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I’ve spent 30 years in personal finance -- 10 as an investment adviser for major Wall Street firms and the last 20 as a nationally syndicated consumer/personal finance TV news guy. Since I started Money Talks News in 1990, I’ve done about 3,000 news stories on saving more, spending less, avoiding rip-offs and understanding investing. While I’ve had a website for more than 10 years, I’m relatively new to blogging.

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Ask Stacy: Should I Shun Stocks and Buy Bonds?

Having no money in these volatile economic times is stressful – but so is having some money and not knowing where to invest it. […]

Toothbrushes and Toilet Paper – from

You can shop for groceries and toiletries online - and, believe it or not, pay less than you would from local grocery and drug stores. […]

Monday’s Money Deals: Furniture, Office Supplies and Free Photo Albums

This week we find ways to save on office supplies, eating out, and sports gear. And freebies: Halloween stencils and a professionally printed photo album. […]

Ask Stacy: Why Do Good Borrowers Get Punished?

Sheila makes all her mortgage payments, but nobody will allow her to refinance her underwater mortgage. How come there's no help for people who do the right thing? […]

Don’t Be Afraid to Save On Halloween

You don't need a financial fright to have fun with Halloween. Stacy finds out the most popular costumes for the season and gives advice for saving on spooks. […]

5 Tips to Save on Rent

Rental occupancy is way up — your savings on rent should be, too. Here's some advice to help the cost of your rent make less of a dent. […]

Monday’s Money Deals: Home Theater, Patio and Free Cookies

Entertain guests with a new patio furniture set and entertain yourself with new speakers or a digital receiver for your home theater set-up. We've spotted deals on antivirus software and food - and some cool free stuff. […]