentation (up through Slide 11) was very well put together, and showed perfectly the value of buying used over borrowing and buying new.  A synopsis of the first 11 slides: Getting a loan and buying new is a bad way to buy a car b […]

Bargain hunting miles and points with credit cards

(This is a guest post from Mr Credit Card of Ask Mr. Credit Card.  If you like his style, you can subscribe to his feed.) Firstly, I would like to thank John for the opportunity to guest post here and also for giving me the opportunity to host the Carnival of Debt Reduction on numerous occasions. […]

Don’t get all wrapped up about the state Cash for Clunkers tax right now

Bargaineering addressed some tax consequences of the CARS (”Cash for Clunkers”) rebate program for Maryland. Virginia’s sales tax consequences are similar to Maryland’s:  Sales tax is assessed on the full price, not the price after being reduced by the voucher.  In this way it’s similar to the way grocery store coupons are handled some places.  “Just because the manufacturer is offering 75 cents o […]

Swoopo get more legit … sort of

Saw some recent retweets of my post on why you should stay far, far, far away from Swoopo (thanks to @SFBoater and @BidzillaDOTcom) and it reminded me of an important change that Swoopo had made recently. A quick recap of the characteristics that made Swoopo (before the change, anyway) little more than thinly-veiled gambling: You bought the right to bid up front. Auctions started low, and each bi […]

What do you do when someone has priced an item way too low?

I visited my parents this past weekend.  My mother was telling me about what happened at a recent garage sale she went to.  Someone was selling a Corning Ware cornflower piggy bank.  These were made in England, and they’re very hard to find now. The lady had marked the pig with a price of $5.  My mother snapped it up, took it up to her … and asked her, “Do you know that you could sell this for $10 […]