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I’ve spent 30 years in personal finance -- 10 as an investment adviser for major Wall Street firms and the last 20 as a nationally syndicated consumer/personal finance TV news guy. Since I started Money Talks News in 1990, I’ve done about 3,000 news stories on saving more, spending less, avoiding rip-offs and understanding investing. While I’ve had a website for more than 10 years, I’m relatively new to blogging.

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Monday’s Money Deals: Electronics and Free Greeting Cards

It's the week of Black Friday, and that means crazy deals, both good and bad. Now's the time to buy your Christmas decorations, a new printer, or other consumer electronics. You can get free greeting cards, too — if you're pregnant. […]

“Educational” Videos for Infants – A Waste of Money?

New research provides more evidence that educational media designed for children under age 2 is a waste of money, and might even delay a child's development. […]

6 Alternatives to Expensive Household Cleaners

Laundry detergent, dish soap, bleach, furniture polish, disinfectant: how many different cleaning products do we really need? Save space and money with these tips for homemade cleaners. […]

Monday’s Money Deals: Appliances, Jackets and Free Soda

This is the week to buy a new washer, dryer, or fridge, thanks to great deals at Home Depot. And every day is a good day for a free coffee at 7-Eleven. […]

Ask Stacy: Why Can’t I Get My Free Credit Report?

A certain number of people will believe whatever you say on TV, providing you say it often enough. Example? "" […]

More People Dropping Cable, Picking Up Internet

More and more people are ditching their expensive cable package for cheap and free alternatives to watch their favorite shows. You can, too. […]

Ask Stacy: Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

While deciding whether to refinance your mortgage may seem mysterious, when you boil it down, it's just simple math. […]

Know When to Do It Yourself And When to Pay a Pro

Professionals aren't always out to rip you off, but sometimes handling home improvement projects yourself is the cost-effective solution. Learn how to know what you can handle and when you need help. […]

Ask Stacy: Do I Have Too Many Credit Cards?

Reader question: I've got 10 credit cards, most with zero balances. I'd like to close some - but won't that hurt my credit score? […]