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Why we applied for another rewards credit card

In yesterday’s post on bargains and baselines, I talked about some of the reason we got an Amazon rewards card, even though we had another one. This prompted a great question from The Wallet Doctor: I like your strategy on the Amazon card versus your usually 1% cash back card. I’ve thought about going for deals like that, but I’m always a little nervous about having too many cards. […]

Bargains and baselines

A colleague whom I respect a great deal talked with me at the end of last week.  He has a way of breaking complex things down into very simple, but profound, terms. He was explaining how a particular process works, and he appealed to my science background.  He talked about the concepts of ground, and by extension, ground truth, and baselines. How do you know how good that bargain is? A baseline is […]

Discount cigarette stores … where’s the bargain?

Discount cigarette stores are one of the more popular types of businesses to come into our county these days.  I think our county has at least five of them now, which for a county of less than 30,000 people seems a bit high. Two friends of mine have already expressed that we have too many of them already.  One posted on Facebook: “‘I sure wish [our county] would open another tobacco store!’ said n […]

A killer Amazon Subscribe and Save tactic

We really, really like us some Amazon.  For convenience, time savings, speed — and most of all cost — Amazon has a ton to offer. Some of the groceries we get are a bit pricey because common ingredients don’t agree with some family members.  Often, Amazon comes through with the right products at a good price. Even better:  a few of the items we buy are made even cheaper with Subscribe and Save.  We […]

Far better to get some discount than none

A few weekends ago, we went to a community yard sale at the YMCA.  One of the tables there had a number of children’s books from the 19th century that were in excellent shape. Our nine-year-old daughter likes little things — little baskets and boxes with lots of little compartments, little figurines, etc.  These books were little, and cute. She found one that she liked — Shakespeare, of all things […]

Frozen assets: Do you wanna build a for-tune … ?

It was a bit bittersweet for us this weekend.  Our daughter went to a friend’s birthday party sleepover, and for the first time she showed absolutely no reaction whatsoever to my wife leaving for the evening.  She was just fine, thank you very much. It was a Frozen party.  With lots of Frozen decorations.  Think: tons of cotton.  And Frozen games, like Pin The Nose On The Olaf. And even Frozen pap […]

Rule number one of comparison shopping

Comparison shopping has gotten much easier to do with search engines and other price alert services.  Retailers have to be more competitive now that pricing information is everywhere. A friend I’ve had some online interactions with posted a picture of what he thought was a mistake on the unit pricing tag on a supermarket shelf. He claimed something to the effect of:  “It’s a 13-ounce box of Wheat […]

The real cost of Toastmasters

Last year I became a charter member of our county’s Toastmasters Club.  Toastmasters is the international organization for public speaking and leadership. I wrote about how Toastmasters is the biggest public speaking training bargain on the planet.  Financially, it is a huge bargain.  The international dues are $6 per month: one cheese pizza.  Our club adds another $1/month for club expenses: one […]

Unit Pricing 201 — now with higher math!

(That’s the course that follows Unit Pricing 101, of course!) Unit pricing (for the uninitiated) is the calculation that grocery stores put on the shelf price tags that tell you how much an item costs per pound, per ounce, per 100 count, etc.  It’s arrived at by dividing the price of the whole package by the amount of stuff in the package. So, a pack of 200 red Solo Cups — because it’s time to par […]