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I’ve spent 30 years in personal finance -- 10 as an investment adviser for major Wall Street firms and the last 20 as a nationally syndicated consumer/personal finance TV news guy. Since I started Money Talks News in 1990, I’ve done about 3,000 news stories on saving more, spending less, avoiding rip-offs and understanding investing. While I’ve had a website for more than 10 years, I’m relatively new to blogging.

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9 Tips to Save on Appliance Purchases

The "Cash for Appliance Clunkers" program is the latest way to save on new, energy efficient appliances, but it's certainly not the only way. Whether you're planning to take advantage of your state's program or it's already over, check out these appliance-shopping tips. […]

11 Tips for a Less Expensive Lawn

When it comes to your lawn, seeing green doesn't mean spending green. Here are some tips to keep your lawn green for less this summer. […]

Do-It-Yourself Laundry Detergent

Do you really need to use as much laundry detergent as they say on the bottle? Do you need to use laundry detergent at all? We investigated and you'll be shocked by what we found. […]

Three Things You Need to Know Today

Think of it as a "consumer espresso": Three things every smart consumer should know today, distilled down to 500 words or less. […]

You CAN Entertain – Dinner Party For Dollars!

If you need to tighten the purse strings and think entertaining on a tight budget is out, think again. Here is our solution for keeping the party going. […]

Growing Your Own Vegetable Garden

A friend of mine is very into DIY culture. She recently showed me how to plant a spring vegetable garden without spending a dime. […]

Tragedy in Austin, Lessons Learned?

According to his suicide note, Joseph Andrew Stack crashed a small plane into an Austin IRS office today because he was frustrated by a lack of work and an unfair tax system. […]

Tax Pros: Are They a Waste of Money?

According to a recent survey, the vast majority of Americans pay a tax professional to do their taxes for them. Since this is a job that you can do yourself in minutes with cheap software, I believe a lot of people are wasting a lot of money. But if you're going to pay a pro, at least try to find the right one and harness their expertise so they're worth the extra money. […]

Don’t Let Tax Help Overtax Your Budget

Virtually everyone in the United States is eligible for some sort of free tax preparation help, from free in-person preparation and electronic filing to filing free forms online. Here's how to find out what you qualify for. […]

Imprisoned by Debt – 5 Escape Plans

This reader has $40,000 of credit card debt and having trouble making payments. If you're in a similar situation or know someone who is, take a look at the 5 options to deal with debt. Warning: None are painless, and all will result in varying degrees of hassle and heartache. […]