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I’ve spent 30 years in personal finance -- 10 as an investment adviser for major Wall Street firms and the last 20 as a nationally syndicated consumer/personal finance TV news guy. Since I started Money Talks News in 1990, I’ve done about 3,000 news stories on saving more, spending less, avoiding rip-offs and understanding investing. While I’ve had a website for more than 10 years, I’m relatively new to blogging.

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How to Steal a House – 4 Steps to Buying an REO

Money Talks visits a city where houses that used to cost $250,000 are now selling for $70,000. But if you want a bargain, forget the home-buying process you learned from your parents. […]

Monday’s Money Deals: Electronics, Football Gear, and Free Shampoo

This week in deals: subwoofers, Vans shoes, drills, magazines, and Food Network merchandise. Don't miss out on a free full-sized bottle of shampoo either. […]

Monday’s Money Deals: Dresses, Pillows, and Free Business Cards

This week in deals: coupons for JCPenney and Advance Auto Parts, discounted swimwear and dresses, stuff for the home and the office, and weird deals on combat knives and wiper blades. […]

Monday’s Money Deals: Magazines, Formal Wear, and Free Sundaes

It's President's Day, which means you can nab a 10-15 percent discount just about anywhere in honor of our founding fathers. But we've got much better deals: on purses, rugs, canvas prints, and more. […]

The Vet or the Net? How to Save on Your Pet’s Health

Taking your pets to the veterinarian is both crucial and costly. Here's how to save some cash without risking your pet's life. […]

Monday’s Money Deals: Chocolate, Jewelry, and Free Breakfast

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and this week is the time to get deals online and shipped out in time. We found savings on chocolate and jewelry, plus some food and sports goodies. […]

The 10 Golden Rules of Saving on Everything

You resolved to save more this year, but it's just not happening. Take heart - it's still early in the year. Use these tips and you're guaranteed to spend less on the things you want. […]

Take Five – A Roundup of Reads from Around the Web

A look at five interesting personal finance posts from other bloggers around the web. This week? Networking Techniques, Easy Home Improvements, Measured Savings, Advantages of Taking Longer to Graduate, and Investing vs Gambling... […]

Resolutions 2011 – 5 Steps to Saving More This Year

You begin every year by resolving to save more, but it never seems to happen. Why? Because you're skipping at least one of these steps. […]